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Wikimania 2014 presentation setting up south africa v1

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Wikimania 2014 presentation setting up south africa v1

  1. 1. Setting up South Africa Incomplete daft slides for Wikimania 2014 presentation
  2. 2. Steps to getting setup 1. Basic group 2. Legally setup: get registered – Ensure MOI is properly written 3. Tax registration 4. Apply for tax right off status – Donors can now save money by donating money to you 5. Ensure funds are properly distributed
  3. 3. Sources of Funding Organisation (core funding for the lab) Projects Funding on a project by project basis Government Pros: Reliable: line-items Easy: it is what we know Cons: Political No Freedom  - Good source of discretionary funding  Corporate (CSI / marketing) Pros: Flexible: can define our own goals Freedom: can do what we want Cons: Loss of trust with some partners Corrupts our focus  - not a reliable source of funding for core funding  - Margins - Open to experimentation and failure Donors Pros: Ready source of funding Very structured & focused Cons: Needy Time consuming: applying for grants Inflexible  - Some more libertarian organisations (USA, UK) might be interested but this might make things political and corrupt our focus.  - Great source of funding if there is strong mission alignment but otherwise inflexible. - must clearly define project beforehand, not good for experimentation. - requires monitoring and evaluation: complicated Own sources Pros: Fully flexible Self sufficiency Cons: High risk Might corrupt our focus  
  4. 4. Reasons for seeking alternative sources • Diversification of Risk • Policy: Wikimedia Foundation encouragement • Quicker • Easier to obtain • Can fund core staff • BUT: – Less reliable – Must learn new systems & protocals – Must ensure mission alignment
  5. 5. Funding background • Two sources – Open Society of South Africa – Wikimedia Foundation • Open Society invited us to apply for funding – Process easier than Wikimedia Foundation – Process is quicker (but still over a month for funds to come through)
  6. 6. BELOW PAR: 1 BASELINE: 2 PROFICIENT: 3 BENCHMARK: 4 organised* doesn't do what he/she says going to; chronically late or visibly disorganised in meetings a safe pair of hands - constructs logical workplan reflecting key activities supporting desired outcome, and deliver own activities per spec able to manage own activities plus others (both the Chapter and external) to timeframes and quality, proactively 'raises the alarm' ahead of issues coordinates across multiple projects and teams, striking balance between guidance, delegation and empowerment as appropriate results focused* difficult to translate ideas into 'who would do what when where & how'? - prefers giving input rather than taking ownership delivery rather than debate - primary goal is getting things done, whether internal 'product' or external social impact relentless pursuit of action, demonstrating skill at getting things done even in situations of adversity or resistance consistently able to engage stakeholders and acceess financial resources in support of program activation communication * verbal delivery follows long winded path of activity rather expressing key messages; writing is inelegant or self conscious able to structure written and verbal communication & deliver this confidently consistent ability to structure clear documents; tells the story in pyramid structure; moderates style and medium as needed masterful ability to tailor and deliver written and verbal communication in pithy manner, balancing intellectual & emotional engagement resilience easily flustered in the face of adversity - including visibly losing composure or train of thought internally driven rather than relying on external incentives or cajoling; 'bounces back' after setbacks shows determination in face of adversity, and has developed personal habits / practices to support this maintains personal internal balance even in face of ongoing conflict & challenge, with well developed personal practices to nourish this adaptability becomes dispirited when workplans or priorities change, fleeing into the detail rather than focussing on the 'big picture' able to change direction or step away from project without significant emotional discomfort anticipates the need to change direction; regularly pre-empts this and plans accordingly demonstrates rapid adjustment to new realities & expectations, even where personally & emotionally invested in the status quo Technical proficiency Only very basic computer literacy knowledge. Such as operating a spreadsheet or MS word. Has some experience with more advanced programs such as Photoshop, Inkscape, SPSS, Wiki-markup. Open to learning new systems. Fluency in Wiki-markup, html, CSS. Some knowledge of programing. Awesome programmer/developer. Builds apps and computer games in their spare time.