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  1. 1. Le Mirage Purity Ritual A quick fix cleansing facial to refresh and restore hydration. 30 Mins - Rs. 1000 + Taxes Re-Balancing Facial Using micronised marine algae a deep cleansing treatment that regulates sebaceous secretions and rids the skin of impurities. Suitable for oily/combination skin. 60 mins – Rs.2000 + Taxes Oxygen Facial Ideal for skins affected by pollution and stress. Giving the skin an instant radiant boost for a peachy complexion. 60 mins – Rs.2000 + Taxes Cold Marine Facial Designed for more sensitive skins. Containing hypo sensine to protect and sooth irritable skin conditions. Including a fresh decongesting mask to moisturize and calm the skin. 60 mins – Rs.2000 + Taxes Absolute Rehydrating Facial This facial provides intense moisture to quench dehydrated skin and enhance radiance. Suitable for dry/dehydrated skins. 60 mins – Rs. 3,000 + Taxes
  2. 2. Extreme Comfort facial a true nourishing bath for very dry skin. Using Lemon Verbena a warm mask to comfort, soothe and moisturise the skin. 60 mins – Rs. 2500 + Taxes Wrinkle Control facial Using sterile strips rich in hyaluronic acid carefully applied to the skin, wrinkle by wrinkle. The skin is intensely moisturized and wrinkles and fine lines are visibly smoothed out. 60 mins – Rs. 2000 + Taxes Skin Perfecting Microdermabrasion The unique facial offers deep exfoliating properties combining a chemical peel which stimulates all renewal and regeneration. The result is the skin will be left with unrivalled smoothness and texture that is dazzling! 60 mins – Rs. 3000 + Taxes Collagen Velvet An intensive anti-ageing skin boosting treatment with collagen providing intensive hydration helping to plump out fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for sun-damaged skin and prior to that special occasion. Rs.4, 000 - 60 mins Exceptional Facial An anti-stress and anti-wrinkle treatment with deep down action on wrinkles to give a youthful boost to mature skin. 60 mins – Rs.5, 000
  3. 3. Energy Lift The natural alternative to surgery featuring a unique sculpting massage method that acts on muscle tone and gives the skin a true lifting effect. A course of 6 treatments is recommended. Rs. 2000 (Per sitting) - 60 mins Sea & Senses This radiance enhancing facial combines absolute relaxation with powerful technique. Utilizing the smoothest, warmed basalt pebbles in conjunction with mineral rich marine elements and a slow, rhythmic massage to boost circulation and sensory relaxation. The perfect spa facial for all skin types. Rs.3000 + Taxes - 75 mins Aromatherapy Associates Quick cleanse A condensed facial introducing your skin to the aromatherapy skin care products. Rs.1500 - 30 mins Rose Radiance A gentle facial using Organic Rose, Geranium and Evening Primrose together with specialized massage technique to relax, hydrate and calm the most sensitive skins. Rs.2800 - 60 mins Rose Radiance Indulgence A combination of the Rose Radiance facial and a Relaxing Back and Neck Massage. Rs.3000 - 75 mins Rose Renewal An anti-aging facial designed to treat mature, dry and devitalized skins. Using nourishing properties of Rose and Frankincense to smooth nourish and encourage skin renewal together with specific massage movements to enhance facial tone and luminescence. Rs.3500 - 90 mins Revitalizing Rose Eye Therapy An intensive anti-ageing treatment to deeply nourish, add moisture and help to
  4. 4. diminish dark circles and puffiness. Including a specific pressure point massage and relaxing mask leaving the eyes feeling refreshed. Rs.1800 - 25 mins Reflexology An ancient, holistic healing technique using manipulation and pressure applied to specific areas of the feet (which correspond to specific organs of the body). The specialized finger pressure technique will restore balance, increase circulation to the organs, free blocked energy, boost the immune system and activate the body's natural self-healing process. The treatment is carried out on a treatment couch and you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks. It finished with a soothing foot massage. Rs.2000 - 60 mins (first treatment 75 mins) Real Aromatherapy (Aromatherapy Associates) Ease away the day's stresses and strains and bring body and mind back into balance. The real, traditional aromatherapy full body massage fuses the best of massage practices from East and West. Carefully applied pressures stimulate the nervous system while Swedish and neuromuscular massage techniques support a healthy circulation and soothe the body. Oils are carefully selected according to the desired out-come of your treatment and how you are feeling on the day. 60 mins for Rs.3, 000 90 mins for Rs.4, 500 De-stress Muscle Release A deep and meaningful all over body massage treatment designed to work on stiff, tight and fatigued muscles and joints. The perfect antidote for aching limbs resulting from physical exertion and sports activity. Involves intensive deep tissue techniques to warm, manipulate and ease the body with stretching and drainage to release and disperse tension. Rs.2500 - 60 mins Aroma Revival An enlivening and rejuvenating massage perfect for the 'morning after the night before' to ease you back into the land of the living. Essential oils of Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary, Juniper Berry and Pine work to eliminate toxins, awaken the senses and sharpen the mind. Rs.3800 - 90 mins Swedish massage A traditional massage therapy to suit individual requirements. This highly popular treatment works to release muscular tension and alleviate mental fatigue and stress. Particularly effective following a heat treatment (steam or sauna) and after exercise. Back and Neck - 25 mins for Rs.1200
