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[Challenge:Future] Guard Your Soul

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[Challenge:Future] Guard Your Soul

  1. 1. Guard your soul, guard your soul even if you have to surround it with a thousand Cerberuses. Days are ordinary, life is ordinary, in the between there’s drama and tragedy, joy and happiness, but mostly it’s routine. Complete your daily routine, don’t neglect it, it will learn you discipline that will lead you towards peace and balance. Brush your teeth, get out of the house and go to work, school and accomplish whatever you have to do with, even the smallest thing with the greatest commitment as if humanity depends on it. But never forget, keep your soul on your hands, tight, even when you are changing the car tires, hang your soul on your shoulder and don’t let go. The world is full of soul brokers. Blendina Cara Small bio: PR Specialist, Social Media Consultant, Contributing writer in various written and online media