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SEO Promotion in Online Marketing

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SEO Promotion in Online Marketing

  1. 1. SEO Promotion in Online MarketingDaniel BianchiniSenior SEO Consultant@danielbianchini YOURLOGO
  2. 2. If you had2 YOURLOGO
  3. 3. Online Marketing TechniquesOnline Press Releases Email Marketing Affiliate Marketing Display AdvertisingThe process of generating The process of collecting Allowing other sites to Placement of ads on third-media from primarily online email addresses from sell/promote your product party websites with theoutlets in order to earn potential leads and in exchange for a share of goal of creating brandingbranding and traffic marketing to them via the revenue they drive or awareness email messages commission. and/or generating trafficExamples: PRNewswire, &PRWeb Examples: Email Examples: Affiliate Window Examples: Banner ads, newsletters & brand & TradeDoubler video ads & interactive ads. building emails.. YOURLOGO
  4. 4. Online Marketing TechniquesViral Campaigns Social Media Paid Advertising SEOThe process of generating Using different social media Bidding on keywords to The process of earningcreative content that will platforms to increase increase visibility in the rankings in the "organic"help spread your revenue, traffic, generate results of the major search leads and potentially as a search engines and onbranding/marketing engines .message and earn traffic customer service portal. some social media platforms. Examples: KeywordExamples: Linkbait & viral Examples: Facebook, research, on-page Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Examples: Google Adwords, optimisation & linkvideos. Best Social Media Bing Adcentre & Facebook. building.Will it Blend? Campaigns YOURLOGO
  5. 5. SEO at the Heart of the Marketing Campaign Viral Campaigns Online Shopping Press Feeds Releases SEO PPC Affiliates Social Media YOURLOGO
  6. 6. Understand the Market & Buying Cycle Initial Search Purchase Brand Search Product Price Brand & Comparison Product Search Product Review6 YOURLOGO
  7. 7. SEO Process Site Audit Competitor Analysis Keyword Research Strategy On-Site Optimisation Off-site Optimisation7 YOURLOGO
  8. 8. Money Saving knotty boy jimmy choo body lotion bellapierre nails inc magnetic polish nubo skincare azzaro pur homme jessica nail polish matis ghd gold max styler korres lip butternails inc magnetic ghd pink orchid clip in hair buns stila lip glaze 8 YOURLOGO
  9. 9. Potential Return Average CR = 4.13% Average Order Value = £30 Traffic Transactions ROI 160000 146814 7000 200000 6063 181902 140000 6000 180000 160000 120000 5000 140000 100000 120000 4000 80000 100000 3000 60000 80000 2000 60000 40000 40000 20000 9031 1000 425 12750 20000 0 0 0 Current Potential Current Potential Current Potential Increase ROI of £169,1529 YOURLOGO
  10. 10. Timescales10 YOURLOGO
  12. 12. Now what would you spend..12 YOURLOGO
  13. 13. My Solution PPC Spend – £500k Display Advertising - £75k Affiliate Scheme - Free eDM - £15k Press Releases - £10k Video Creation – £50k Ad-hoc - £200k PPC SEO SEO SEO SMM £150,00013 YOURLOGO
  14. 14. Thank You Daniel Bianchini Senior SEO Consultant @danielbianchini Google Plus LinkedIn Join us at OxonDigital – A Free Digital Networking Group in Oxford. www.oxondigital.co.uk @oxondigital Slides can be found here - http://goo.gl/IIZUs14