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Angular frontends with joomla backend

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Building an application with Angular as the frontend and Joomla APIs as the backend.

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Angular frontends with joomla backend

  1. 1. Angular Frontends with Joomla Backend Joomla User Group London - 21 May 2019
  2. 2. ● Started in 2009 ● Extensions ● Custom Software Development ● Team of over 50 developers, designers and architects
  3. 3. Parth Lawate @parthlawate parth@tekditechnologies.com ● CEO, Techjoomla & Tekdi Technologies ● Co Founder, JUG Pune ● Organiser Joomla Day India ● Volunteers on the Joomla Marketing team Joomla Freak, Book Mad, Trekking & Outdoor Guy, Promote Linux in my sleep,Cook, Entrepreneur
  4. 4. Ashwin Date @coolbung ashwin@tekditechnologies.com ● CTO, Techjoomla & Tekdi Technologies ● Co Founder, JUG Pune ● Organiser Joomla Day India FOSS promoter - Blogger - Fedora user - Co founder, Tekdi Technologies & Techjoomla
  5. 5. Key Products Shika e-Learning system for Joomla that supports host of content types - documents, videos, SCORM, quizzes, exercises and feedback. Also supports e-commerce / paid courses. JTicketing Event booking system supporting paid events and multiple ticket types. Can integrate with Adobe Connect for online events. Use it with the native events manager or with JEvents, Easysocial or Jomsocial events. JGive Create campaigns for accepting donations for causes, or set it up in an investment mode like Kickstarter to put up projects and accept micro- investments.
  6. 6. com_api REST API toolkit for Joomla 3.x. This extension allows creating JSON API endpoints for Joomla resources TJ Reports is an extension that allows you to easily build reports for your extensions TJ Dashboard is a great way to build Dashboards for your Joomla Applications UCM Content Manager that allows creating multiple “content Types”, add fields. Advanced Search allows indexing data from any extension into a search database like Algolia, SOLR, Elasticsearch TJ Notifications is a unified communication tool that allows managing email templates for different media - email, SMS, push TJ Queue Is a generic job queue / message queue that has MySQL and Amazon SQS adaptors Open Source Product Stack
  7. 7. Why another frontend ?
  8. 8. Joomla is PHP + HTML Developers want to work in a more “modern stack” What happens to those who have already invested in learning Joomla ?
  9. 9. Joomla Backend Uses com_api as the API framework Several core plugins already built 3rd party extensions can write plugins to add more endpoints Supports JSON, JSONP and XML Authentication with API Tokens / JWT Auto login plugin to login to Joomla using API Token User Impersonation
  10. 10. What’s available Joomla user with social login (Uses JFB Connect) Articles and Categories Easysocial (Users, Pages, Groups, Events, Newsfeed) Easyblog (Reading, searching and writing blogs) JTicketing Shika TJ Reports via API
  11. 11. Angular No need to reinvent the UI Large ecosystem with plenty of modules JavaScript - The cool thing everyone wants to get into
  12. 12. Demo Anyone ?
  13. 13. Osianama Asia’s largest Auction House Running on Angular + Joomla for over 2 years now Joomla menus, Zoo, Advanced Search Algolia www.osianama.com
  14. 14. User + Articles Articles - List, search, filter, read article User - Username / password login, Social login https://github.com/tekdi/ngtek-joomla/tree/demo
  15. 15. Thank You !