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Teaching cognitive computing with ibm watson

  1. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017 Teaching Cognitive Computing with IBM Watson Ralph D. Badinelli Virginia Tech
  2. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017  Me  Department of Business Information Technology  Pamplin College of Business  Virginia Tech  Researcher – Service Science  President of International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP)  Former President of INFORMS Service Science Section  New course  BIT 5484: Cognitive Computing for Smart Service Systems Background R.D. Badinelli 2
  3. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017 A new “science of cognitive computing” curriculum Posted by Jim Spohrer on 25 May 2016, 10:29 am Currently, I am working on a new “science of cognitive computing” curriculum for IBM with our partner universities and others to allow people of all ages to design, build, understand, and work with cognitive mediators. The curriculum is inspired in part by the work of Douglas Engelbart, an American engineer and inventor, and an early computer and Internet pioneer, who urged us to work quickly to augment human intellect to address complex, urgent problems. ……………………… Course Motivation R.D. Badinelli 3
  4. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017  Proposed in fall, 2015  Approved for MIT program in spring, 2016  First taught in spring semester, 2017  Approved for Master of Information Technology (MIT) degree program Course History R.D. Badinelli 4
  5. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017  Teaching Assistants supported by IBM Faculty Award  Yelik Murat  Greg Ichord  IBM support  Adam Brown  Dianne Fodell  Janine Gerber  Many others R.D. Badinelli 5 Support
  6. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017  Joint venture College of Business & College of Engineering  100% online  Flexible curriculum, 8 modules  Students are working professionals  Ranked 2nd Best by US News and World Report for 4 consecutive rows  Enrollment growth (> 100%, 2014 – 2019) MIT Program R.D. Badinelli 6
  7. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017 1. Design the role of cognitive assistants in smart service systems. 2. Define and describe the meaning of smartness in service systems. 3. Design and analyze a smart service system with integrated cognitive assistants. Course Goals R.D. Badinelli 7
  8. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017 1. Specify a modeling framework for smart service systems. 2. Model decisions made by agents in a service system. 3. Design a smart service system. 4. Integrate a cognitive assistant into a smart service system. 5. Design a context-adaptive cognitive assistant for service journey customization. 6. Apply a deep question-answer process for a subject matter domain. 7. Build a cognitive computing system that can learn a subject domain. 8. Employ the cognitive computing resources that have been created by major IT service providers and by academic researchers. 9. Evaluate the performance of smart service systems. R.D. Badinelli 8 Learning Objectives
  9. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017 1. Service and service systems 2. Modeling service systems with modeling languages 3. Decision Making in Service Systems 4. Modeling Decisions in Service Systems 5. Smart Service Activities 6. Decision Support Knowledge Bases (Retrieve and Rank) 7. Ground Truth for Smart Decision Support (Retrieve and Rank) 8. Domain Knowledge for Cognitive Assistants (Retrieve and Rank) 9. Deep QA (Retrieve and Rank) 10. Knowledge Discovery (Discovery) 11. Query Representation (Conversation) 12. Design of a Cognitive Assistant 13. Smart Service from a Cognitive Assistant (APIs) 14. Adaptive Service EcoSystems (Node Red) 15. Smart Service System Performance R.D. Badinelli 9 Topic Schedule
  10. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017  Self-selected  Submitted in installments (one per week)  Sequenced to follow the innovation development cycle  Virtual teams R.D. Badinelli 10 Term Projects
  11. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017  FeedMe: Smart Service System --Restaurant, Recipe, and Menu Recommender  Smart Librarian: State Department of Education support services for teaching children with learning disabilities  MIT Smart Course Advisor : Advise MIT students in selecting courses and plan of study  Smart Breather : Cognitive assistant for the management of a home supplemental oxygen machine R.D. Badinelli 11 Team Projects
  12. IBM Cognitive COI June 22, 2017  Learning objectives accomplished  Surprisingly strong performance and interest  First exposure to cognitive computing  Strong interest in cognitive computing and the future impacts of smart service systems R.D. Badinelli 12 Outcomes