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Homesense so far

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Homesense so far

  1. 1. Hello #LIFT11!
  2. 2. My name is Alex. This is Georgina.
  3. 3. 2007-2011 Tinker London 2011 designswarm / RIG London / Lirec.eu
  4. 4. What is Homesense? What happens when you win What happens when you fail How IP works against you when you’re small Why it’s still a good idea to innovate in the open
  5. 5. It started with a blog post.
  6. 7. Residents of Ethelburga Tower / Mark Cowper
  7. 11. It started with LIFT 09. @delalonde @SpaceTime___
  8. 12. www.homesenseproject.com
  9. 13. 20 households & 8 tech people applied
  10. 14. Daniel Christophe Théo David The Tait Family Darja Gareth
  11. 18. And people worked together…
  12. 24. to solve problems and make things.
  13. 33. Then the shit hits the fan…
  14. 35. and again…
  15. 37. but…
  16. 41. On Making a smart home Wires are still a problem that will affect scale Tools become quickly irrelevant, they are just good starting points. Making in a more robust manner matters. There is no such thing as a normal person This will be a useful approach for other communities .
  17. 45. On doing research in a micro SME. It’s risky and it relies on everything else going well. The right people and the right partner matter. Openess doesn’t mean you are protected. Openess means everyone wins.
  18. 46. On open innovation. R&D budgets are shrinking Multi-disciplinarity & being close to your users is something corporations are bad at. It’s cheaper and results are shared quickly.
  19. 47. Thanks #LIFT11 Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino homesenseproject.com @iotwatch @home_sense