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OBF Academy - case SkillSafari

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How SkillSafari is using Open Badges to create more successful careers?

Self directed learning (SDL) is a topic that is discussed among learning developers globally. It’s widely believed that when using SDL, learners pick up skills that will help them succeed in life on top of the subject matter.

Open Badges are often used as a proof of competence at the end of a learning experience, like a course. SkillSafari uses badges to measure competence without offering study content, turning it into a tool for recognition of prior learning. Experience has shown that when the challenge level of the work required to earn a badge is set to the right level, learners pick interest in studying the contents independently in order to get the badge. This transforms badges to tools for self directed learning.

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OBF Academy - case SkillSafari

  1. 1. Open Badges as a tool for Self Directed Learning Satu Järvinen, SkillSafari Open Badge Academy Webinar - 09 October 2018 - Finland
  2. 2. SkillSafari SkillSafari works to create successful careers through recognition and validation of skills through our badging approach. Our trusted and digital badging solution is based on years of working with skills development and our dedication to create pathways to successful careers.
  3. 3. Under the right circumstances, in the right environment, the drive to learn kicks in. Beacon Learning - http://www.beaconlearning.org/guiding-principles/
  4. 4. SDL, Guiding Assumptions Adults are motivated to learn as they experience needs and interests that learning will satisfy. Adults' orientation to learning is life‑centered. Experience is the richest source for adults' learning. Adults have a deep need to be self‑directing. Individual differences among people increase with age. Manning: Self-Directed Learning: A Key Component of Adult Learning Theory, https://www.bpastudies.org/bpastudies/article/view/38/78#_ftn12
  5. 5. SDL is human and modern 1. Individuals who take the initiative in learning, learn more things and learn better 2. Self‑directed learning is more in tune with our natural processes of psychological development. 3. Many of the new developments in education ... put a heavy responsibility on the learners to take a good deal of initiative in their own learning Manning: Self-Directed Learning: A Key Component of Adult Learning Theory, https://www.bpastudies.org/bpastudies/article/view/38/78#_ftn12
  6. 6. Open Badges and SDL An Open Badge System becomes a slightly gamified path that motivates learners to set and achieve goals. At SkillSafari, we see the big power of badges as a tool for validation of existing skills rather than a certificate of completion or participation.
  7. 7. Starting point We start by defining the badges we want to create that award learning
  8. 8. Phase 2 For the learner, the metabadges for fulfilling a category, level or specific competency area turn earning badges into a game. In order to proceed in the knowledge acquisition game, the badges have to be within reach.
  9. 9. What goes in a badge? Rather than badges covering large competency areas, we prefer “bite sized learning” badges. Badges should feel achievable, since the feeling of “with reasonable effort I can obtain this badge” is key to motivating learners.
  10. 10. Case: Badging Tunisia ● 17 badges ● 7 metabadges ● 50 teachers ● 12 days OBJECTIVES ● To test the SkillSafari badging approach with teachers ● To learn about how teachers adopt a new approach to skills validation ● To map existing skills of teachers based on their school level, location etc to validate the badging approach as a way to gather data on existing skills in the field ● To learn about the skills and challenges of teachers in Tunisia for further badge development.
  11. 11. User stories From “Badging Tunisia” where a gamified badging approach was used to measure the existing skills of teachers
  12. 12. Thank you! Please be in touch for more details or for cooperation! → Satu Järvinen Founder & CEO SkillSafari email: satu@skillsafari.io Mob/WA: +358 41 4597871 Skype: sjarvin