  5. 5. Full Body - 55 mins for Rs.2200 Body Wraps Marine Algae Back Therapy A facial for the back using marine algae to deep clean pores helping draw out impurities leaving the skin feeling refreshed and balanced. Rs.2, 500 - 50 mins Rose Hydrating (Aromatherapy Associates) A skin nourishing wrap. Rich oils and creams with Damask Rose are smoothed into freshly exfoliated skin, leaving it glowing, silky soft and revitalized. A gentle scalp massage eases away tensions and aids complete and utter relaxation. Recommended as the perfect ante-natal treat. 55 mins – Rs.2000 Citrus Detox Wrap (Aromatherapy Associates) A powerful cleansing and invigorating treatment to aid elimination of unwanted toxins and puffiness. A top to toe exfoliation smoothes and refines the skin followed by an application of essential oils and refreshing gels with circulation boosting extracts of Juniper Berry, Rosemary and Pine. Stimulating massage and foot reflex points encourage the release and elimination of unwanted toxins. Rs.3000 - 55 mins Enrich Body Treatment A truly exotic experience which delivers extreme nourishment to your skin. Combining a rich intense body scrub, hydrating with a fragranced serum, soften with natural dry skin oil and finally a luxurious layer of body butter. 90 mins – Rs.2900 Marine Prelude (Thalgo) An ultra-exfoliation treatment combining natural sea salts and warmed marine mud. Eliminates dead skin cells, helps smooth skin roughness, refines skin texture and invigorates the entire body by activating micro-circulation. Includes reflex activity of the feet. 60 mins – Rs.3500 Aromaceane Wrap (Thaglo) An ultra relaxing and conditioning wrap treatment combining selected essentials oils and mineral rich sea mud. Essential oils are chosen individually to suit your specific concerns; detoxing, slenderizing, vitality or relaxation. Incorporates
  6. 6. massage to the reflex zones of the feet. 75 mins – Rs.4500 Marine Algae Seaweed Wrap (Thalgo) The ultimate detox wrap using micronised marine algae formula rich in minerals and vitamins. This treatment increases metabolism eliminates toxins and relieves aches and pains. Also includes a deep cleansing body scrub. 75 mins – Rs.4500 Exfoliate Decomask (Thalgo) A deep cleansing body scrub with marine algae helping to purify and soften the skin. 25 mins – Rs.1800 Green Olive Scrub (Aromatherapy Associates) An all over body exfoliation using finely ground green olive stones to soften and refine the skin and stimulate circulation. With a choice of body wash and lotion to Relax, De-stress, Revive or renew your senses. Recommended prior to any massage therapy. 25 mins – Rs.1900 Hand & Foot Therapy Rituals (Aromatherapy Associates) Rose Petal Luxury Hand Treatment Enjoy layers of luxury and feel the softness of fresh rose petals fall between your fingers as your hands are bathed and massaged in intensely rich and moisturizing oils, gels and creams of Renew Rose. Rs.1700 – 30 minutes Ginger & Black Pepper Hand Treatment Keep your hands looking well groomed after a hard day at work with specially selected essential oils to support circulation and re-invigorate your hands and arms. Rs.1700 – 30 minutes Moroccan Rose Oil Foot Polish Let your feet rest in comfort while your skin is nurtured with the regenerative and hydrating properties of Damask Rose Water and while your mind takes pleasure in its enriching and heartening aroma. Rs.2000 – 45 minutes
  7. 7. Ginger & Black Pepper Foot Smoother For those of you who are endlessly on the go and never stop. Put your feet up for a moment and reap the benefits of this skin smoothing, revitalizing treatment that will leave you more than ready to get back on the treadmill. Rs.2000 – 45 minutes Prescriptive Manicure A treatment manicure which analyses and treats each nail for its specific nail type. The cuticles are carder for with oils creams, a treatment base coat is applied and finally a colour of your choice for the perfect finish. 45 mins – Rs.1000 Deluxe Manicure The Jessica prescriptive manicure including a hand silk exfoliating treatment. Thermal mittens envelope the hands for deeper penetration of oils and creams, helping to soften cuticles, improve circulation and soothe stiff joints. Rs.1200 – 45 mins Le Mirage Treatment Pedicure With the option of either calming green tea or revitalizing citrus, includes an exfoliation, nail shaping, cuticle work and massage. 45 mins – Rs.1200 Le Mirage Deluxe Pedicure The Zen Spa treatment pedicure including thermal booties, helping to improve circulation and soothe stiff joints. A deluxe conditioning treatment resulting in softer, smoother legs and feet finished with perfectly polished toes. Rs.2000 - 60 mins Shape & Vanish A quick fix including nail shaping and a colour of your choice. Rs.500 - 30 mins Make-up using professional make-up, guide you on the most appropriate colours application techniques and finishes.
