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  1. 1. Initiate Young hero or heroine who must face challenges and temptations in an effort to reach his/her goal
  2. 2. Mentor Counselor, teacher and role model for the hero Provides assistance, guidance, and a gift (weapon, food, magic, information, etc)
  3. 3. Loyal Retainer Somewhat like a servant who is heroic Duty is to protect the hero and reflect his nobility
  4. 4. Magic Weapon Usually given by the Mentor Only the hero can use it to its fullest potential
  5. 5. Faithful Companions Loyal companions who are willing to risk or face any number of perils in order to be together
  6. 6. Allies Provide assistance and direction for the initiate Appear throughout the journey
  7. 7. Haven A place of safety The opposite of wilderness
  8. 8. Light Symbolizes and/or suggests hope, goodness, knowledge, renewal
  9. 9. Herald Issues the call which begins the hero’s journey Can be a person or a piece of information Upsets the balance of the hero’s world
  10. 10. Friendly Beast An animal which befriends man
  11. 11. Warrior Noble, honorable, courageous, self-reliant A protector; quick to aid those in distress Stands against unfair authority Must at some time fight own inner dragons
  12. 12. Castle A strong place of safety May hold treasure, princess May be enchanted or bewitched
  13. 13. Evil Adversary Represents the forces of evil and is almost as strong as the hero Offers worldly goods, fame, or knowledge to the hero in an effort to bring him/her over to the evil side Must be destroyed or neutralized
  14. 14. Enemies Seek to hinder the Hero on his journey and/or do harm to him and his allies
  15. 15. Creature of Nightmare Some sort of monster-like creature that threatens the life of the hero
  16. 16. Tower A strong place of evil Likely to be the headquarters of the evil adversary
  17. 17. Underworld A place of death or great evil
  18. 18. Wilderness A place of danger and lawlessness Threatens life / survival
  19. 19. Darkness Symbolizes the unknown, ignorance, evil, despair
  20. 20. Ice / Snow Symbolizes lack of feeling, death, indifference
  21. 21. Whirlpool Symbolizes the destructive power of nature
  22. 22. Supernatural Intervention A supernatural force intervenes on the side of the hero – and sometimes against him
  23. 23. Damsel in Distress Vulnerable woman who must be rescued by the hero Often used as a way to trap the hero
  24. 24. Threshold Guardians People, beings or situations which block the hero’s passage into the journey They have two functions: Protect the hero from taking journeys before he is ready Once hero is ready, point the way
  25. 25. Crossroads A time or place of decision When a realization is made and a change or penance results
  26. 26. Evil Figure with the Ultimately Good Heart An evil figure saved by the nobility or the love of the hero
  27. 27. Outcast A figure who is banished from a group from some crime Usually destined to become a wanderer from place to place
  28. 28. Unhealable Wound Can be physical or psychological and cannot be fully healed Causes suffering and pain
  29. 29. Battle Between Good & Evil Represents the battle between the two most important forces in life Goodness often encounters great odds in its battle with evil
  30. 30. Water Usually symbolizes creation, birth, growth, restoration of life, purification