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  1. 1. Design Technology Process Journal – Feb.28th, 2011<br />- Shaping the shoe.<br />Today, I almost finished my project. The only thing I need to finish is to smooth it. I was quite happy because I think I used the time properly. I think next lesson I can start painting.<br />This lesson I used quite a lot of tools. I used a tenon saw, a gents saw, a pull saw, a sand block, sand papers and the sanding disk. The sand block is for holding the sand paper tighter and makes it easier to sand. The sanding disk could sand the surface quicker, but sometimes you could only use the sand paper or a file, because the sanding disk were not necessary.<br />Today I cut my left index finger with the pull saw at the beginning of the class. It hurt a lot at the beginning, but and the blood was dry, it stopped hurting. Other things ran great. I cut the doorstop again to fix the shape to make sure it was able to fill the gap between the floor and the door. It was quite easy because I have done it before. Then, I used the half round file to file my edges. Also, I used the sanding disk too, it was much more easier than sanding by sand papers, it was faster. I used the sanding papers for the last step, it was for smoothing the doorstop. Tomorrow, I will be ready to paint.<br />I think today’s lesson related to risk-taker, because I used a few new tools such as the sanding disk and sanding papers.<br />This is a picture of me wearing an apron to protect myself.<br />This is a picture of me using the tenon saw.<br />This is a picture of me using the gents saw.<br />This is a picture of me using the file.<br />This is my cut finger.<br />