Business model makeover for NSA - NW

Developing social media strategies & streamlining online marketing efforts to help you turn prospects into business à Short Circuit Media
21 May 2021

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Business model makeover for NSA - NW

  1. The Business Model Makeover Create Opportunities, Add Value and Market Your Content Like a Pro
  2. Aidan Crawford President of Short Circuit Media Online Content Delivery Strategies and Execution I’m a former marketing director for a professional speaker who now helps other professional speakers, trainers and consultants create opportunities and turn expertise into revenue.
  3. Agenda Get your business opportunity ready Ready Get in front of prospects/clients Lay the foundation for more work. Aim Fire
  4. Goal I WANT YOU TO…. quickly implement a strategy to get your business growing.
  6. This year is going to be better than last year
  7. Keynote Online program Workshop Breakout
  8. Virtual Keynote Breakout Online Workshop
  9. Keynote GRAND IDEA Your first opportunity to get people to buy into your program and positioning
  10. Breakout PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS They’ve already seen you on the big stage and they like what you have to say
  11. Internal Workshop IMPLEMENTATION Teach the organization how to implement.
  12. Keynote Online program Workshop Breakout
  13. Online Course CONTINUING EDUCATION THAT CONTINUES Onboarding, refreshers, promotions
  14. Send it everywhere There’s more to video than YouTube - Upload your files directly to each platform - Don’t make them look too professional - Include write-ups AND a CTA - Look like a PRO and host your videos
  15. So how do I get these gigs in the first place?
  16. What is content and why is it important? Content gets the attention of clients and partners - Expand your digital footprint - Build credibility with your ideal audience - Engage your fans - Create additional revenue streams (courses, related breakouts etc)
  17. Define your audience - No need to carpet-bomb the internet in spam - It’s too easy for people to ignore you with all the noise - Generic content is a waste of time
  18. Be conscious of your bias
  19. Your content toolbox The strategy to win - Short videos - Articles - Images - Webinars - Podcasts - Courses - Keynotes - Books
  20. Turn your blogs into video Surrender to the machine - uses AI - Video is more compelling than text or images - Create a 1000 character summary of your post - including the link to your blog AND a CTA - Upload the file directly to LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  21. Scribble it out Be clear. Sell your idea. ● Compile a list of topics that your ideal prospects would be interested in ● Publish it to LinkedIn and Medium ● Create an article around 2 of the Alerts you are sent each week ○ Quote from the original ○ Link back to original post ○ Add your two cents
  22. Put your content to work Revive old posts - Revive.Social - Wordpress Plugin - Reposts your evergreen content back into social media channels automatically - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook - Vary the wording
  23. Think visual - Pull quotes from your speech - Pull quotes from your book - Images of you - Send it to - Schedule through Hootsuite
  24. Webinars
  25. Workshops
  26. Create a 24/7 marketing tool Record once - use forever - - Record a webinar in advance - Clickable calls to action - Introduces you to new audiences - Allows you to schedule webinars and not worry about getting hired for a real job.
  27. Podcasting There’s more podcasters than people listening to podcasts - Interview the people who are your ideal clients - Interview meeting planners - Transcribe for your blog for feature articles
  28. Course it up Build your online course - WP-Courseware - Drag and drop - Comes with shopping cart - Inexpensive Here’s my setup - Woocommerce - Affiliate program (autoenrolled) - Gave it away to 60 people for testing
  29. Pull it together Be clear. Sell your idea. ● Transcribe your speeches ● Structure your blog like a book ● Have your book professionally edited ● Use to have it formatted for KDP/CreateSpace ● Have it distributed worldwide through Amazon ● Have a postcard created on VistaPrint with a QR code to the
  30. Add Value to Your Partner Relationships
  31. Here’s Your Plan • Define Your Audience • Write out your Related Talks • Start creating content • Record a webinar • Engage your list
  32. Virtual Keynote Breakout Online Workshop
  33. Format to follow ● Executive Summary that includes: ● The problem you solve ● A bit of your story ● A lot about the ROI of bringing you in ALWAYS include Takeaways and a CTA!
  34. Build out your content machine
  35. Format to follow ● Write your blog ● Turn it into a video on ● Connect it to email your list once a week (Sendfox) ● Schedule the content to be recycled in social media (SocialChamp) ALWAYS include Takeaways and a CTA!
  36. Format to follow ● Focus on What it is and Why it’s important ● Record it on Zoom using your slides as a virtual background ● Schedule it first and then run it on demand ● Promote it often ALWAYS include Takeaways and a CTA!
  37. Format to follow ● Be a generous host ● Talk for 10-15 max ● Let everyone loose to network ● Stick around - these are all your potential clients
  38. Thanks very much Choose one thing to do today! And book your 30 minute consultation. No salesy BS. Just help.