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Birth of an eco-system in the University of Hong Kong Libraries

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Ms. Esther WOO (Head, Administrative Services, HKU libraries)


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Birth of an eco-system in the University of Hong Kong Libraries

  1. 1. Esther WooHead, Administrative Services
  2. 2. http://lib.hku.hk/level3/
  3. 3. Stakeholders Service/facilityMajorissues/concernIndividual users (Quietstudy, research,relaxation)Deep quite room,research carrels, studytables, individualworkstations & seats, etc.More seats, quiet environment,software support, printing &scanningGroup users(Robust discussion &collaboration,socialization)Discussion rooms, mobiletables, chairs & sofa,diner booths, breakoutspaces, etc.Sufficient provision and optimaluse of facilities, food & drink policyStaff (Service provision,problem solving &conflict resolution)One stop shop services atintegrated informationcounter, patrolConflict resolution for users,upkeep of facilities, teamwork andupgrade of staff competenciesManagement(Strategic planning andservice review)Online booking system,technology richenvironment, user friendlysignage, food & drink policy,Conflicting interests ofstakeholders, resource constraints,of Higher facility and servicemaintenance