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3D Reality Tracking in Realtime - Team Hendy-Sigit

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Combining image processing techniques like human detection and motion tracking with 2D-to-3D reconstruction from camera positions, the system can track human and objects for realtime and offline analysis, such as advanced security or construction project monitoring.

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3D Reality Tracking in Realtime - Team Hendy-Sigit

  1. 1. 3D Reality Tracking in Realtime HENDY IRAWAN, SIGIT ARI WIJANARKO TMDG 9 STEI ITB
  2. 2. Human Detection
  3. 3. 3D Objects Recognition
  4. 4. Movement Tracking
  5. 5. 3D Trajectory Reconstruction http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~hyunsoop/trajectory_reconstruction.html
  6. 6. Multiple Cameras http://www.tnt.uni-hannover.de/project/motionestimation/
  7. 7. Camera as IoT Controllable Devices http://www.dipolnet.com/document-print-K3204.htm
  8. 8. Use Cases  Smart Healthy Home  Customer Behavior-Optimized Marketing  Smart Security: 3D Behavior Tracking  Smart City: 3D Vehicle Tracking  Construction Project Productivity Tracking  Experimental Furniture Relayout
  9. 9. Smart Healthy Home  Auto turn on/off AC based on who is inside  Auto regulate AC temperature based on customer preferences  Combine with weather detection  Remind user to drink water  Remind user to walk  Daily activity plots to aid doctors to diagnose habits  Never lose your purse, keys, or wallet  iPad/Android app to set preferences
  10. 10. Customer Behavior-Optimized Marketing  Know which positions work and which don’t  Offline analysis of marketing campaigns and location-based advertising  Theft behavior analysis and prediction
  11. 11. Smart Security: 3D Behavior Tracking  Realtime crime risk analysis  Theft behavior analysis and prediction  Replayable crime scene investigation  3D motion history archive for backwards-in-time observation and analysis http://www.ascendentgroup.com/products/ava
  12. 12. Smart City: 3D Vehicle Tracking  City transportation infrastructure planning  Route planning and intelligent re- routing  Avoid traffic jams  Help police chase criminals  Help crime investigators track criminal offenders arrival and escape route  Can be combined with RFID plates for more detailed tracking https://vimeo.com/110981765
  13. 13. Construction Project Productivity Tracking  Track vehicles/resources and labor movement in a construction  Monitor time to perform work for all resources  Analyze Productivity Index  Automated resource scheduling based on work timing  May include traffic congestion calculation
  14. 14. Experimental Furniture Relayout  Architects and interior designers can refurnish homes more easily  Furniture companies can better understand current and potential customers’ needs  Customers can play and experiment with their homes interactively http://deanstechtrends.blogspot.com/2015/02/augmented-reality-shopping.html