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Applied Linguistics Extra Credit

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Applied Linguistics Extra Credit

  1. 1. Im gonna git u 4 ur grammer n’ spellling Bye; cheLSY cunningham
  2. 2. 21 and she still “wanna” drink Instagram comment 
  3. 3. It does look perfect. However, “your” grammar does not. Instagram caption 
  4. 4. Is that how you typically spell “tipical”? Facebook caption 
  5. 5. Are you done forgetting apostrophes? Facebook comment 
  6. 6. Use a comma to prevent confusion. Glass, plastic, and cans. Recycling at work 
  7. 7. Where can I find a colbolt blue necklace? Group text message 
  8. 8. You must also be pretty mellow about your spelling… Would you like some humus or chesse on your pizza?
  9. 9. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I would like to thank my Facebook Friends and my Instragram followers for their grammatical errors that I was able to capitalize on. I have already apologized to Eva Gavrish for exposing her incorrect spelling of cobolt and her only comment is, “I am so embarrassed!” I think some errors can be forgiven and forgotten, but it is very scary to think that everything you put in writing can and will be used against you!