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Learning 3.0 @ Agile 2015

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Learning 3.0 Wokshop - Presented and Facilitated by Caio Cestari Silva (@caiocestari) and Manoel Pimentel (@manoelp) at the Agile Conference 2015 - Washington D.C.

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Learning 3.0 @ Agile 2015

  1. Relearning to Learn
  2. Manoel Pimentel Agile Coach - Adaptworks @manoelp Caio Cestari Agile Coach - Netshoes @caiocestari
  3. "Man-well" Pimentel Agile Coach - Adaptworks @manoelp "Kyle" Cestari Agile Coach - Netshoes @caiocestari
  4. X minutes Hands up = Time's up! This is a timeboxed moment :-)
  5. 5 minutes I'm ______ and the biggest problem I'm trying to solve at work today is...
  6. External Consultants Previous "Recipes" Books or Articles Training Sessions
  7. Your learning style can solve your problem.
  8. 2013, Harold Stolovitch & Erica Keeps
  9. "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." Henry Louis "H. L." Mencken
  10. Your learning style can solve your problem.
  11. The Theory
  12. Process of Learning Product of Learning &
  13. Prescriptive Emergent
  14. 1.0
  15. In Learning 1.0 you are a knowledge receiver, and we expect that an expert or institution decides on what and how you should learn. That is, ‘the expert’ decides on the product and the learning process in which you will be inserted. It is the root of prescriptive learning. It's where, to learn, you must be taught by a specialist.
  16. Decides on the product and the process of learning
  17. 2.0
  18. In Learning 2.0, there is a greater investment in dialogue and greater interaction especially in the learning product, while maintaining the expectation that the expert is the bearer of correct answers. It is prescriptive learning - getting some elements of emergent learning. It's where to learn, you should ask the experts.
  19. Decides on the process and limits the product of learning
  20. 3.0
  21. In Learning 3.0, the product of learning is no longer determined by experts, and begins to emerge - taking as a basis, the challenges found in your real world. The learning process is inclusive, promoting the confrontation of multiple perspectives. It is the root of emergent learning. It's where to learn, you should share.
  22. Dialogue Egalitarianism Multiple Perspectives
  23. Experts define questions and answers 1.0 Learners define questions but experts define answers Learners define both questions and answers 2.0 3.0
  24. The Practice
  25. How can I create an emergent learning environment on my company?
  26. Asker - The owner of the theme Facilitator of the process Sharers of the stories and ideas to address the theme
  27. Facilitators of the process Askers - The owners of the theme Sharers of the stories and ideas to address the theme
  28. 5 minutes
  29. Time's Up
  30. 10 minutes
  31. Time's Up
  32. 10 minutes
  33. Time's Up
  34. 5 minutes
  35. Time's Up
  36. Takeaways ➔ See the value of emergent learning! ➔ Become a learning facilitator! (it's a non-trivial transition) ➔ Apply it to your retrospectives! ➔ Apply it to your Communities of Practice! ➔ Apply it to address your organizational problems!
  37. Get more of !
  38. Get more of !
  39. Get more of !
  40. "Sharing is the new teaching." http://learning30.co/ #learning30 @caiocestari, Learning 3.0 Facilitator @manoelp, Learning 3.0 Facilitator Thank you! :)