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Industry Experts Explain How to Enforce Effective Mobile SEO Procedures

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Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital unleashes more improved products and services to help clients become successful in their online business endeavours.

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Industry Experts Explain How to Enforce Effective Mobile SEO Procedures

  1. 1. Industry Experts Explain How to Enforce Effective Mobile SEO Procedures©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital unleashes more improvedproducts and services to help clients become successful intheir online business endeavours.Oracle Digital, an esteemed digital marketing company from Perth, has announced that itwill be providing more stringent procedures and methods so that clients will have betterresults as they try to engage in their respective Internet marketing campaigns.At present time, industry observers are claiming that the interest for mobile marketing hasbeen steadily growing over the past periods, which is why many businesses are nowstarting on their own mobile campaigns in order to take advantage of this trend.In connection with this, Google has released official recommendations that will result tomore effective mobile SEO, as well as other campaigns. And according to industryanalysts, this is good news considering the fact that despite mobile’s booming popularity –there have been no concrete measures or procedures provided about it in the past,making it quite a difficult issue to contend with.With Google’s official release of its recommendations - experts are saying thatwebmasters will now be able to clearly institute the proper mobile marketing designs andstrategies, as well as other online marketing procedures to make things work the way theyshould.The giant Internet Company has released several basic configurations for those planningto go mobile. But among all others, Google suggests the use of the responsive designapproach.According to the company, the primary reason as to why the responsive design approachworks better with mobile marketing is because it allows better user interaction, easierindexing, as well as more efficient content-crawling. In addition, experts explain that in thisapproach, there will only be one URL and one HTML code. CSS media will then be usedto render the page on the device.On the other hand, there is another approach for the platform – and this is called thedevice-specific HTML Approach. In this case, Google suggests the use of the Vary HTTPheader for caching purposes, as well as to communicate any changes with content.Additionally, it will be used for content crawling and indexing purposes.Indeed, with these new developments in the virtual world, it is apparent that there is theneed for online businesses to keep abreast of the changes taking place – in order to earnmore profits and to become even more successful in the end. ©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. James Corby, Business Development Director of Oracle Digital, in explaining theimportance of being updated in the online world, said, “If you want to succeed in youronline campaigns, then you must be as updated as you can be. And this means that youshould use the latest SEO strategies if you’re optimising your site or the latest reputationmanagement techniques if you’re trying to earn good feedback for your company. Why? Itis because using outdated techniques will simply not work at all.”Oracle Digital is a Perth Search Engine Optimisation company that provides SEOservices, reputation management techniques, social media management, and otherservices to clients from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and other parts ofthe country.If you want to know more about Oracle Digital and their services, you may give them a callat 1300 899 851 or you can visit their website at http://www.oracledigital.com.au.©2012, Oracle Digital Page | 3