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Harnessing the power of aws using dot net core

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In the past AWS and C# seemed to belong to two different eco-systems. One was a leading cloud platform while the other a widely used, powerful programming platform.
Does it mean that a developer that needs to provide a solution in the cloud must choose between the two? Not anymore.

In this talk, I will show how to write C# code that runs in a dockerized container in the cloud or as an AWS Lambda and harness, the popular AWS services.

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Harnessing the power of aws using dot net core

  1. 1. Harnessing the power of AWS using .NET Core Dror Helper | http://helpercode.com | @dhelper
  2. 2. Consultant & software srchitect Developing software since 2002 Clean Coder & Test Driven Developer Pluralsight author https://www.pluralsight.com/authors/dror-helper B: http://helpercode.com T: @dhelper About.ME
  3. 3. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL Imagine a .NET project running in AWS… Migrate to Azure Install Windows Servers on EC2 Create your own Azure ServiceFabric cluster Re-write code in Linux friendly language
  4. 4. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL Challenges to overcome Call AWS services from .NET code Run .NET code on the AWS cloud Reduce development pain Reduce production management overhead
  5. 5. AWS SDK for .NETAWS Tools for PowerShell
  6. 6. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL AWS SDK for .NET AWSSDK.* family of assemblies NuGet package/MSI installer Provide APIs for AWS Services Additional utilities on top of AWS offering Supports .NET framework, .NET Core, Xamarin, Unity ...
  7. 7. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL What if I told you can use your favorite IDE? With AWS Tools for Visual Studio – you can!
  8. 8. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL AWS Toolkit Create AWS projects Manage infrastructure on the cloud Coding samples and project templates Deploy to AWS Beanstalk, ECS and others And why you want to install it
  9. 9. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL There is a way to run .NET on Linux Machines…
  10. 10. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL Next Generation Websites and Services High Performance Modular Compostable Framework Open Source Multi Platform Reuse existing codebase (& talent)
  11. 11. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL AWS SDK & .NET Core • All methods are async • Add AWSSDK.Extensions.NETCore.Setup • Using the built-in dependency injection and middleware • Use appsettings.json for … AWS credentials and related settings • Develop serverless applications using ASP.NET Core
  12. 12. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL AWS Lambda Introduced in 2014 Execution time < 5min Event driven You can use C#
  13. 13. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL AWS Lambda • No servers to mange • Always ready* Simplify tasks • Usage measured in seconds • Pay only for what you use Cost effective • Automatically & Continuously Scale workloads • Always ready • Fault tolerant High Availability
  14. 14. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL Working with AWS Lambdas in C# Create Code Deploy Run
  15. 15. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL Did you see what we’ve just made?
  16. 16. cloud.developerdays.pl@DeveloperDaysPL Conclusion: AWS & .NET Core Install the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Check out the Samples Use NuGet to add AWSSDK.* to your projects Run your code on Linux EC2 or in an container Write Lambdas & Serverless applications using .NET Core
  17. 17. cloud.developerdays.pl @DeveloperDaysPL Thank you  Dror Helper | http://helpercode.com | @dhelper Code Samples: https://github.com/dhelper/DotNetCoreAWS