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Consumer Trends in 2016: 36 Expert Perspectives - Canvas8

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Consumer Trends in 2016: 36 Expert Perspectives - Canvas8

  1. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 36 Expert Perspectives
  2. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 We interviewed 36 experts from the Canvas8 network about the key trends influencing consumer behaviour across 12 sectors in 2016. Here’s what they said…
  3. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Stefan Cosser, chef director at Food Innovation Solutions “The popularity of street food has led people to want authentic experiences, so there are lots of restaurants introducing regional cuisine we haven’t seen before.” #1 AUTHENTIC EATS Eating & Drinking in 2016
  4. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Karen Barnes, editor of Delicious “Making food ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is a trend – and it’s a trend I don’t like. I’ve seen so many books in the past six months that have the words ‘guilt-free’ in the title.” #2 GUILT-FREE FOOD Eating & Drinking in 2016
  5. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “In 2016, people are going to embrace the idea that they can become ‘slim by design’. They’ll replace the cookie dish with a fruit bowl.” Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#3 NUTRITIONAL NUDGES Eating & Drinking in 2016
  6. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Tracey McAlpine, founder and editor of Fighting Fifty “The beauty industry is just waking up to the fact that they don’t market well to older people. People aren’t looking for a cure; ageing isn’t a disease.” #4 BEAUTIFULLY AGED Health & Beauty in 2016
  7. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Julie Fredrickson, founder of Stowaway “There’s going to be a lot more focus on lifestyle fits in 2016. People want something that fits into their purse and makes them mobile.” #5 LIFESTYLE FIT Health & Beauty in 2016
  8. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “Thanks to people posting ‘shelfies’ on Instagram – pictures of bathroom shelves, cabinets or dressing tables – products themselves are increasingly in the limelight.” Daniela Morosini, beauty journalist #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#6 PRETTY PRODUCTS Health & Beauty in 2016
  9. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Goof Lukken, founder of Vrijetijdskennis “People are looking for unique accommodation, like sleeping in a train. People want a story to share on social media, even if they’re only going on a short trip.” #7 EXTREME STAYS Leisure in 2016
  10. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Julie Bonnar, editor of Craft Focus “Customising your home is a part of modern living. There’s a crossover between crafting and DIY; knitting and painting are all incorporated into our homes.” #8 UPCYCLED LIFESTYLE Leisure in 2016
  11. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “VR is going to allow you to have the most crazy experiences. Why would you buy your kids a Scalextric track when they can drive a Formula 1 car?” Henry Stuart, co-founder and CEO of Visualise #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#9 VIRTUAL PASTIMES Leisure in 2016
  12. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Tom Chatfield, technology theorist and author “People are growing intolerant of anything that wastes their time. If something isn’t fully responsive, or doesn’t serve up relevant information rapidly, it’s disregarded.” #10 TIME IS MONEY Technology in 2016
  13. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Matt Hussey, editor-in-chief of The Next Web “Technology is an established part of life and the way we express our identities. Above functionality, it’s about how it makes you feel, how it makes other people see you.” #11 IDENTITY MARKERS Technology in 2016
  14. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “When people use a mobile, they don’t think of it as futuristic – it seamlessly integrates into their life. But a smart watch doesn’t provide any indispensable service.” Daniel Booth, editor of Web User and Computeractive #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#12 THE NON-SHIFT Technology in 2016
  15. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Zack O’Malley Greenburg, senior editor at Forbes “We’re going to start to see some clarity around the streaming situation. There’s no doubt that streaming is the present and future of the music industry.” #13 DREAMS OF STREAMING Media & Entertainment in 2016
  16. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Barry Hertz, film editor for The Globe and Mail “There’s a shift towards blockbuster franchises and branded properties in cinema. Audiences are interested in recognisable properties and names.” #14 INDIE GUYS FINISH LAST Media & Entertainment in 2016
  17. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “Networks are more open to the fact that the more
 places they give people access to content, the higher
 the ratings will go.” Alan Wolk, TV industry futurist and analyst #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#15 TELLY ADDICTS Media & Entertainment in 2016
  18. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Mitch Joel, president of Twist Image “The macro shift will be in messaging. Messaging apps are bigger than social networks at this point – private apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.” #16 SOCIALLY DIVERSE Communications in 2016
  19. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Tamsin Fox-Davies, senior development manager at Constant Contact “Brands have come to understand that if they want an audience to step away from what they’re doing and interact with a message, it needs to be fun.” #17 CUSTOMER FIRST Communications in 2016
  20. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “There’s a psychological shift between the TV on your wall and your phone in terms of personal space. Brands need to create value and be invited in.” Dr. Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#18 PERSONAL SPACE Communications in 2016
