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Daniel heery cybermoor networks

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Daniel heery cybermoor networks

  2. 2. A BOUT C YBERMOOR  Award winning social enterprise focused on delivering broadband in rural areas  10 years track record of delivering services in challenging areas with an experienced team
  3. 3. W HY N EXT G ENERATION B ROADBAND ? Vital for delivery of services
  4. 4. W ILL IT R EACH A LSTON M OOR ? 66% of the country covered by BT & Virgin 24% supported by government money Final 10% - basic services Alston is one of the most sparsely populated Parish in England
  5. 5. P REPARING THE G ROUND Feasibility in 2008 Assessment of Civils costs in 2010 & investment focus group Link to Nenthead 2011
  6. 6. C YBERMOOR N ETWORKS LTD New co-op which owns infrastructure (masts, fibre cables, etc.) Sells capacity to ISPs who sell to the customer Open Network Community Directors
  7. 7. B ROADBAND C OVERAGE Connecting homes and businesses with fibre optic cable  Zone 1 – Alston Centre (£500/property)  Zone 2 - Nenthead (£1,000/property)  Zone 3 – Garrigill (£1250/property)  Zone 4 – Outlying farms (£1,500)
  9. 9. P RICES Broadband Services - £20 for a basic service, £35 for superfast (excl VAT). Connection charge £100 (plus dig where you live in some cases). Package of low cost calls from the Phone Co-op. Better value than Sky & BT (£200 saving)
  10. 10. S HARE O FFER Aiming to raise £100K £300K already raised from DEFRA funding Future investments will allow the completion of remaining properties on Alston Moor
  11. 11. C OMMUNITY S HARES Minimum investment £100 (but possible to start with £25 and pay the balance in stages) Maximum investment £20,000 Shares not transferable but withdrawable – CNL buys them back 1 member 1 vote Shares must be held for minimum of 3 years Aiming to pay a dividend of 4%
  12. 12. W HY I NVEST ? Incentives - better broadband service  Double your speed  12 months free for investments of £1,000 A digital infrastructure for Alston Moor for the 21st Century Financial return Social Return on Investment - Benefits the wider community and businesses
  13. 13. H OW TO I NVEST Read the Offer Document Decide how much you want to invest Fill out the form at the back of the Offer Document Send the form with a cheque to the Cybermoor Office (bank payments also possible)
  14. 14. C ONTACT D ETAILS Daniel Heery Project Manager Cybermoor Ltd Alston Town Hall Alston CA9 3RF E-mail daniel.heery@cybermoor.org.uk Phone 01434 382 808 Presentation: www.cybermoor.org