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Recalculating: how we design the internet of things from the user up and the data down.

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Talk given at Web Directions South 2013 in Sydney on Friday October 25th 2013.

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Recalculating: how we design the internet of things from the user up and the data down.

  1. 1. recalculating... how to design the internet of things from the user up and from data down. @iotwatch designswarm
  2. 2. Est. in London since 2007. @arduino @tinkerlondon @GNLteam
  3. 3. •  What? •  What data does. •  How? •  Why?  
  4. 4. open* embedded connectivity everywhere
  5. 5. embedded invisible easy built in
  6. 6. connectivity wifi radio / zigbee GSM Low energy Bluetooth
  7. 7. everywhere everyday boring things
  8. 8. privacy the right to know what data is being collected about you and why. protect your confidentiality and privacy explicit permission granted if a third party receives requests to de-anonymize your data set.
  9. 9. data collection act? tinyurl.com/ bottle12345
  10. 10. publishing You should be granted license to data that is created, collected or otherwise generated about you. If that’s from public space, you should have a role in decision-making and governance.
  11. 11. publishing You should have the right to remain anonymous, or the ability to license data on an anonymous basis and/or at a different granularity/resolution.
  12. 12. business implications UX Packaging. Long-term data storage policy Data ethics policy API
  13. 13. open* accessible transparent findable
  14. 14. how?
  15. 15. chips dev boards cloud apps products
  16. 16. chips Intel ARM
  17. 17. dev boards Arduino RaspberryPi BeagleBone mbed Galileo
  18. 18. cloud Xively IFTTT Thingworx bergcloud …
  19. 19. chips dev boards cloud apps products
  20. 20. why?
  21. 21. proof of concept video funding shipping = 6 months
  22. 22. more expensive new skills takes longer geography matters
  23. 23. new industry connections normal people get it connectivity isn’t a problem design is key web thinking is essential
  24. 24. Good Luck. alex@designswarm.com @iotwatch @GNLteam @iotlondon @eyehub slideshare.com/ designswarm