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Exquisite Chinese style sculpture (精致的中國風味雕塑).ppsx

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  2. Amazing surreal sculpture 嘆為觀止的超現實主義雕塑
  3. Yuan Xingliang is a Chinese artist who graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. 袁星亮 是一位中國藝術家,畢業於四川美術學院。
  4. Each of Yuan's sculptures is handcrafted from clay. 袁的每一件雕塑都是用粘土手工製作的。
  5. Foreword Xingliang Yuan is a Chinese artist who creates amazing surreal clay sculptures that combine elements of nature, animals, and architecture to create stunning 360-degree artworks influenced by traditional Chinese folklore. Yuan's works are full of stunning details and require a lot of patience - some of his sculptures take up to 3 months to design! From one look at these sculptures, one can understand why it takes a long time; these special pieces are thought out down to the smallest detail - from the shape of the hair, the roof tiles of the temples to the emotions expressed on the figures’ faces. Each sculpture is handmade and is unique, making them absolutely one of a kind. Please watch now, some spectacular works from this talented artist. 前 言 袁星亮是一位中國藝術家,受中國傳統民間傳說的影響,創造出超棒的 360 度藝術作品。 他的 超現實主義 嘆為觀止泥塑,將自然、動物和建築元素結合在一起, 袁作品的細節令人驚嘆,需要很大耐心,有些雕塑的設計就需要長達 3 個月時間! 看了這些雕塑,就能理解為何花這麼長時間;這些特別的作品,最小的細節都被深思熟慮 - 從頭髮的形狀,寺廟屋頂的瓦片,到人物臉上表達的情緒。 每件雕塑都是手工製作的,獨一無二的,絕對是獨一無二的。現在就請觀賞這位才華橫溢 藝術家的一些精彩作品。
  6. "Spring Miscanthus. Peach Blossom Island" Series 《春芒 · 桃花島》系列
  7. Hairstyle 髮型
  8. Hair braid 髮辮
  9. Sculpture combines architectural elements. The tiles of the temple roof. 雕塑結合了建築元素。寺廟屋頂的瓦片。
  10. The statues are inspired by traditional Chinese folklore. 雕像的靈感來自中國傳統民間傳說。
  11. Tiny creative details 细微的創作細節
  12. "Journey West · Tongtian River" Series 《西遊 · 通天河》系列
  13. The Manuscript of "Tongtian River" 《通天河》手稿
  14. "Autumn Luan · Guanghan Palace" Series 《秋鸞 · 廣寒宮》系列
  15. "Fish · General · Walk" Series 《魚·將·行》系列
  16. "Winter Collection · Shambhala" Series 《冬藏 · 香巴拉》系列
  17. "Puppeteer" Series 《傀儡師》系列
  18. "Plum Orchid Bamboo Chrysanthemum" Series 《梅蘭竹菊》系列
  19. Plum 梅
  20. Orchid 蘭
  21. Bamboo 竹
  22. Chrysanthemum 菊