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Sketchnotes: what & why

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This is the intro to our sketchnote activity for danah boyd's talk

Sketchnotes: what & why

  1. 1. Sketchnotes: what & why
  2. 2. What are sketchnotes? • Taking notes of conversations or ideas in a richer, visual way • Less about words, more about visualizing core ideas
  3. 3. Benefits of sketchnotes • Personally: – Improved memory & recall – Improves focus – Makes notes more meaningful • Professionally: – Sketching practice – Material for your portfolio – Sharing with your peers
  4. 4. Some examples
  5. 5. Lee Gingras @ CHI “…my notes are a lot more accessible to me after the fact in this format. Since I have to quickly take what someone says and try to figure out how to represent it visually, I actually do more analysis and less transcribing… Also, the notes are immediately visually sensible to me and are highly browseable, whereas my regular style of note-taking requires actually reading.”
  6. 6. The plan • Create sketchnotes during danah boyd’s JSB Symposium talk Next Tuesday, 2 pm, Blau auditorium • Scan & send to dlauter@umich.edu, or bring to Ignite event on Tuesday • We will post the entire collection online