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Personality test

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The cubeThe cube represents you. The size of the cube is your ego. The surface of the cube represent...

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Personality test

  1. 1. Personality test The cube The cube represents you. The size of the cube is your ego. The surface of the cube represents what is visibly observable about your personality, or maybe it is what you want others to think about you. If the cube has a specific texture(Marble, wood, etc.), determine the texture of the surface, for example, a marble surface is smooth and wood is rough.The surface could either be; Smooth - You are a gentle person. You are careful not to hurt or make others feel uncomfortable. However, this does not mean you are a good person. Rough - You are more straight-forward. You tend to be honest in everything you say, no matter what the reaction or what others would feel about this honesty, you don't really care. If the surface is bumpy or spikey, you might actually have a hurtful attitude, or you like to criticize others or make others feel inferior to you. Colors The color of the cube is a more in-depth analysis of yourself. Each color can represent an emotion, or an entire personality altogether. However, these are the most common: Red - You are physically active and enjoy experiencing things through your senses. Yellow - You are sociable and pay close attention to your individuality. Blue - You are intelligent and respect an individual's ideals. Violet - You are intelligent with a small hint of perfectionism. You are also mysterious. Grey - You are confident with yourself, calm, and tend to be more independent. Black - You have a strong sense of individuality, independence, and you enjoy solitude. White - You are independent and is self-reliant. You are simple and kind. Others - Try to match the closest color you can. However, there are other personality tests involving colors available in the internet. Special On some cases, the physical characteristics of the cube is unique; A cube with transparent surface means you tend to let others know how you feel on the inside. The confidence to show your introverted thoughts mean sincerity. You know that you are good inside, and that's what most people see as well. A cube made out of water/ice means that you let external elements influence you completely.
  2. 2. Meaning your personality is more sensitive to social pressure, relationships, and other environmental factors. A hollow cube means that you put the majority of your concern on your outside appearance, leaving what's inside irrelevant. This does not mean that you have nothing to offer on the inside. A metal/rock cube means you have solid integrity. Your personality is so strong that it cannot be bent or influenced by any external force. You are dominant and is http://www.kiva.org/lender/freepersonalitytest consistent. The ladder The ladder represents your goals. The length of the ladder determines the scale of your goals, shorter ladders mean more simplistic goals. The location of the cube is also important. The distance of the ladder with the cube determines the focus and effort that you are currently investing on your goals. A ladder erected beside your cube means that you are currently putting your maximum effort and focus in order to achieve your goals.