  8. 8. Chose from: Day time Make-up – Rs.1000 Special Occasion Make-up – Rs 3000 Make up Lesson – Rs.5,000 Wedding Day Make-up – Rs.5000 (Includes a trial and wedding day application.) Additional Eyelash Tinting – Rs.450 Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint – Rs.600 Eyebrow Tint – Rs.400 Eyebrow Shaping – Rs.500 (Please note that clients will be required to have a tint test at least 24 hours before having an eyelash or brow tint to safe-guard against an allergic reaction) Spa Menu – Men All of the Spa therapies are appropriate to men; we have however had a selection of treatments created using specialized product and technique. Face Ocean Elements Designed specifically to meet the needs of a mans' skin. Helping to clean and re-balance skin affected by stress and external elements. 55 mins – Rs.2500 The Skin Refiner A skin specific treatment which utilizes plant extracts essential oils and fresh water mud to draw out impurities. Hot towel compresses and pressure point massage technique leaves the skin looking clean, fresh and toned. Rs.3000- 75 mins Body Head & Scalp massage An ancient massage technique which works to relieve stress and tensions held in the neck, head and shoulders. Using warmed oils and specialized massage technique to stimulate blood flow and enhance mental clarity. Rs.1200 - 25 mins
  9. 9. Marine Algae Back Therapy A facial for the back using Marine Algae to deep clean pores helping to draw out impurities, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and balanced. Rs.1800 - 50 mins Deep Muscle Massage (Aromatherapy Associates) A deep tissue body massage treatment designed to work on stiff and tight muscles and joints. The perfect antidote for aching limbs resulting from physical exertion and sports activity. Recommended to relax and stretch the body prior to a round of golf or to ease muscular tension at the end of the day as you come off the Green. Rs.2200 - 55 mins Swedish massage A firm, but relaxing Swedish massage which aims to unravel knotted muscles and relieve stress related tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and re-charged. Back & Neck: Rs.1500 - 40 mins Full Body: Rs.2200 - 60 mins Executive Groom Men’s' Manicure 25 mins – Rs.1000 Essential maintenance to the nails and cuticles. Men's Pedicure 30 mins – Rs.1200 Includes exfoliation, a nail and cuticle tidy and a relaxing foot and leg massage. Waxing Back: Rs.1200 Chest: Rs.1200 Chest & Stomach: RS.1300 Indocéane (T) Indoceane is an exotic ritual, taking you on a journey of ultimate relaxation across the continents encompassing age-old traditions and rituals of beautification. This most sensual of treatments commences with a Mediterranean influenced body exfoliation; softening the skin in
  10. 10. preparation for an Ayurvedic influenced massage using warmed oils and an ancient Indian technique. Your body is then enveloped in a sublime wrap with elements which harness the serenity and relaxing powers of the Orient. Rs.3000 - 80 mins Lavender & Peppermint Body & Face Revitaliser Experience the real, therapeutic powers of pure essential oil blends and natural plant actives in this treatment designed to refresh and re-balance body and mind. Indulge in an intensive, physical body massage focusing on warming the muscles and easing tension and stiffness in areas that bear the most stress and strain. A massage blend using Lavender & Peppermint essential oils soothes and conditions the skin leaving it healthy looking. A facial treatment follows using a selection of products containing skin- enhancing essential oils tailored to your individual needs, including a regenerating mask and a revitalising massage to hands and arms or feet. Rs.4000 - 120 mins Blissful Bride (Aromatherapy Associates) Float down the aisle following this pre-nuptial aromatic bridal ritual designed to calm the soul, beautify the body and restore a sense of equilibrium. Sink into an uplifting, aromatic Rose & Geranium foot soak followed by a smoothing and refining olive grain scrub. Layers of gels, oils and creams are applied during a skin softening wrap followed by a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage using nourishing Rose oil. Finally an Ayurvedic scalp massage frees your mind of cluttered thoughts and carries you into deep relaxation. Rs.4200 - 90 mins 1. Le Mirage Spa Touch A gentle day of relaxation and comfort; includes a Relaxing Back and Neck Massage with the choice of either a Body Scrub to invigorate the skin and pep the circulation or the ‘Quick Cleanse’ Facial. Therapy Time: 1 hour Rs.4500
