basic civil engineering notes built-up & carpet area types of foundation types of buildings types of chains denish jangid waterlogging water resource engineering by dj wre flood hydrograph waterlogging types & causes of waterlogging canal its types with design of channels by denish various road traffic signs modes of transportation concept of sun light & ventila layout of building plan contour maps object of levelling longitude & latitude angular measurements in survey types of tapes in survey linear measurements in survey basic principles of surveying role of civil engineer scope & specialization civil chapter wise all notes of bce notes by denish jangid bce notes by denis jangeed swm by denis jangeed factors affecting swm refuse reuse recycle reduce management of solid waste: incineration encapsulation: vermicomposting process: different stages of composting methods for disposal of swm systems for solid waste manage classification of solid waste: solid wastes swm liquid wastes gaseous wastes types of swm solid waste management & type denis jangeed notes basic civil notes by dj importance of biodiversity genetic biodiversity species types of biodiversity definition ecosystem & biodive functions of ecosystem producers consumers decomposer biotic & abiotic components component of ecosystem natural artificial ecosystem types of ecosystem hydrological cycle green house effect biodiversity ecosystem basic civil engg by denis water pollution & types types of pollution standard parameters drinking rainwater harvesting pollutants naaqs aqi level how to avoid water pollution fossil fuels environmental pollution effects of water pollution effects of air pollution definition of pollution central pollution control b causes of water pollution causes of noise pollution causes of air pollution air water noise land pollution air quality index (aqi) level air pollution control types of traffic signs mandatory/regulatory signs traffic signs layout airport runway design liners vs tramps mode of transportation importance of transportation definition of transportation what is burjis denis jangeed building notes denish floor area ratio (f.a.r) shallow and deep foundation cantilever lintels sills building components & function institutional vs educational national building code of ind ventilation in building basic concept of sunlight mutam layout of a building selection of site for building building notes first year notes surveying by denis jangeed surveying by dj sir levelling by dj sir levelling by denis jangeed indirect levelling levelling on a steep slope rough terrain r.l of top building trigonometricleveling example height of the instrument instrument axis at different instrument axis at same level angle of elevation stations not in same plane base of object inaccessible base of object accessible methods of observation trigonometric leveling by dj practical on total station total station denis jangeed ts by denis jangeed total station step by step uses of total station applications of total station remote elevation measurement accuracyofatotalstation rdm & rem by total station volume calculation by ts area calculation by ts setting out the total station integrated withmicroprocessor basic components of ts total station with reflector total station edm advantages & application of ts parts of total station total station by dj sir errors in edm geodimeter in edm surveying tellurometer in edm surveying classification of edm edm and a reflector origin of edm visible light waves in edm infrared waves in edm microwaves in edm electromagnetic spectrum range edm range 100 km edm accuracy of 1 in 105 electromagnetic waves distomat principle of edm types of edm modulation electronic distance measuremen edm by denis jangeed degree of curvature offset from tangent rankine method methods for setting of curve length of chord length of tangent mid ordinate tangent distance point of tangency type of curves elements of circular curve broken-back curve reverse curve setting out circular curves setting out vertical curves transition curve circular curve elements of simple curve curve survey by denis jange rise & fall method characteristic of contours contour automatic level profile leveling fly leveling trigonometric leveling barometric levelling line of collimation great trigonometric survey bm temporary benchmark height of instrument types of benchmark intermediate sight fore sight back sight msl absolute level reduced level levelling training format for college impact sheet for training feedback form for training pre & post evaluation form application format training summer training companies company for summer training summer internship guidance for summer training guidance for training training after 6 semester training after 4 semester summer industrial training building configuration seismic force strength and stiffness overturning resistance evaluation of structural load combination aspect ratio symmetry structural systems formed tube load path diagram different type of design load types of structures asymmetry in building forms framed tubes shear walls building design notes wasa wind and seismic analysis theodolite & methods compass surveying tape correction types of tapes objective uses of surveying ranging rod/pole or picket accessories used chain methods of linear measurements chain surveying classification of surveying maps & scale plan fundamental principles of surv plain & geodetic surveying divisions of surveying basic definitions in surveying linear and angular measurement surveying subject weightage fo surveying wre by denish jangid full supply discharge ne hour triangular unit hydrograph of a watershed lab problem check the stability of gravity dam given the following data at the crossing of a cana design an irrigation channel in a non erodible mat a canal was designed to supply the irrigation need design an irrigation channel using kennedy’s theor water resources engineering design lab record work design an irrigation channel using lacey’s theory water resources engineering design lab by denish design a suitable cd work catchment area of watershed canal bed level high flood discharge base flow wre lab file work wred lab record file wred water resources engineering design lab record wre notes by denis jangeed wre notes by denish jangid wre notes by dj sir a masonry dam 6 meter high drop 1.5m & taking bligh’s coefficient of creep =8 calculate uplift pressure full supply discharge us/ds = 45 cumec check the stability of gravity dam design a sarda type fall for following data denis jangeed wre water resources engineering lab work by mr. de types of channels lining and design of lined chann saline and alkaline lands drainage of irrigated lands waterlogging with figures how to prevention of wat water logging causes of salinity types of canal canal masonry work alluvial soil cr absolute pressure vacuum pressure gauge pressure type of pressure:-atmospheric pressure pascal law principles of fluid statics: basic equations compressibility and elasticity. surface tension and capillarity viscosity specific gravity specific volume specific weight mass density properties of fluids: units of measurement newtonian and non-newtonian fluids. real fluids ideal fluids type of fluids fluids definition all fluid mechanics (fm) notes by mr. denish jangi discharge due to seepage and evaporation canal irrigation bligh’s and khosla’s methods. unit hydrograph and its determination. rainfall analysis hydrologic cycle hydrology force acting on a gravity dam gravity dams lacey’s theory kennedy’s theory design of channels principal indian crop seasons consumptive use of water complete all notes water resource engineering (wre principal indian crop seasons and water requiremen irrigation water quality. gross command area consu soil moisture classification of soil water agriculture classification of crops relationship between duty delta base period field capacity types of irrigation system functions and advantages of irrigation introduction of water resource engineering definit manufactured sand- properties and is specification difference between river sand and m sand m sand energy dissipation below spillways approach channe component parts of spillways different types & function of spillways and gate flood routing through spillways spillways: spillway capacity jamabandi types of warabandi with flow chart figure patwari girdawari halqa khasrah shudkar rotational system method water resources engineering objectives of warabandi water distribution system & warabandi by denish slotted type tube well cavity tube well classification of open well based on type of linin classification of tube well based on supply system well with pervious lining wells and tube wells irrigation in india merit strainer type tube well wells with impervious lining open wells (dug wells) tube wells water resources engineering types of wells with fi salinity preventive measures curative measures prevention of water logging measures to control salinity effects of salinity effects of waterlogging on plant growth salinity effects & its control water logging fluming of canal determination of maximum flood discharge uplift pressure on the underside of the trough or selection of cross drainage works necessity (merits) of cross drainage works siphon aqueduct with figure unit 4 vsem cross drainage works & srturcture wate evatranspiration sprinkler irrigation drip irrigation system precipitation infiltration theisson polygon method rainfall runoff nit hydro-graph hydrology cycle types of rain gauge hydrology by denish jangid sir. design of trapezoidal shape channel drawbacks of kennedy and lacey theory is code method kennedy lacey theory
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