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International Boeing

International Landscape for Boeing -- Research

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International Boeing

  1. 1. International Market Analysis Deep-dive: Brazil and China 1
  2. 2. Objectives • Analyze the Aerospace and Defense outlook globally.• Investigate opportunities for Boeing the emerging nations of China and Brazil. 2
  3. 3. Agenda• Global trends and considerations > Commercial industry > Defense Industry > Countries to target• Deep Dive Brazil/China > Country Overview > Competition and Boeing > Defense Strategy > Commercial outlook > Insight > SWOT summary 3
  5. 5. Commercial IndustryOverall outlook… 5
  6. 6. Commercial IndustryAir Resiliency +45% In the past 10 years. This is despite 3 major world crises. 6
  7. 7. Commercial IndustryWhat this means in profits: +45% 7
  8. 8. Commercial IndustryJust in the past couple of years: Notable Purchases Paris Show 2011: Airbus receives a record+45% number of orders. 74 Billion won. Singapore Airshow 2012: Lion Air has largest single order in aviation history: $22.4 Billion. 380 Boeing planes. Farnsborough 2012: Boeing finishes with $37 Billion won. 8
  9. 9. CommercialWhat drives Air Demand? > GDP growth > International Trade and Deregulation > Government Support and Subsidies > Fuel prices 9
  10. 10. CommercialBuying Trends and Forecast 1. Single Aisle planes still leading the way! 10
  11. 11. CommercialBuying Trends and Forecast 1. Single Aisle planes still leading the way! Single Aisle Planes Represent: 87% of all routes traveled today 71% of all deliveries through 2030 11
  12. 12. CommercialBuying Trends and Forecast 2. BRIC and Developing nations generating most traffic 12
  13. 13. CommercialBuying Trends and Forecast3. New Generation Engines making up most of the worlds fleets! 13
  14. 14. CommercialInsight> Commercial Air is still agrowing market> Commercial aircraftmarket is looking for fuelefficiency- Improved Air Traffic- Bio fuels- Fuel efficient aircraft • 787, 737MAX> Single Aisle plane demandis not decreasing • 737, best selling jetThe good news: Boeing has all ofthese solutions already. 14
  15. 15. Defense Industry BRIC Nations growing US Recession and Eurocrisis 15
  16. 16. Defense Industry US Exporting more and more military equipment 16
  17. 17. Defense IndustryDefense budget growth is dependent on GDP Growth. Who’s growing? BRIC Nations growing US Recession and Eurocrisis 17
  18. 18. Defense Insight• >US and Europe defense budget declining. Capitalize on growing economies with rising defense demands, and bigger GDP allotment.• >The BRIC nations, (especially Brazil, India and China) have growing needs for defense aircraft but are still only beginning to create domestic military aircraft technology. 18
  19. 19. A & D INSIGHT: MARKETS TOTARGET A& D continues to globalize to every corner of the world, such as: Brazil China • Mexico • India/Russia • USA 19
  20. 20. BRAZIL DEEP DIVE 20
  21. 21. Country Overview 21
  22. 22. Country Overview• Before 2010• Emerging Market > 35 Million Brazilians climbed to the middle class in recent years• Oil Reserves found, increasing country value 22
  23. 23. Country Overview• Today‟s Market Slowed economic growth > Projections around 3.0% yearly for the next decade > “I don‟t see how Brazil can ever grow 5% per year unless you change the Brazilian people.” – Brazilian National Development Bank and the countrys communications minister Carlos Mendonca de Barros• Expensive Nation > Big taxes, especially on imports 23
  24. 24. Competitive LandscapeAirbus Dassault Embraer SAAB Boeing• 33% of • Candidate in • Swedish- • Working with •Cooperating Brazilian Brazilian fighter plane with Boeing in Embraer on Fleet in 2011 contract. KC-390 Research and KC-390 Innovation • Currently use transport • Fighter Jet •3rd commercial Centre Dassault contract fight manufacturer • Financially fighter plane. • Research in the world investing in center in Sao •43% market domestic Paulo share of engineer regional jets Akaer • 34% of Brazilian fleet 24
  25. 25. Commercial Air Market x3 Air Demand in the past decade Why? x1.5 Revenue for airlines since 2003 Expected to Rise x2 Domestic tourism since 2006 2 of the biggest world events happening in the next 4 years 25
