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Digital dinner table tweet chat

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@Compete's first #DigitalDinnerTable Tweet Chat!

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Digital dinner table tweet chat

  1. 1. Q1: How long have you been tweeting & haveyou ever had an “Ah-Ha!” moment? “Tweeting for 18 months. Ah-ha moment came at conference where > 60% of room said they heard about Osama Bin Laden’s death on Twitter” - @JimMarous #DigitalDinnerTable |
  2. 2. “A top follow recommendation for mewould be @markwschaefer.Consistently excellent marketingcontent” - @peplauQ2: Who is one of your favorite people to follow? #DigitalDinnerTable |
  3. 3. Q3: Who do you wish would tweet & what should they tweet about?“Ben Bernanke – just cause” - @droskill“oooh… Bernanke tweets? #Preparing-to-monetize-for-banking” - @omriduek #DigitalDinnerTable |
  4. 4. Q4: What was your mostmemorable/favorite Twitterinteraction? “When @sportsguy33 included my tweet in a column on ESPN. Also the highlight of my entire life” - @dweigner #DigitalDinnerTable |
  5. 5. “#fiestamovement was great... they need to team up with 4SQ to create FordSquare” - @omriduekQ5: What social media campaignshave been the most effective inyour experience? #DigitalDinnerTable |
  6. 6. Q6: Why is it important to use Twitter? “Brands cant afford to ignore a channel where their customers spend so much time. Ask Motrin.” - @peplau #DigitalDinnerTable |