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JustVeda Berries magic ppt



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Just Veda Diaba heal
Just Veda Diaba heal
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JustVeda Berries magic ppt

  1. 1. The Body can heal itself of all manner of ailments when given the appropriate support. One way to help the body in this miraculous process is to provide it with the nutrients it needs to do a specific job. Juice can provide radiant, energetic life and truly optimal health. Science of Juice
  2. 2. Ingredients • Phyllanthus emblica • Morinda Citrifolia • Raspberry • Strawberry • Cherry • Cranberry • Redcurrant • Elderberry • Goji berry • Acai berry • Black Berry
  3. 3. Key Points • Low in calories, But high in Nutrients. • King of Antioxidants. • Oxidative damage is part of every day life. • High in antioxidants, help neutralize some of the free radicals that cause damage to our DNA. • DNA damage, a leading driver of aging and diseases. • Berries antioxidants are strongly linked to reduced levels of oxidized LDL.
  4. 4. Benefits • Phyllanthus Emblica (Amla). Helps to prevent cell degeneration. Delays the aging of cells
  5. 5. • Morinda Citrifolia (Noni) Reduces the pain like Muscle & injury pain Stimulate the immune system
  6. 6. • Raspberry Reduces the level of bad cholesterol. Helps in elimination of gases
  7. 7. • Strawberry Decreases oxidative stress. Improve the blood lipid profile.
  8. 8. • Cherry. Balance blood pressure. Better night sleep.
  9. 9. • Cranberry Commonly used for the prevention of urinary tract infections. Neutralizes free radical which may damage cells
  10. 10. • Red currant Maintains electrolyte balance Regulates blood pressure
  11. 11. • Elderberry Seems to have activity against viruses including the flu and reduce inflammation Prevents respiratory functions
  12. 12. • Goji berries Anti inflammatory agent. Cholesterol lowering effect.
  13. 13. • Acai berry Helps in digestion. Helps in prevention of ulcer formation
  14. 14. • Blacky berry Helps in repairing cells. Boosts immune system.
  15. 15. Thank you