  21. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Alastair Laidlaw, founder and CEO of Lux Worldwide “Expect to see brands invest even more heavily in video, augmented reality and mobile apps. Seismic shifts lie ahead in the way people purchase luxury goods.” #19 DIGITAL STORYTELLING Luxury in 2016
  22. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Alex Cheatle, founder and CEO of Ten Group “There are a growing number of wealthy people who aren’t that interested in luxury products, people who just don’t wear a watch or own a top brand car.” #20 FINE LIVING Luxury in 2016
  23. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “Ten years ago, ‘ethical’ was hemp and yoghurt, but today it’s very much for the luxury market. People want to know the provenance of the products they buy.” Emma Hart, creative director at PUSH PR #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#21 SEXY SUSTAINABILITY Luxury in 2016
  24. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 James Dion, retail consultant and founder of Dionco Inc. “People are obsessed with their phones; 24% of Americans have admitted to making a purchase on the toilet and 2% have even done it at a funeral.” #22 SPEND ANYWHERE Shopping in 2016
  25. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Paul West, strategy director at Dalziel & Pow “Look out for Nike’s 45 Grand gym. It’s a great example of building customer advocacy – a retail space also used for leisure and entertainment.” #23 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION Shopping in 2016
  26. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “The high street looks healthier, but it’s the independent stores that are really coming through. There’ll be a move away from big name stores.” Graham Soult, leading UK retail consultant #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#24 SMALL & MIGHTY Shopping in 2016
  27. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Chris Skinner, chairman of the The Financial Services Club “In 2016, mobile wallets will mature into contextual services incorporating advice, sales and marketing at point of sale – as long as it’s consensual.” #25 CONTEXTUAL WALLETS Money in 2016
  28. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Jonathan McMillan (pseudonym), author of The End of Banking “As people try services like Apple Pay, Venmo or Zopa – seeing how little effort is required – they will demand it from their banks.” #26 ZERO EFFORT Money in 2016
  29. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “The banking and financial services industry has finally begun to understand what distributed ledger technology is and the promise it holds for innovation.” Duena Blomstrom, fintech and digital experience specialist #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#27 SHARED LEDGERS Money in 2016
  30. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Alex Ely, founder of architecture practice Mæ “The chronic housing problem could be overcome if retirees free up family homes, so housing providers will tempt them with new, high-end designs for the elderly.” #28 URBAN RETIREES Home in 2016
  31. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Philip N. Cohen, sociologist and demographer “The increases in re-marriage or marrying later in life create a dynamic where family rules, boundaries and relationships are unclear.” #29 UNCERTAIN TIMES Home in 2016
  32. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “In 2016, the home is going to be about comfort, not size, especially as homeowners become more attuned to provenance and materials.” Emma J. Page, commissioning editor at 25 Beautiful Homes #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#30 HOME COMFORTS Home in 2016
  33. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Dr. Ryan Chin, managing director of the City Science Initiative at the MIT Media Lab “Will high adoption rates of autonomous vehicles make our cities worse or better? If they are privately owned, we may just have autonomous traffic jams.” #31 HANDS FREE Getting Around in 2016
  34. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Michael Kodransky, global research manager at the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy “We’re seeing less focus on car ownership because cities can’t cope with the traffic and consumers are put off by the costs.” #32 SHARING THE ROAD Getting Around in 2016
  35. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “Crowdsourcing travel data is part of a bigger trend of decentralising information providers and the shift to a bottom-up approach to services.” Dr. Oded Cats, assistant professor in Transport and Planning at Delft University of Technology #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#33 DATA DRIVEN Getting Around in 2016
  36. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Andy Thornton, CEO of the Citizenship Foundation “There’s going to be a greater sense of debate over how much people’s locality matters to them and how well these localities are served.” #34 CIVIC SENSIBILITIES Citizenship in 2016
  37. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 Tomas Diez, urbanist and co-founder of Smart Citizen “ In 2016 we will see more applications, hardware, and technological innovations related to citizen involvement in the city.” #35 MASS PARTICIPATION Citizenship in 2016
  38. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 “Crowdfunding sites – Kickstarter, Just Giving or Kiva – are essentially fundraising platforms. The potential of the use of these sites in this sector is exciting.” Jonathan Simmons, chief experience officer at pro-social digital agency Zone #2 PEOPLE PARTICIPATION#36 OUTSIDE INFLUENCE Citizenship in 2016
  39. CONSUMER TRENDS IN 2016 WANT MORE? DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT FOR FREE HERE Learn more about behavioural insights www.canvas8.com 36 expert interviews | Trends across 12 sectors | Key innovative brands to watch | 2016 cultural agenda