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The Journey of Narrative

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This talk focuses on the journey of narrative across two mediums in the Myst experience as well as the War of the Worlds.

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The Journey of Narrative

  1. 1. The Journey of Narrative The story of Myst across two mediums Drew Davidson
  2. 2. Stories across Mediums Connected Continued Collected
  3. 3. Myst Games Myst, Riven Novels Atrus, Ti’ana, D’ni
  4. 4. Gennette 3 classes of determination tense, mood, voice 3 aspects of narrative story, narrating, narrative
  5. 5. 3 classes tense temporalities between narrative & story mood modalities of narrative representation voice narrating implications
  6. 6. 3 aspects story the signified content narrative the discursive signifier narrating the production of the action
  7. 7. War of the Worlds Novel H.G. Wells Radio Broadcast Orsen Welles
  8. 8. Myst "The first interactive artifact to suggest that a new art form may well be plausible, a kind of puzzle box inside a novel inside a painting -- only with music.  Or something"
  9. 9. Myst - the game Metaphor Mystery Past and Present Uncover Story
  10. 10. Myst - the novels Prequels to the game Backstory Worldbuilding
  11. 11. Riven Mystery again Present characters and past Puzzling through Story
  12. 12. War of the Worlds Book an imaginative representation of an alien invasion
  13. 13. War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast Updated to present day Public panic ensued
  14. 14. Looking at Both Myst War of the Worlds Narrative through the Novels Newer medium to expand Story Actively engage Audience
  15. 15. New Narratives Makes manifest a post-structural theory of reading in which the reader is just as active a creator in the meaning of the text as the author.
  16. 16. New Narratives Problems Promises Performances
  17. 17. New Storytelling Director, Writer, Painter, Choreographer, Curator, Artist, Programmer, Designer Co-Author, Reader, Guest, User, Theater Goer, Movie Goer, Museum Visitor, Player
  18. 18. Narrative Journey New “Writing” and “Reading” Across mediums Interactive Engaging
  19. 19. Thanks! Questions?