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Data This, Data That, Data Why? - Donald Mokgale, Posterscope SA

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Data This? Data That? Data Why? A panel of experts in their field who are pioneering data usage across Sub-Saharan Africa and are asking very penetrating questions about data, its usage and how this affects business results in both the physical and digital world. We start the building of this sandwich with research as the bread, detailing where we are to date and what opportunities these changes have opened up for businesses. For the filling, we dive into digital data; how its usage and re-usage can help the bottom-line and close it off with location data, closing the loop by getting your consumers at the till purchasing your products and services using data. Bon appetite!

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Data This, Data That, Data Why? - Donald Mokgale, Posterscope SA

  1. 1. Donald MokgaleDonald.Mokgale@posterscope.com GENERAL MANAGER, POSTERSCOPE SA JOHANNESBURG ~ NOVEMBER 8 - 9, 2018 DIGIMARCONAFRICA.COM | #DigiMarConAfrica DIGIMARCONSOUTHAFRICA.CO.ZA | #DigiMarConSouthAfrica Data This, Data That, Data Why? PANEL
  2. 2. DATA THIS, DATA THAT, DATA WHY? DigiMarCon November 2018
  3. 3. D E N T S U A E G I S N E T W O R K 3 Your team today PANELISTS Donald Mokgale General Manager Posterscope South Africa Byron John Managing Director Vizeum Johannesburg Clare Trafankowska Head of Digital CARAT South Africa
  4. 4. THANK YOU www.dentsuaegisnetwork.co.za @DentsuAegisSSA @DentsuAegisNetworkSSA