acute heart failure the deadly statistics of heart failure. prevention is the best treatment can we afford heart failure management in the futu circulation heart failure acute decompensated heart failure : what is new ? debate risk stratification in hcm is feasible usin cabg is superior to pci in heart failure patients should functional mr be fixed in heart failure aortic valve stenosis with low ef : tavr versus re when is less more minimally invasive surgery in lo when to consider tricuspid valve repair cad and low ef does viability assessment matter multimodality imaging. the complex patient vad transplant exchange or hos the complex patient vad transplant exchange or ho surgical director heart transplant and mechanical the complex patient vad ransplant vad exchange or the road ahead. whom to refer for mitral valve repair and whom not devices and intervention in heart failure. the ehj's and ejhf's year in cardiology european journal of heart failure's year in cardio acute and advanced heart failure. the heart failure association global awareness pro global awareness heart failure association progra the patient with ahf on the icu : respiratory supp acute heart failure renal replacement therapy ahf - discharge from icu to the regular ward. angiotensin receptor-neprilysin inhibition(arni):t the success of neurohormonal blockade: looking bac success of neurohormonal blockade: tissue engineering in heart and valve failure mana serelaxin in acute heart failure which i.v. therapies work in hhf ? low-gradient aotic stenosis fabian nestispach head unraveling low-flow pitfalls of mitral valve repair who needs a swan an evidence based approach diuretic strategies in ahf : dose dose matter ? the role of imaging percutaneous valve implantation or operation in ao tavr in a patient with lv dysfunction whats the optimal pharmacological therapy after va coagulation changes in cf lva ds a conundrum the quest for the holy grail—lva ds as bridge to vascular remodeling in patients with “non pulsat what important changes occur in the patient with a blood volume measurement joint symposium of the heart failure society of am servier international optimise heart failure care the best way to measure congetion assessing congestion in hf : natriuretic peptides joint symposium of the hfsa and acc thermo fischer scientific point of care testing fo zs pharma ski ts a new class of agents with potent critical diagnostics introducing the aspect plus impact of non cardiac comorbidity lysyl oxidase biomarkers activity take home message prof. j.p.das oration heart failure pharmacotherapy in chronical systolic heart failur microvascular rarefaction in hfpef lmic white paperforsystolichf csi cardiac prevent heart failure biomarkers current modalities for invasive and non invasive m management of acute heart failure vascular effects of urocortins 2 and 3 in healthy us pharmacist adhf urocortin 2 infusion in adhf urinary c type natriuretic peptide ultrasound comet tail image treatment of acute decompensated heart failure ge treatment of acute decompensated heart failure in the current and future managment of ahf setting the stage review of the esc acute heart f seattle heart failure model risk prediction models for mortality in ambulatory risk factors for adverse coutcomes right ventricular myocardial infarction prognosis and treatment of cardiogenic shock compl point of care lung ultrasound physiologic volume redistribution and acute heart noncardiogenic pulmonary edema novel treatment options for acute hf a multidisci moving toward comprehensive inside the issues hf eugene braunwald 2013 evaluation of acute decompensated heart failure2 evaluation of acute decompensated heart failure europe heart journal advance march-2013 europe heart journal advance sep-2013 europe heart journal advance dec-2012 europe heart journal advance july-2012 emerging therapies for the management efficacy and safety of ularitide for the treatment effect of levosimendan on adhf doesthe heartreallystiffthekidneys diuretics and ultrafiltration determinants of dynamic change chest ultrasound comel - tail images clinical trials in ahf clinical outcome endpoints in hf trials cd-np : cyclase activator and anti-fibrotics actio the emerging role of biomarkers and bio-impedance cardio renalanemiahf clinics cardiac inotropes : current agent and future direc better late than never assessing and grading presenter disclosure information heart failure by dr. uc samal cardio renal care-an integated best practice appro accf / aha guideline for the management of heart f nuove prospective nel trattamento dello scompenso heart failure pathophysiology and definitions of the five subtyp review of the esc ahf guidelines urocotin 2 heart failure with ckd : how to treat ? teerlink acc09 lbct acute decompensated heart failure csi13 acute heart failure current