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ePCO awareness 2012

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ePCO awareness 2012

  1. 1. ElectronicPreferential Certificate of Origin
  2. 2. National Single Window Services a one-stop trade facilitation system linking relevant governments and trading communities and also other various businesses involved in global trade and logistics. A web-based Customs A web-based shipping community declaration service that system to facilitate submission of facilitates the preparation and manifest from the port users to submission of trade the respective authorities. declarationsA web-based certificate of 6 Core A web-based dutyorigin application andapproval system that Services payment service that enables preparationcertifies the country of and submission of dutyorigin of a particular product. payment to Customs. A web-based permit application for Strategic Trade Act 2010 (STA 2010) that enables application and A web-based import / export approval of pre-registration and permit applications to permits under the purview of relevant Permit Issuing the STA 2010. Agencies
  3. 3. Benefits of PCOAttests goods Definitions of Claim are of a preferential preferentialcertain origin tariff tariff treatment Promote trade among countries Fulfil banks Letter of Credit requirement Application
  4. 4. ePCO Service Web-based system for the application and approval ofCost Analysis (CA) Preferential Certificate of Origin (CO) Malaysia’s single gateway to international trading community Servicing Malaysia’s sole PCO issuing authority, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) Currently serves over 3000 manufacturers / exporters More than 15000 PCO documents transacted monthly Creates a virtual community for key players in the trade supply chain - paper-less environment
  5. 5. Project Background Jan 2009 2010 2007 1 Jan 2013 Implemented Expanded to Project 100% online in MITI Kuala ALL MITIKicked Off implementation Lumpur (HQ) Branches More information on ePCO is retrievable at http://epco.dagangnet.com.my/epco.jsp
  6. 6. Schemes in ePCO AANZFTA: ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand ATIGA: ASEAN Trade In Goods Agreement Free Trade Agreement GSP: Generalized System of AKFTA: ASEAN-Korea Free Preferences Trade Agreement ACFTA: ASEAN-China Free Trade AgreementMPCEPA: Malaysia-Pakistan Closer Economic Partnership Agreement AIFTA: ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement TEXTILE MNZFTA: Malaysia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement MJEPA: Malaysia-Japan AJCEP: ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Economic Partnership Agreement
  7. 7. ePCO Modules ePCO Standard Module ePCO Manufacturer Module CA and CO is prepared byCA and CO is prepared by same different entityentity Restricted data in CA is hidden from CO Applicants
  8. 8. ePCO Standard Module Process Flow 1. Prepare and submit Costing 2. Approve Costing Applications Application (New/Additional) (Approve/Reject) 3. View Costing Application Status 4. Submit COO Form 5. Process COO Form (Based on approved costing) (Approve/Reject) 6. View COO Form StatusExporter (Approve/Reject) 7. Print COO Form (Based on approved COO) MITI Officer Provides paper-less environment for CO Form application 8. Endorse COO Form
  9. 9. ePCO Manufacturer Module Process Flow 1. Prepare and Submit Costing 2. Approve Costing Applications Application (Approve/Reject) 3. View Costing Application Status and Assign Approved Costing to Preferred ExportersManufacturer MITI Officer 4. Submit CO Form 5. Process CO Form (Based on assigned costing) (Approve/Reject) 6. View CO Form Status (Approve/Reject)AssignedExpo 7. Print CO Form rter (Based on approved CO) Provides paper-less environment for CO Form application 8. Endorse CO Form
  10. 10. ePCO Improved Features List CA (Raw Multiple HS Enhanced Materials - RA) Customized LC Codes in 1 COcopy function Excel Form requirements (ACFTA) Filler Pre- Finished CA/ CO Enhanced exportationProduct Report cancellation query function attachment submission Enterprise Various Architecture customized Integration requirements (EAI)
  11. 11. ePCO Future Features List Data Integration with Auto reusability other trade Customized calculation foracross ePCO documents/ billing options RA % in CA schemes systems More Improved email customized notificationreport formats Customized Digitalsystem access Signature level
  12. 12. ePCO Benefits Increased Reduced paper - Reduced transparency - based application real-time tracking applications and processing of application improves time and cost status productivity PCO repository for Web-based, thus authentication – Strengthening 24 x 7 customer “anywhere & security & support anytime cross-border integrity
  13. 13. Hardware and Software Requirements Item Minimum Requirement RecommendedPC / Notebook i. Pentium III i. Pentium IV ii. 64MB of RAM ii. 512MB of RAM iii. 50MB of Hard Disk iii. 5GB of Hard DiskOperating System i. Windows 98 i. Windows 2000 (1st and 2nd edition) ii. Windows XP Professional ii. Windows ME iii. Windows NTScreen Resolution - 800 x 600Internet Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0Internet Connection Dial-up i. Streamyx ii. Leased Line iii. ISDNOther Software for printing - Java softwarepurposes (Java Run Environment 1.4.2) (Automatic download from www.java.com)Printer - i. 24 pin dot matrix with Courier font 10 ii. Tested with Panasonic printer KX-P-1121 iii. Tested with Epson Printer LQ-1170 iv. Tested with Epson Printer LQ-2180 v. Tested with NEC Printer P8000+
  14. 14. ePCO Valued Customers
  15. 15. Pricing Structure
  16. 16. ePCO Pricing & Value Plan Register Registration Fee between NATIONWIDE Corp RM500 1 May 2012 START UP PROMOTION SME RM200 until COST Waived 31 Oct 2012 ANNUAL STANDARD TRANSACTION MODULE BILLING FEE ACCESS FEE 6% Service Tax PLAN RM5.00 per RM200.00 > 50 permits Approved Permit per year annually eValue BILLING ANNUAL TRANSACTION PLAN MODULE FEE 6% Service Tax < 50 permits ACCESS FEE RM8.00 per annually Zero Approved PermitNote : Registration Fee is waived for existing Dagang Net user during ePCO Promotion
  17. 17. Other Information
  18. 18. Registration Process• Registration Form: Downloadable at www.dagangnet.com• Supporting documents: 1. Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) Registration of Business Certificate 2. License or Certificate issued by Government 3. Payment for Registration fee & Annual Access Fee• Companies to qualify for SME Status under NSW new tariff structure: 1. Total No. Permanent staff < 150 2. Annual Revenue < RM25 Million• Supporting documents for SME Special Rate : 1. Certified true copy of EPF Statement by • Company Secretary/Directors/Business Owners 2. Certified true copy of latest Audited Financial Statement by • Company Secretary/Directors/Business Owners
  19. 19. Customer Service and Support CARELINE - Customer Interaction Centre Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd Tower 3, Avenue 5, The Horizon, Bangsar South No 8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Operation Hours: 24 hours daily Telephone: 1.300.133.133 / 603.4819.4800 Facsimile: 603.2713.2990 Email: careline@dagangnet.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dagang-Net- Careline/388873344460339
  20. 20. Corporate AddressDagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd (177974-T)Tower 3, Avenue 5,The Horizon Bangsar South,No 8 Jalan Kerinchi,59200 Kuala Lumpur.General Line: 03 2730 0200Fax: 03 2713 2121Careline: 1 300 133 133Website: www.dagangnet.comE-mail: info@dagangnet.com