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Digiday Programmatic Media Summit Jarrod Dicker. The Washington Post

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Digiday Programmatic Media Summit

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Digiday Programmatic Media Summit Jarrod Dicker. The Washington Post

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  3. 3. 3 We don’t “do” technology, we do media: add a vendor for X, a vendor for Y, a vendor for Z Enhancements focused on the advertiser, not on user experience With the rapid rise of mobile, we’re trying to pack more and more heavy technology into smaller and smaller spaces Old Mentalities Around Ad Innovations RED: EXPERIMENTATION & DEVELOPMENT
  4. 4. 4 Where some see disaster, we see opportunity The issues facing the industry are our catalyst for innovation We’re finding new ways of looking at old problems RED: EXPERIMENTATION & DEVELOPMENT A Transformative Time for Advertising
  5. 5. 5 Leaders in Journalism and Technology “We view ourselves as a technology company as well as a media company.” -Fred Ryan, Publisher We aim to be in the technology provider for our clients, our partners and our competitors
  6. 6. 6 “We have the best technology team, and I don’t just mean the best technology team in the news business. I would put this team up against any team in Silicon Valley; it’s a world-class team across any industry that’s essential today.” -Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post Teamed up with Google to build the news industry’s first “progressive web app,” cutting mobile page-load times from 4 secs to under 0.8 secs. Developing artificial intelligence for both reporting and user interaction via SMS, FB Messenger, and Amazon Echo Collaborating with Silicon Valley RED: EXPERIMENTATION & DEVELOPMENT The Post is constantly experimenting and collaborating with the biggest names in Silicon Valley to create better user experiences Partnered with Uber to offer exclusive access and live trip progress within The Post’s app.
  7. 7. 7 Don’t focus on the competition, focus on the reader - give them what they want, as fast as possible. Shrink the existing ad tech ecosystem by building mission critical technologies ourselves, perfecting them on our platform, then opening them up to the rest of the industry. We Build Products That: 1. Improve Current Offerings Take industry-standard products and add user-driven enhancements 2. Have Never Been Done Before Identify trends, define the opportunity, and pounce Our Product Principles RED: EXPERIMENTATION & DEVELOPMENT We’re turning The Post into a laboratory for inventing a sustainable future for news
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  9. 9. 9 A connected suite of tools, custom- built to the specifications of our newsroom. Now licensed to other major news publishers, brands, and universities. The New Control Tower for News RED: EXPERIMENTATION & DEVELOPMENT Arc is a modern publishing system engineered for the world’s largest publishers, by the industry’s most innovative publisher Includes access to all of The Post’s proprietary ad products.
  10. 10. 10 Fastest-growing news publisher in the US in 2016 97m MUVs Part of tronc, 3rd largest U.S. publisher with 21 publications (Chicago Tribune, etc.). 36m MUVs 3rd largest digital traffic in Spanish worldwide. 29m MUVs Canada's national “newspaper of record.” 13m MUVs Largest media brand in New Zealand, publisher of The New Zealand Herald. 12m MUVs Home of the Poynter Institute. 10m MUVs Upstart pure-play digital publisher. 6m MUVs Britain's largest independent regional news company. 5m MUVs Largest digital traffic in Alaska. 2m MUVs Fast-growing pure-play digital publisher in Pakistan. 2m MUVs Alternative-weekly sister publication of Willamette Week. 1m MUVs 1st to win Pulitzer for a story originally published online. 1m MUVs The News, Powered by Arc Arc’s modernized model allows us to serve a diverse base of global news organizations, totaling over 250m monthly unique visitors /
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  15. 15. 15 • Smart Scrolling: ads won’t load when users are scrolling too quickly to view • Intelligent Caching: common ad scripts are cached for faster loading • Heavy Ad Protection: slow-loading ads are automatically refreshed with new ones • Predictive Loading: ad loading is intelligently prioritized based on when each ad will be in-view Zeus RED: PRODUCTS
  16. 16. “Big bets are counterintuitive. But, that’s what makes them big!” –Jeff Bezos
  17. 17. THANK YOU