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Hacking for Sex Education

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This presentation's supplementary materials are at http://pinterest.com/sexwonk/kink-for-all-sf-2012-06-16/. Meta: June 16, 2012 at Kink for All Unconference (Noisebridge, San Francisco).

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Hacking for Sex Education

  1. 1. HACKING FORSEX EDUCATION Carina C. Zona Kink for All Unconference San Francisco June 16, 2012
  2. 2. HI. I’m Carina.Website development consultant. Rubyist.
  3. 3. HI. I’m Carina.Sex education superhero! My cape is in the laundry basket. Sorry.
  5. 5. AbstinenceBirth Control STDs Abortion
  6. 6. Pleasure Public Policy Gender Gap Kink Menopause Commitment Race Diversity Abstinence L/G/B Communication Aging Affection Religion Cancers Anatomy Transgender Body Image Birth Control LoveParenthood Health Puberty Identity Abuse Law Fertility STDs Porn Abuse Assault Discrimination Consent Fantasy Body Image Abortion Dating Censorship Self-Expression Bullying Disability Breastfeeding Censorship
  7. 7. Programming Mobile WebOpen Source
  8. 8. SMS Accessibility Electronic Payments User Experience Databases Software Hardware Programming Startups Law User Interface Operating Systems Mobile GamingSecurity APIs Software as a Service Testing Content Management Web Social Networking Open Source Digital Divide Crowdsourcing Scaling Intellectual Property
  9. 9. WHAT WE CAN DO ✓Model reality • ...the one experienced from prospective users’ POVs ✓ “What are we assuming?” ✓ “Do we reallllllly need to ask for that?” ✓ “Dowe need to provide for other responses?” ...for instance..
  10. 10. SELECT LIST
  11. 11. TEXT FIELD• String storage, index, joins, conditionals• Localization• Advertising• User experience (UX)
  12. 12. SELECT LIST
  13. 13. SELECT LIST Exhaustive? Mutually exclusive?http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2011/05/31/does-facebook-hurt-relationship/
  14. 14. NOT EASY, IS IT?
  15. 15. TEXT FIELD Diaspora & Metafilterhttp://www.sarahmei.com/blog/2010/11/26/disalienation/
  16. 16. MOBILE
  17. 17. WALLED GARDENSApp stores have content restrictions. These suck for sex education.
  18. 18. OH NOESSSS!
  19. 19. HUMOR GETS EXCEPTIONS Exploit! Exploit! (But be the one to get info right.)
  20. 20. MOBILE WEBSkip the app store. Or do both. http://m.sexetc.org/
  21. 21. IDENTIFY A PROBLEMYou know how hard it is to find a public restroom?
  22. 22. Public restroom visits are a minefield for some people. If anyone thinks you’re a man in the ladies room or woman in the men’s room, trouble. FILL A NICHEPee in Peace helps transgender & gender non-conformingpeople find single-stall or gender-neutral bathrooms (Ithaca, NY)
  23. 23. FEATURES• Location-aware• Mapping/directions• Hours & special attributes (e.g. wheelchair-accessible?)
  24. 24. DEVELOP• Partnerships • Planned Parenthood • Ithaca College• Seeking funding for Android• Proof of concept -> scale
  25. 25. TEXTINGTips & advice (unidirectional)
  26. 26. TEXTINGImmediate resource referrals
  27. 27. In Case You Were Curious (ICYC) • Text “ICYC” to 66746 • Text questions, whenever • Get response within 24 hours TEXTINGQ&As, but you’ve got to wait.
  28. 28. OPPORTUNITIES, AHOY TECHsex USA http://www.isis-inc.org/techsex_usa.php White paper which is"...a deep dive into how youth, particularly youth of color, use technology for their sexual and reproductive health.It also identifies opportunities for new digital programming."
  29. 29. LOCAL RESOURCESisis-inc.org • sfsi.org • lyon-martin.org
  30. 30. CARINA C. ZONAhttp://pinterest.com/sexwonk/thesexwonk@gmail.com@etcarina Questions?