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Media product research

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Media product research

  1. 1. Product Research Chrissie Bishop
  2. 2. Digipak The front of digipaks are usually filled with the artist. This is to promote the star to sell the record and for the audience to feel connected with the song and the star. Katy Perry's digipak conforms to this common convention. A lot of the time the artists on the front of digipaks are presented provocatively and revealing to grab the audience's eye. In Katy Perry's front cover this conforms to this with the minimal to none clothing surrounded by a pink cloud. Her facial expression also grabs the audience, this is known as the male gaze and is targeting a wider audience. The use of primary colours such as pink and baby blue in this digipak give us the feel that this is definitely a pop genre style of music. This mainly targets young teens and also children with the use of a candy theme. Younger children would see the artist floating on candy floss which gives a young appeal. The overall pictures and theme of the digipak are photographs with a bit of design in the clouds. I would expect to see a very pink a girls cover in a pop digipak which is what Katy's digipak conforms to.
  3. 3. Digipak Back of the digipak. Usually in most digipaks they consist of the album tracks and bar code which has the digipak theme running through. Katy's digipak conforms to this. She uses the candy theme running through the back cover with candy like font writing which is pink and candy floss backdrop. The lettering of the tracks fits in with the pop genre as its very cute, girly and, pink.the use of a candy theme. Younger children would see the artist floating on candy floss which gives a young appeal. The overall pictures and theme of the digipak are photographs with a bit of design in the clouds. I would expect to see a very pink a girls cover in a pop digipak which is what Katy's digipak conforms to. Side of the digipak The side picture of the digipak just presents a closeup picture of Katy on candy floss again representing the male gaze. This is to draw the attention of the eyes to her face and we are more like;y to buy the album as we feel connected to her. The side cover also conforms to the candy floss theme which is targeting the target audience. Cd compartment The CD compartment also continues the candy theme with the use of Katy making a cake. The black back drop is really effective here as it brings out the bright and girly colours of the cakes. The use of Katy making a cake here make her seem very sweet, Innocent and young which is representing her target audience. This cover will behind the CD holder, the CD holder is common in digipaks as it keeps the Cd secure, and yet is still lightweight. The CD's themselves also carry the candy theme with bright colours representing doughnuts. This again portrays the young sweet target audience.
  4. 4. Website When you first enter the page there is an advert to promote one of Adele's concert. The font used is the same as on her '21' album which shows consistency. The colour scheme is white, black and green. This is also on the album. There is also an image of Adele's album which is also promoting that. There is also links to social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is aiming for a larger audience.
  5. 5. Website The second image is the actual homepage. The colour scheme is the same as the enter page. This is to show it is still Adele's page. A image of Adele's album is in the top right corner which is promoting her album. The header is large and the same font as her album. This is so the audience recognises that it is about Adele. The menu consists of home, bio, blog, news, store, forum, videos, live, music, photos and links. The font is still the same. The background is black but it also has a faded picture of Adele. The picture is the same as the ablum cover which is promoting it. The colours are dark which connote sadness, this could be reflecting her album as it is all about a break up. Blog and News posts are the main parts on the website which is showing Adele is actually part of the site, this will attract more audiences.
  6. 6. Magazine advert Ellie Goulding – Lights This advert follows more than one convention of an advert for an up and coming music artist. First, the artist is featured close up in the advert, this makes the audience aware of the artist and gives them a clear image of the way she is. She's portrayed as very attractive in the way she's positioned, her long blonde hair is laced with lights tying into the title of the album and making her appear magical. Her skin and make up appears flawless, making her enviable for female members of her fanbase/audience and attractive for male members. Her body language makes her appear open and easy to connect with for her audience and the way her eyes are gazing into the distance gives the impression that she is deep and soulful, encouraging the audience to expect meaning from her lyrics. Her natural style gives the impression of quite an innocent kind of pop music, thus giving her audience a glimpse into the kind of person she is. The theme of lights ties obviously with the title of the album and of the title of one of her most famous and successful songs, and it makes the artist appear ethereal and potentially gives her a god(dess)-like complex. The theme follows through with the font, title etc. and is successful as it draws the eye of any potential fans. Once the attention is caught, the mini-reviews from magazines and newspapers such as "The Fly" on this advert who have given the album four stars increases the likelihood of people being willing to buy the album. Overall this is a successful advert as it; shows the artist, is eye-catching, links closely to the title of the album and gives a pleasant first impression of the artist's image and presence.
  7. 7. Magazine advert Beyonce – 4 The magazine fits well with the sassy and fierce image she has created for herself through the songs in the album. The music videos that accompany her music tend to be very sexual and make her appear a very attractive and more importantly individual woman. The colour scheme of the advert is very stylish, making her appear very chic and attractive. The advert is very aesthetically pleasing. The outfit gives the impression that Beyonce is very aware of fashion and this is the case, she is a well known pioneer and icon of the fashion industry. The font is very classy and sophisticated which fits the image Beyonce has created for herself and her stance oozes power and female dominance. The tiny image of the album on the magazine ties in further with the colour scheme and does the informative job of advertising the album. In all the album advert follows a stylish colour scheme that is fashionable and gives a good impression of the artist and advertises the