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Crowdfunding on emerging markets (future of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing week berlin)

Prestentation by Karol Król, crowdfunding promotor, fan and developer, from Crowdsourcing Week conference Future of Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting in Berlin.

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Crowdfunding on emerging markets (future of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing week berlin)

  1. 1. Future of Crowdfunding 2013on emerging marketsKAROL KRÓLCROWDFUNDING@crowdfunding_pl l info@crowdfunding.pl l www.crowdfunding.plDoing
  3. 3. #CFbag
  4. 4. #CFbagProject - product dillemaEmotional rate of return isnt working?
  5. 5. Mentality (historical factors)General level of wealth (culture of giving)CurrencyAccess to the InternetResearchFinancial educationExamplesCapital market development (public, let alone private)BARRIERS
  6. 6. CURRENT STAGECrowdfunding develops, due tohuge demand.Unused potential [awareness, examples, tech andmyths]
  7. 7. Its illegalMYTHSIts easyIts about ideaPeople remember negativethings better, unfortunately.Its for small projects
  8. 8. Its illegalMYTHSIts easyIts about ideaIts for small projects
  9. 9. Its illegalMYTHSIts easyIts about ideaIts for small projectsAt start youre a loser!44%36%49%AverageKickstarterPoland
  10. 10. Its illegalMYTHSIts easyIts about ideaIts for small projectsIts for great projects!
  11. 11. VISION,,Its impossible to say what it will look like in the future,but it is equally difficult to envision future withoutcrowdfunding.Eric Migicovsky, The Crowdfunding Bible
  12. 12. It took 13 years in the USAIndividualcampaignsSolutionAExperts,advisors,mediaMarket creationCIntermediaryplatformsGrowing scaleBLaw,protection,goodpracticiesAsset classDTraditional development of new mechanismVISION
  13. 13. WHO?Creators EntrepreneursFinancial sector GovVISION
  14. 14. VISIONCrowdsourced distribution of public fundsSelfregulation of the industryTransparent and huge capital market of early stagesDiversification, capital transfer, next rounds, exit strategiesCofinancing, targeting, elimination of donation addictsBest pratices, financial ecosystem, education, fraud prevention
  15. 15. #CFbagSocial media CrowdMoney
  16. 16. Future of Crowdfunding 2013KAROL KRÓLThank you!@crowdfunding_pl l info@crowdfunding.pl l www.crowdfunding.pl