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Doctor web Company profile 防毒軟體公司簡介

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Doctor web Company profile 防毒軟體公司簡介

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Doctor web Company profile 防毒軟體公司簡介

  1. 1. Doctor Web Doctor Web — the Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software
  2. 2. Dr.Web Anti-virus creator Igor Daniloff — is a living legend of Russian programming, a distinctive self-taught genius, the creator of popular Dr.Web Anti-virus.
  3. 3. The first version of Spider's Web (Dr.Web prototype) was released in 1992. It was among the world's first anti-viruses. Since1992
  4. 4.  Copyrights regarding Dr.Web technologies are held by the creator of Dr.Web Anti-virus, the only owner of Doctor Web — Igor Daniloff.  Dr.Web programs are created only by Russian developers. Own anti-virus technology
  5. 5.  Russia, Moscow— company management , Distribution Department, Marketing Service, Technical Business Development, Service & Projects Department, web-development and Technical support service — round-the- clock support in Russian, Chinese, English, French, German, and Japanese.  Russia, St. Petersburg — research and development, Dr.Web virus monitoring service, virus analysis. Company’s offices
  6. 6. Regional offices
  7. 7.  St. Petersburg, Dr.Web Research&Development — more than130 highly-skilled professionals in the sphere of information technology  Total amount of employees — more than 350  95% of employees have at least one higher education. Dr.Web team
  8. 8.  The owner of the company and its CTO – Igor Daniloff  CEO — Boris Sharov Company management
  9. 9. Doctor Web works with partners from 42 countries Doctor Web's annual sales growth rate is above the industry average. The Doctor Web Partner Network
  10. 10. Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Centrally managed end-point security for all hosts in corporate network
  11. 11.  Dr.Web ATM Shield  Dr.Web Security Suite for Unix appliances  Appliances for Dr.Web Office Shield Dr.Web solutions
  12. 12. Dr.Web AV-Desk — since 2007 Doctor Web has become the first company to offer an anti-virus as a service on the Russian market and, to this day, is still the undisputed leader in Internet security services segment of the anti-virus market for service providers. Services
  13. 13. Dr.Web Home Security Suite PC/Mac, Linux, mobile OS protection
  14. 14. Dr.Web Retail Security Suite
  15. 15. Certificates  Dr.Web is certified by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.  Dr.Web products are certified by FSTEC of Russia and FSB Russia and they can be used in work with information constituting State secrets. http://company.drweb.com/licenses_and_certificates.
  16. 16. Clients
  17. 17. Contact information Headquarters 125040, Russia, Moscow, 3d street Yamskogo polya 2-12A Phone: +7 (495) 789-45-87 Fax: +7 (495) 789-45-97 www.drweb.com
  18. 18. You've got something to protect? We've got Dr.Web.