mangalore refineries and petrochemicals limited indian oil corporation limited borl-bharat oman refineries limited bharat petroleum corporation limited cpcl iocl numaligarh refineries limited paradip panipat chennai petroleum corporation limited hpcl mumbai gujarat bpcl reliance industries limited hindustan petroleum corporation limited rpl crude oil refineries in india essar oil limited ril applications introduction series model analysis dispersion model rtd tank in series model mixing index type of mixing mixer for cohesive solids beater mixer : pony mixer tumbling mixer what is mixing ? mixing & mixing index ribbon mixer: vessel single product plant batch sizing multi product multiple product plant plant sizing of vessels in batch plants types types of nuclear reactors agr advanced gas-cooled reactor pressurised heavy water reactor pwr lgr-light water cooled boiling water reactor gcr nuclear reactor graphite moderated reactor gas cooled reactor phwr pressurized water reactor bwr pressure swing adsorption applications pressure swing adsorption adsorbents advancement in pressure swing adsorption pressure swing adsorption process pressure swing adsorption agitated mills classifying hammer mills fluid energy mills ultrafine grinders advances in diffusion advances in gas absorption gas liquid operation equipment advances in stirred tanks high efficiency venturi scrubber advances in distillation advances in venturi scrubber extractive distillation current advancement in different gas-liquid operat van laar equation redlich-kister equation excess gibbs free energy models universal quasi chemical equation wilson and “nrtl” equation margules equation dalton’s law introduction of mass transfer operation raoult’s law concept of volatility and relative volatility as a administration and some basic principle henri fayol’s 14 principles of management management and administration management as science management as art management levels of management scope of management defination of management defination of administration continuous contact equipment height equivalent to theoretical plate hetp equipments absorption for counter current absorption in chemical reaction choice of solvent gas absorption absorption & indusrial absorber absorption in packed tower principles of disaster management what is disaster management ? role of ndrf role of government capabilities & strength of ndrf components of disaster management what is disaster? liquid inks paste inks energy curing inks types of printing inks the paltes inkjet printing inks gravure thermodynamic diagrams h-s diagram t-s diagram h-t diagram types of diagrams p-h diagram functions of boards prevention and control of air pollution state pollution control board’s objectives what is air pollution? water pollution control acts. for air pollution: features of act water pollution air pollution & water pollution control laws central pollution control board’s objectives the equilibrium constant (k) equilibrium and types of equilibrium chemical equilibrium relationship between kc and kp law of mass action physical equilibrium reactions types of zeolite process zeolite process disadvantages of process limitations of process regeneration advantages of process examples partial properties in binary solution relation between binary solution maxwell relation relations among partial properties partial properties relation between partial properties partial gibbs free energy and gibbs duhem equation titanium dioxide pigment metallic pigments red pigments pigments and types of pigments white pigment blue pigments difference between dye & pigments light fastness tenting strength constituents of pigments classification of inorganic pigments refractive index green pigments organic pigments the classification of pigments colored pigemts hiding power yellow pigments bleeding characteristics pigments integration numerical integration trapezoidal rule simpson’s rule negative feedback versus positive feedback controller and final control element measuring element the control system servo problem versus regulator problem development of block diagram
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