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Establishing Direction

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Establishing Direction

  1. 1. ESTABLISHING DIRECTION Showcase Presentation Winter 2009
  2. 2. Establishing Direction will…  Bring clarity to your work unit and individual employees  Encourage better communication  Increase work-unit efficiency  Create consistent focus on key opportunities, problems and results
  3. 3. Managers who are successful at Establishing Direction practice the following:  Specific: What am I specifically responsible for?  Measurable: What Standard will be used to measure my success?  Attainable: What kind of challenge will my work provide?  Results Oriented: How do my responsibilities link to the units overall goals?  Time Dated: What is my deadline?
  4. 4. SMART CRITERIA  S pecific  M easurable  A ttainable  R esult Oriented  T ime Dated
  5. 5. Establishes clear, specific performance goals for employees’ jobs SUCCESSFUL NOT SUCCESSFUL
  6. 6. Demonstrates how each employees job contributes to the organization’s overall effectiveness SUCCESSFUL NOT SUCCESSFUL
  7. 7. Sets challenging and difficult performance goals and standards for employees SUCCESSFUL NOT SUCCESSFUL
  8. 8. Helps employees to understand how their work affects external/internal customers SUCCESSFUL NOT SUCCESSFUL
  9. 9. Specifically defines the standards of excellence required; avoiding unclear or conflicting standards SUCCESSFUL NOT SUCCESSFUL