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Artificial grass ireland

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To satisfy all your requirements for artificial grass in Ireland, there is only one name – Class Grass Ltd that supplies and installs a wide variety of unreal grass at amazing prices. The company offers maintenance free lawns, graves and play areas.

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Artificial grass ireland

  1. 1. Artificial Grass in Ireland Can Make Huge Difference in Your Daily Life  Small things can make a big difference in our lives. We usually not pay much attention to the regular things we do or need for our life but they can be really interesting and useful in many ways. There is artificial grass Ireland which can be used for making our lawn and other places look highlighted so that you and your family can enjoy the day in the best manner. The advantages of these grasses for our needs are very much and these can really make a difference when it is required the most.
  2. 2. CONTACT US  Class Grass Ireland  Aughagower, Castlecoote,  Co Roscommon,  Ireland.  Telephone: +353 9066 21219  Mobile: +353 87 838 06 18  For more information visit us:-  http://www.classgrassireland. com/