  11. 11. 2. Le Mirage Spa Purity A cleansing ritual for face and body; includes a City Dweller Facial a Body Softening Exfoliation and a Detox Wrap (choose from a Citrus Detox or Marine Algae). Therapy Time: 2 hours Rs.9000 3. Le Mirage Rose Rejuvenation A truly sensuous and aromatic experience which incorporates the rejuvenating and mood enhancing properties of Rose with a combination of the Rose Radiance facial and Rose Cocoon wrap, followed by an Aromatherapy Back & Neck Massage. The perfect post holiday skin nourishment for face and body. Therapy Time: 2 ½ hours Rs.12, 000 4. Le Aromatic Spa This divine and harmonizing ritual treats and nourishes your skin, body and soul. The combination of the Green Olive Scrub, Aromatherapy Massage and Aroma Prescriptive Facial ensures that you (and your skin) will feel absolutely re-born. Therapy Time: 2 ½ hours Rs.11000 5. Le Mirage Yummy Mummy The ultimate indulgent pampering for pregnant and nursing mothers incorporating a Rose Hydrating Cocoon skin nourishing wrap which helps to prevent stretch marks and preserve skin tone and elasticity. Combine with the choice of either a Rose Radial Facial to hydrate and nourish the skin or a Deluxe Treatment Pedicure. Therapy Time: 2 ¼ hours Rs.10000 6. Day of Relaxation A combination of treatments designed to instill a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing from your head to your toes; combining the Moroccan Rose Oil Foot Polish with a luxurious Hot Stone Massage to your back, neck and shoulders, completed with a Head and Scalp massage. Therapy Time: 1 ½ hours Rs.6000 7. Duo Spa A spa experience for two in our double treatment room. Each of you will enjoy a Thalgo Prescriptive Facial (according to your skin type) followed
  12. 12. by the luxuriously pampering Aromatherapy Full Body Massage. Therapy Time: 2 hours per person Rs.8000 per person 9. Le Energizing Spa The day gets off to an active start with an invigorating personal training session consisting of sculpting and toning exercise using the latest techniques. Following your workout there will be time to relax and enjoy one of the following treatments: Marine Algae Seaweed Wrap Citrus Detox Wrap De-stress Muscle Massage P/T time: 1hour Therapy Time: 1hour Rs. 6000 11. Le Cool - Sunday Afternoon Spa The perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon! This spa experience begins with a delicious two-course lunch in the spa brasserie, full use of the spa facilities from 1pm up until 5pm plus a half hour treatment selected from one of the following: Relaxing Neck & Scalp Massage Relaxing Back & Neck Massage Body Scrub Purity Ritual Facial Quick Cleanse Facial Rs.6000 The following rules & Regulation may be implemented in Le Mirage spa Cancellation Policy A credit card number will be required at the time of booking to secure your appointment. Please note that the full fee for your package will be charged on this card if you fail to arrive for your appointment or cancel your spa day with less than 7 days notice. Check-in It is requested that you arrive in the spa, at least 15 minutes prior to your treatment time. Late arrival for a treatment may result in a shortened treatment. Spa Attire A gown, towels and slippers will be provided for you to use during your
  13. 13. day at Le Mirage Spa. Our spa facilities are mixed and therefore swimwear must be worn at all times in the heat rooms, swimming pool and out door hydro-therapy pool. Fitness Facilities our gymnasium which is equipped with Precor equipment can be used through-out your Spa day. We also have a programme of exercise classes; however we would recommend advance booking. Please remember to bring the appropropriate clothing if you wish to use our gymnasium. Health & Safety It is essential that you inform us of any medical conditions, medical treatment (or medications taken), before commencing your spa day. All details pertaining to your health and wellbeing must be fully disclosed on the Spa Health Questionnaire. Certain medical conditions may make some treatments unsuitable or unsafe, however wherever possible we will endeavor to provide you with an alternative. It is vital that you inform your therapist if you are or think you may be pregnant as this will influence which treatments are safe for you to experience. The Spa is a non-smoking area. Please remember to drink plenty of water and re-hydrate through-out your day. Spa Tranquility It is our aim to create a peaceful environment for the benefit of all our guests. We would therefore politely request that you respect the needs of the other spa users and turn off mobile phones and pagers and keep noise levels to a minimum. Spa Lunch A delicious two course spa meal is included in your day spa package. Please do inform us of any dietary requirements prior to your arrival. Gift Vouchers Gift vouchers for treatments, products or spa days are available to purchase from the spa and over the phone.
  14. 14. Additional Treatments Additional treatments may be booked to complement those included in your spa day. To book treatments please call the spa reception. A credit card will be required at the time of booking to secure your treatment.