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Integration Platform as a Service architecture based on Fuse Fabric technology (Apache Karaf + Zookeeper + Fabric engines)

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Cloud fuse-apachecon eu-2012

  1. Integration in the cloud - IPaaS with Fuse technology Charles Moulliard Apache Committer
  2. Agenda● Introduction & Key concepts● What is iPaas ?● Fuse Fabric & Fuse Mngt Console● jclouds & Apache CloudStack● Demo & Conclusion
  3. Speaker : Charles Moulliard● Engineer in Agronomy & Master in Zoology● Solution Architect & Consultant @RedHat● Committer → Karaf (PMC), Camel (PMC), ServiceMix, DeltaSpike, Fabric Twitter : @cmoulliard LinkedIn : Blog : Slideshare :
  4. Introduction
  5. What is the cloud ● Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). ●Characteristics : Agility, Virtualization, Security, Performance, Reliability, Maintenance, Multitenancy
  6. IaaS ●IaaS : Provide computers/virtual machines or resources ● Virtual machines uses hypervisor (Xen, KVM, ...)
  7. PaaS ● Deliver a computing platform typically including operating system, programming language, execution environment, database, web server, …
  8. SaaS ● Install and operate application software in the cloud and cloud users access the software from cloud clients.
  9. All together ● Can we resume ?
  10. Deployment models ● Public / Hybrid / Private ● Is it different from Extranet/Intranet ...
  11. iPaaS“A new paradigm or simply aeasiest way to deploy projects”
  12. iPaas ● What is Integration Platform as a Service ? ● Combination of Iaas and Paas
  13. Integration ● Integration everywhere = iPaaS
  14. iPaas - Definition ● Definition : Provide Fabric runtimes top of clouding machines for public, private or hybrid clouds ● What is Fabric ? - Technology based on Apache Karaf - Is a Agent working closely with Apache Zookeeper
  15. Apache Karaf
  16. Apache Karaf
  17. Fuse Fabric
  18. Fuse Fabric ● “Integration” projects are really hard to install, configure and run ● Distribution of workload/process is not an easy task ● We want to make it easy!
  19. Fuse Fabric●● Open Source Software for “configuring, provisionin g & running Fuse and Apache software on any mac hines” physical, virtual, private, public, private+pu blic cloud● Keeps you DRY from those rainy clouds :)● Weave your containers into an easy to manage Fabric● Will be donated soon to Apache foundation
  20. Karaf Admin● Allows to create instances admin:create & administrate them Karaf “root” Karaf “toto” locally or remotely Karaf Machine AA Machine “nestor” BUT Copy instance● Instances not “cloned”● Configurations updated Karaf “nestor” manually● Process is error prone Machine BB Machine● No deployment platform
  21. Fuse Fabric in the cloud fabric:create● Fabric will create Fabric “master” Fabric “toto” instances & manage • Locally Machine AA Machine Fabric “nestor” • Remotely (ssh) • In the cloud (jclouds) fabric:create ….● Deploy artifacts● Cloud instance created Fabric using jclouds api “aws-ec2” Cloud Infra Cloud Infra
  22. What is Fabric● Storage engine = Configurations & registry● Agents = Spy !● Profiles = Artifacts to be deployed● But Also a service factory ;-) ● Create “indirection” points ● Load balancing and failover ● Easy elastic scaling of services
  23. Storage engine● Based on Apache ZooKeeper ●Is a Centralized Coordination Service, distributed and highly reliable ● Uses a directory & file based structure ● Part of Fuse “Ensemble”
  24. Storage engine● 2 kinds of “registry” → one for the containers and theother for artifacts●Artifacts = jars, properties files, system, envproperties to be deployed
  25. Agent● Fabric-agent deployed per Karaf container● Contains a Zookeeper client● Agent listens to the registry to configure, provision features & services● Send info(s) to registry (RMI, SSH)
  26. Fuse Fabric : What happen ● A Karaf fabric container Fabric “Master” is created Fabric command Zookeeper ● Fabric agent is registere Maven d with Zookeeper ● “Artifacts” to be deploy ssh ed are loaded from Prof ile(s) Shell script ● Maven proxy is used Fabric “Instance” Cloud Machine
  27. Fuse Fabric - Installation ● Deploy features (= artifacts required) ● Will install commands, libraries required to communicate with Cloud Providers and manage instances
  28. Fuse Fabric - Setup ● A. Create “ensemble” (optional) ● B. Add a provider B A C A = Api of the jclouds provider B = Public key C = Password
  29. jclouds“A Cloud Tooling framework”
  30. jclouds ● Umbrella project ● jclouds : open source library that helps you get started in the cloud. ● API gives you the freedom to use portable abstractions or cloud-specific features.
  31. jclouds● BlobStore api = simplify storagemanagement (S3, ...)● Compute Api = manage nodes● Node api● Tools = Karaf client
  32. jclouds ● 30 cloud providers & cloud software stacks including Amazon, GoGrid, Ninefold, vCloud, OpenStack, and Azure.
  33. Who uses jclouds ● RedHat - OpenShift to deploy applications to Terremark, RackSpace & EC2 ● Twitter, Adobe ● GigaSpace, SalesForces ● General Electric ● Camel, Karaf, Cellar, Fabric
  34. Apache CloudStack“Allow to manager virtual machines”
  35. CloudStack ● Apache project ● Citrix work (> April 2011) ● Software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform. ● Supports the most popular hypervisors: VMware, Oracle VM, KVM, XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform
  36. CloudStack – Infrastructure
  37. CloudStack ●
  38. CloudStack – Core Components ●
  39. CloudStack – Self Service Portal
  40. CloudStack ● Web console :
  41. Fuse Fabric : Cloud providers Amazon EC2 Cloustack Openstack
  42. Fuse Fabric - Join ● A. Create a container in the cloud ● B. Join the container Jclouds in action Connect to Zookeeper reg. ● C. Connect ssh session
  43. Fuse FMC to simplify your life
  44. Fuse FMC
  45. Fuse FMC
  46. Fuse FMC
  47. Fuse FMC
  48. iPaaS Architectures
  49. Architecture - “On an Island” Container Container Container 1 2 3 Container Container 1 2 Fabric Ensemble Cloud A Fabric Ensemble Cloud B
  50. Architecture - “Interconnected” Network of Broker Container Container Container Container 1 2 3 4 Fabric Ensemble Cloud B Cloud A
  51. Using Fabric Camel
  52. Architecture - “Integrated” Container Container 3 4 Network of Broker Cloud A Container Container 1 2 Fabric Ensemble Intranet
  53. Using Fabric ActiveMQ
  54. Demo & Conclusion
  55. Conclusion ● Fuse Fabric technology is ready and mature to allow to deploy iPaas projects ● Use best of Java api (jclouds) and support many Cloud providers ● Support Public, Private and Hybrid infrastructure ● Designed to deploy Camel, CXF, ActiveMQ in the cloud
  56. Questions @cmoulliard Fuse Fabric :