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[CCKOREA 국제컨퍼런스] 서울특별시 CCL과 데이타 거버넌스

송정희 (서울특별시 정보화기획단장)

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[CCKOREA 국제컨퍼런스] 서울특별시 CCL과 데이타 거버넌스

  1. 1. CC Open Asia Pacific 2010: Open for Innovation Creative Commons and Data Governance in Seoul June 4, 2010 , Jung –Hee Song Assistant Mayor for IT/CIO Seoul Metropolitan Government 1 1
  2. 2. Contents e Seoul e-Seoul Introduction Seoul Introduction e-Seoul e Seoul Vision and Goal CC & Seoul Web contents Seoul Websites & services CC issues Global Collaboration World e-Governments Organization 2
  3. 3. Seoul Introduction Hi Seoul Soul of Asia Seoul, - Capital for more than 600 yrs. - Area : 605.6 Km2 - Population : 10.46M (‘09) Seoul Internet use rate Internet user source: Household w/ PC http://isis nic or kr/ http://isis.nic.or.kr 3
  4. 4. Relations between Central d L C t l and Local Governments lG t Local Government Central Government 16 cities & provinces ……… MOPAS: National Ministries e-government Seoul Metropolitan Conformity p planning and g Government Consistency operation KCC Economy ……… Innovation .... Diversity 25 Districts Autonomy A t MLTM ……… Small cities & Institutes Agency A Rural counties (Finance/Public) MOPAS: Ministry of Public Admin. and Securities KCC: Korea Communications Commission 4 4 MLTM: Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  5. 5. Seoul Vision & Objectives through e-government e- Economy E Culture C lt Well-being E i W ll b i Environment t Citizen City City City City City 5
  6. 6. e-Seoul Development Phases 6
  7. 7. Seoul website ( ~.seoul.go.kr) ~.seoul.go.kr) 235 websites/28 services connected Resident My Seoul Target portals Service menu mix My Application (kid/,woman, disabled, Using AJAX,RSS My Reservation senior citizen) Open API (map) Kids Portal Site My Page 7
  8. 8. GOV 2.0 Trend Increases Open, Sharing & Participatory Services Discussion topic p panel Seoul Oasis Citizens 87,000 suggestions since 2007 + SMG Policy Discussion Citizen Debate Forum Find a fly in Ointment 8
  9. 9. Web Service Mobile Service IPTV Service 9
  10. 10. Contents aggregation/exchange/reuse gg g g Source/Channel/PP Mix examples Traffic info Source :TOPIS/TBS/RIS/Police/Smart Highway/eX + citizen Platform: GIS/RIS/Smartcard/BIS… etc. Channel: Mobile/IPTV/Webcast/Website/SMS/SNS SNS Tourist UCC Mix of contents archive in Seoul, production studio DB, citizen’s submission -Broadcasting/on-demand info/personal tip Passive Website  Active media with multiple producers! 10
  11. 11. Clarification of Public Content Copyright Governmental side Central government must establish • MOPAS : legal infra to open up public info • MCST : guideline to entangle copyright issues Seoul gov. in contact with citizen must establish • P Promote reuse of public information t f bli i f ti • Protect the rights of the contents creators – Screening p g process to identify copyrights of public contents/DB y py g p / – Agreement guideline on the sharing and reuse for public goods 11
  12. 12. CC Korea CC Korea’s Laws/Practices/Education expertise Korea s Applying CC and SOP in Seoul Content presentation 12
  13. 13. Target : Seoul Oasis g Creative Idea Feasibility Implement- Ideas Developmen Check ation t Suggest any ideas Free discussion Realization 61,979 61 979 suggestions (50 items a day) 20 meetings (x5 6 ideas in depth/2 months) (x5~6 e.g. first 2 realizations:  Free health check-up for housewives  Korean movies with English subtitles Web/mobile 13
  14. 14. Target: Seoul Mobile portal m.seoul.go.kr g Traffic Bus arrival information, Subway information, Information Traffic information, etc Job Public institutions, Major companies, Small Information 60M & Medium Enterprises, Job news, etc Tourist Today's event, Seoul city tour b d l i bus, Walking lki Information tour course, etc Seoul oasis, Mobile suggestions, Find a fly, Citizen Participation 37M Seoul e-poll, etc City Affairs City news, Press release, Bidding notice, 8M Seoul statistics, etc 40K My Information Bus information setting, Facility reservation, Recruitment information clippings, etc 02 = ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 ’10est. 1414 14 14
  15. 15. World e-Government Mayors Forum 2008 Seoul e-Government Declaration 35 cities World Cities CIO Forum 2009 41 cities 15
  16. 16. The Inaugural General Assembly of World e-Governments Organization 2010 Under auspices of UNDESA, UNPOG, MOPAS, KCC 2010. 9. 6. (Mon) ~ 8 (Wed) ( ) ( ) In Seoul, Korea Invites international municipal g p governments! www.we gov org www we-gov.org www.we- we- 1616