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[Challenge:Future] Recycling company

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[Challenge:Future] Recycling company

  1. 1. Take care of the Environment!Team name: MAGTeam leader: Ana GrgurovicTeam members: Milica Rondovic, Gordana MihovicCountry: MontenegroInstitution: Faculty of Economics
  2. 2. Recycling company Montenegro with 650.575 inhabitants, and 13 812 km2 cant be a competitor on theglobal and European market, so we should focus on tourism and save our beautiful nature.
  3. 3. Save Montenegro* Save Forests* Save our Sea* Save Air
  4. 4. Recycling project- benefits for our country• Recycling brings both economic benefits and gains in reducing pollution• Using recycled saves natural resources and saves energy• Recycling creates less air and water pollution but production of primary raw materials
  5. 5. Recycling project- benefits for our country• Recycling saves space for disposal• Creating new jobs in companies engaged in the collection, production and distribution of raw materials• To save money and preserve plant and animal habitats
  6. 6. Knowledge and skills for project …For organising recycling process in a plant we will need experts with tehnological knowledge, economists and other less qualified labour.The plant will use extensive experience in organising similar projects from more developed countries.Whole recycling process will be organised according to EU standards.
  7. 7. Education: think and live green!Implementation of this project followed with big marketing campain will aim to raise awareness among our citizens about the importance of living green.