perspectives advanced lipoprotein analysis (printer friendly) 2013 sept 20_final__acute_decompensated_heart_fail acute decompensated heart failure actute heart failure acute heart failure management acute heart failure – the road to where acute decompensated heart failure neunschwander acc aha update guidelines for treatment of high choles 2010 heart failure_guideline_sec_12 12 acute decompensated_hf a mechanism of ryanodine receptor modulation ... [ to amyloid and beyond advanced hfref pearls and infiltrativerestrictive cardiomyopathies hfref core curriculum h fp ef why improving the patient experience with advanced tavr turndown now what palliation hospice and other options the heart failure bazaar negotiating the options to vad or not to vad and when who should undergo genetic testing novel medical therapy hypertrophic cardiomyopathy state of the art what’s new in risk stratification future is in assist devices inotropes increase mortality in advanced heart fai future is in heart transplantation cell therapies in heart failure thet don't work cell therapies in heart failure inotropes do not increase mortality in advanced he debate endomyocardial biopsy aldia rebuttal leslie cooper case presentation controversies in cardiomyopathy troponin use it in all patients with acute heart f management of severe heart failure in japan heart management of anticoagulation in lvad recipients current status and future perspective of managemen debate advances in heart failure welcome and introduction session 712 debate evidence bases guideline elliott debate advances in hf ofili debate evidence bases guideline handler case presentation with key clinical pearls management of vt vf storm in advanced heart failur management of ventricular tachycardia in advanced management of pv cs and ventricular tachycardia in identifying super responders to cardiac resynchron cardiac resynchronization therapy : atrial fibrill atrial fibrillation in advanced heart failure role how to assess and treat congestion after hospital does it matter how congestion is relieved role of ultrasound and biomarkers clinical evaluation of congestion co-morbidities in ahf : pulmonary disease. co-morbidities in ahf : diabetes comorbidities in ahf kidney disease cardiotoxicity. risk assessment and early diagnosi how to assess reversible ischemia in lv dysfunctio h fp ef is frequent in acute heart failure. novel strategies to improve diastolic function basic mechanisms to improve systolic function. liver dysfunction heart brain interaction. tuberculosis myocarditis as an unusual case left ventricular dysfunction associated with ulcer diagnostic role of cmr in an unusual case of left acute heart failure in meningococcal disease due t a curious case of chest pain beyond amyloidosis a case of cardiac light chain d asymmetric hypertrophic heart failure caused by restrictive cardiomyopathy an unusual aspect of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy hypoxia platypnea orthodeoxia and transient ischemic attac breaking bad acute heart failure in a 24 year old an uncommon cause of reversible dilated cardiomyop cardiac and thrombotic complications in the peripa an unusual case of advanced heart failure. family pulmonary congestion channalging cases in ahf hypoperfusion diuretic resistance arrhythmias challanging cases in ahf arrhythmias hypertrophic cardiomyopathy takotsubo cardiomyopathy diabetic cardiomyopathy does it exist which mechanical circulatory support should we use vasoactive drugs risk prediction of patients with and without acute revascularisation strategies transthyretin amyloidosis transplanting cardiac amyloidosis when to refer fo heart failure with preserved lvef and senile amylo multiple myeloma and al amyloidosis a diagnostic algorithm ovel assist devices nwater machanical which device to which patient. extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. impella and beyond percutaneous circulatory support. iabp drug(s) of choice in atrial fibrillation. guidelines and unanswered questions. importance of iron deficiency in asian patients differences in clinical characteristics and its ef comprehensive approach to managing heart failure p pre and post- discharge management. time is also muscle! how to make the most out of hospital stay. acute heart failure myocarditis. hypertensive acute pulmonary edema cardiogenic shock. st2 kinetics during hospitalization for heart fail prognostic value and kinetics of soluble neprilysi prognostic implications of pericardial effusion in predictors of progression to severe heart failure sleep apnea treatment novel interventions pharmacotherapy in hfref use of adjuncts in ahf potassium binders. serelaxin. ularitide this time it is different. trv027 a biased ligand approach to improve outcome cardiac myosin activators
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