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November 2011 Compete PRO Release Deck

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Release overview for Compete PRO, November 2011

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November 2011 Compete PRO Release Deck

  1. 1. What’s new in the November 2011 Release Compete PRO integrates Similar Sites data Target Release Date: 11/18/2011w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  2. 2. What’s New? • We’ve released Saved Sites 2.0 • Making Comparisons easier • Get a pop-up preview for more information on similar domains. • Related Sites, powered by Similarsites.com, comes to PRO. • Check it out in the Profiles > Website > Related Sites Tab of any domain.2 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  3. 3. Saved Sites 2.0 1. Date of displayed /published data added to Saved Sites. 2. Export saved sites in CSV or PDF + the Add Site button is fixed at the top (no more hovering). 3. Sort by metric or growth + the ability to change metric and change type using the .. 4. Drag and drop your Saved Site lists into whatever order you would like, by holding on to the grey dotted bar next to each number. 5. Use the to remove a site + leverage see related sites to build your Saved Site list. (next slide for related sites experience)3 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  4. 4. Saved Sites 2.0: See Related Sites 1. When see related sites is selected, the above pop up is displayed, allowing you to see the similiarsites.com score and add some or all sites to your saved site list. (keep going to see even more about the similarsites.com integration.)4 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  5. 5. Comparisons made easier with Related Sites 1. Clicking the Compare button anywhere it exits within the application will get you an enhanced comparison experience. 2. You can use the similiarsite.com technology to Add Related Sites or key them in yourself. 3. Then click the Compare button.5 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  6. 6. Quick View Hover Functionality 1. New quick view domain info pop-up added to sections of PRO in which research is being conducted, this is activated on-hovering over any domain link with your mouse. From the pop-up, the domain can be added to Saved Sites and Groups, you can use it in a Comparison or you can go check the site out on the web.6 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  7. 7. New Related Sites Tab 1. Related sites, powered by www.similarsites.com, is now its own tab within Compete PRO designed to help users find the most relevant competitors.7 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  8. 8. Related Sites Tab: Gallery View 1. There are two views to Related Sites: Gallery View and Sortable List. 2. From the Gallery View you can see the similarsites.com similarity score, add the site to your saved sites list and navigate to the website. 3. If you mouse over the domain, you can also see the domain info pop up.8 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  9. 9. Related Sites Tab: Sortable List 1. Sort the list by Similarity Index or Unique Visitors. 2. Add to Saved Sites and navigate to the website. 3. Mouse of domain and see the info pop-up.9 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m
  10. 10. Related Sites How do we determine the Similarity Score? Related Sites and their Similarity Score is powered by data provided by SimilarSites.com. The SimilarSites service returns sites that are related to the one you are currently researching. That relationship and its relatedness is based on the content of each site rather than its popularity. SimilarSites collects its data from a diverse panel via its browser add-on. Each member of the SimilarSites panel contributes feedback through the browser add-on and votes on whether or not a site and its content is related. For more information on SimilarSites and their methodology, visit their “About Us” page. http://www.similarsites.com/about.aspx10 w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m