  26. 26. Commercial Air Market x3 Air Demand in the past decade Why? x1.5 Revenue for airlines since 2003 Expected to Rise x2 Domestic tourism since 2006 2 of the biggest world events happening in the next 4 years 26
  27. 27. Defense Strategy Prioritize Amazon Region • Want to independize from GPS system • Integrate all aerospace monitoring Airforce Development • Substitute current fighter plane Prioritize Air Surveillance Develop Satellite technology Acquire new presidential plane 27
  28. 28. Strengths Weaknesses• Strongest Economy in Latin America • Economy is finally reaching a slump• Becoming a center for World Events in growth.Country SWOT• Increasing defense budget as it • Difficult to tell if air travel will grow becomes a bigger world power. after world events in Brazil plateau in 2016.Opportunities Threats • If economy continues to slump, so will defense budget. • SAAB and Dassault alreadyDomestic and established in the countryInternational Tourism Biofuel Research Presidential Fighter Plane • Controversial situation involving Bio- Plane Fuels in Amazon. • With growing Aerospace industry, domestic aircraft is a possibility 28
  29. 29. OpportunityDomestic and BiofuelInternational Presidential Research Fighter Plane Tourism Plane 29
  30. 30. CHINA DEEP DIVE 30
  31. 31. Country Overview 31
  32. 32. Country Overview Region/Country Average Growth (%) Contribution to 2006-2011 Global Growth World growth 3.7 3.7 Developing world 6.7 3.3 China 11 1.7 US .9 .2 32
  33. 33. Country Overview> High tax on import and leasing of aircraft.> Widely known for “Renovating” other countries‟ technologies> Pollution costs china 10% of its GDP 33
  34. 34. Competitive LandscapeAirbus Comac Northrop Boeing• 40% of market • Will be among Grumman • 48% of market share in 3 largest share in commercial air. •Awarded with commercial air manufacturer. contract in „10 to• A380 is the • Boeing and biggest • Plans to build provide ATC COMAC Create equipment competition for regional jet as Energy Boeing. well as twin Technology aisle planes Center in Beijing • China‟s military currently using 737 34
  35. 35. Defense Strategy Preserving Communist Party Stop Taiwan from gaining independence as a nation Prevent US intervention from helping china 35
  36. 36. Defense Strategy Preserving Communist Party Stop Taiwan from gaining independence as a nation Prevent US intervention from helping china 36
  37. 37. Defense Insight• > While relations with China are growing, it is noteworthy to point out that even in their national defense strategy they are weary of the US.• > Increase of defense budget, the political environment for Boeing to target China as a client does not seem promising. 37
  38. 38. Commercial Aircraft Expected to Rise 38
  39. 39. Commercial Aircraft Why? Expected to 2nd Largest market for new Rise airplanes x2.5 Air Traffic since 2010 55 New airports being built 5-7% Forecasted growth per year 39
  40. 40. Commercial Aircraft 40
  41. 41. Commercial Aircraft Expected to Rise China is increasing Twin Aisles and Large Aircraft. Maintaining Regional Jets stagnant. 41
  42. 42. Commercial Aircraft 42
  43. 43. Commercial Aircraft Insight• >With 55 new airports, air traffic increasing, and an emerging middle class the possibilities are growing for Boeing in China.• >The threat of new domestic entrants, like Comac is likely. Capitalize on products China lacks domestically > Twin Aisle, Large Aircraft, and Regional Jets 43
  44. 44. Strengths Weaknesses• 2nd Biggest economy in the • Communist nation and taxes on world and growing. importsCountry SWOT• 2nd Biggest aerospace market in • Far wider support for domestic companies and technologies than the world foreign• Growing defense budget • Weary of US government • Known to copy technologyOpportunities Threats • Comac forecasted as 3rd most competitive aircraft manufacturer. Pollution Air Traffic Regional • Airbus owns large percent of Biofuel Jets and Delays Testing Twin Aisle the marketshare. Planes 44
  45. 45. Opportunities Air Traffic Regional Pollution Biofuel Jets and Delays Testing Twin Aisle Planes 45
  46. 46. Overall…Globally Brazil China• Commercial air • Economic growth • Becoming extremely industry rising slowing powerful in the world• Defense industry • Room to grow in • Are not looking for reorganizing and domestic and international help in changing international flights defense • Prioritizing defense • Are becoming more competitive with local commercial air company 46
  47. 47. Questions? 47