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Epicor Express ERP: Your Biggest Questions Answered

This deck provides an overview of Epicor Express ERP, cloud ERP from Epicor. In this deck we discuss some of the most important things midmarket manufacturing and distribution companies need to know about Epicor SaaS ERP, such as:
-Epicor Express pricing
-Epicor Express requirements
-Epicor Express features
Epicor Express benefits
and more.

Learn even more about Epicor Express ERP here: http://e2benterprise.com/Pages/EpicorExpressERP.aspx

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Epicor Express ERP: Your Biggest Questions Answered

  1. 1. Epicor Express ERP What manufacturers & distributors need to know about Epicor Express, the cloud ERP solution from Epicor.
  2. 2. What is Epicor Express?  Put in the simplest terms, Epicor Express is a simplified, yet feature-rich version of Epicor ERP delivered using a SaaS model and was designed specifically for manufacturing & distribution companies who want to harness the power of Epicor without all of the extra cost and complexities of traditional ERP.
  3. 3. Epicor Express Solves 3 Major Problems for Smaller Manufacturing & Distribution Companies: 1. The cost of ERP. Traditional systems are simply too expensive for smaller companies, Epicor Express is priced to fit the budgets of SMBs without taking away the functionality you need. We get into Epicor Express pricing late in this slide deck. 2. Limited functionality in small business software. In QuickBooks for example, you get the price point you need, but it has no real manufacturing or supply chain capabilities. Further, there are very limited inventory management features for tracking inventory movement or serial/lot transactions. Epicor Express offers many more of the features and tools you need for success which we will discuss in an upcoming slide. 3. Disparate systems. With limited functionality in your accounting system, you’re forced to use severely deficient business systems, stand-alone applications, and disconnected spreadsheets. A strategy that does not help you run operations quickly and effectively, reduce costs, or reach your other goals. Epicor Express eliminates the need for such strategies by pulling all of your information and tools into one system which is available on the cloud- anytime, anywhere.
  4. 4. Who should consider Epicor Express?  Epicor Express is an ideal solution for assembly, make to stock, make to order, engineer to order, job shop , and mixed-mode manufacturers as well as distributors requiring order fulfillment, inventory and warehouse management, and sales kitting or light assembly.  Epicor Express cloud ERP is perfect for larger companies who need to move off their business system in a short period of time or for growing companies that need an inexpensive solution to meet short term business needs with the option to upgrade and move the application on premise in the future.
  5. 5. Why Choose Epicor Express? Epicor ERP in the cloud combines the rich feature set of Epicor ERP (built on decades of industry experience and wisdom, and used by thousands of companies globally) with the business and technical benefits of cloud deployment. Some of the benefits of Epicor Express include:  Users are always on the most current version of the software since the cloud eliminates barriers that typically get in the way of software upgrades.  Eliminate the hassle and reduce the cost of hardware and software installations.  IT overhead is at a minimum.  Go-live dates average about 20-30 days after implementation.  Room to grow and the software grows with you; giving you the option to mix & match deployment models.  Assured performance and system availability  Affordable Subscription pricing makes startup and total cost of ownership much more affordable.
  6. 6. So… what do you get with Epicor Express?  You get a rock solid accounting system with general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable; full-featured sales order, purchase order, and inventory management application; integrated CRM.  a robust manufacturing application complete with routings, bills of material, estimates and quotes, engineering change orders, work orders, material planning, production scheduling, and more – a lot more!  unlike some cloud ERP systems, you can customize reports, design dashboards, automate processes with rules and conditions, customize screens, and design alerts and inquiries throughout the application.
  7. 7. Epicor Express Suites  Customer Relationship Management  Production Management  Product Management  Material Management  Financial Management  Business Intelligence  On-Demand Business Architecture
  8. 8. Epicor Express Modules  General Ledger  Accounts Payable  Accounts Receivable  Multi-currency  Payroll  Executive Dashboard  Inventory Management  Advanced Inventory  Single & Multi-Level Engineering  Scheduling o Job Management o Customer Management o Document Management o Quote Management o Order Management o Supplier Management o Purchasing o Quality Assurance o Shop Floor Data Collection o Shipping o Auto Label / Print Control o Process Management
  9. 9. Technical Details & Epicor Express Requirements  Epicor Express is accessed from a web browser and does not require VPN, Citrix, or Terminal Servers.  It’s accessible anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection, web browser, and user credentials to access the software.  Users can work in either a desktop client (downloaded and available for a Microsoft Windows environment) or from a browser interface (available for both Microsoft Windows and McIntosh Apple via Firefox or Safari web browsers).  Epicor guarantees 99.5% system uptime excluding scheduled maintenance.  Epicor Express is hosted in a SAS 70 II certified data center located in Irvine, CA. A second data center in Denver, CO is used for backup data storage.  Data centers provide failover capabilities with redundancy and automated back-ups.  Your data is secured using 128-bit encryption.  Epicor does not hold your data for ransom. Customers who choose to discontinue use of Epicor Express after their subscription expires will be provided with a file containing their data within 30 days of service termination.
  10. 10. Epicor Express Pricing  A small business can subscribe to Epicor Express starting at about $5,000 a year which includes:  user licensing  automatic product updates  customer support  very low implementation costs. Compare that to comparable ERP systems that cost upwards of $50,000 for the software and about the same for implementation and you can quickly see that Epicor Express is a true value for job shops and growing distributors and manufacturers alike.
  11. 11. Learn more in these resources! Moving Beyond QuickBooks to Cloud-Based ERP: Eventually there will come a time when QuickBooks just isn’t strong enough to support your growing business. This white paper covers the limitations of QuickBooks & the benefits of cloud ERP. Learn about:  Costs  Deployment  Maintenance  Mobility  And more! Download the white paper to learn more! Click this link or copy it into your browser. http://blog.e2benterprise.com/moving-beyond-quickbooks-to-cloud- based-erp/
  12. 12. Learn more in these resources! 10 Critical Questions Manufacturers Should Ask Before Choosing a Cloud-Based ERP Solution: This white paper digs into the 10 questions to ask when considering a Cloud-based ERP solution, and it gives rich detail on each section, such as: o Can the solution be easily modified to meet your business’s specific processes? o What performance management and reporting tools are delivered as part of the solution? o Does the solution unify all of your options? o And more! Download the white paper to learn more! Click this link or copy it into your browser: http://blog.e2benterprise.com/10-critical-questions-manufacturers-should-ask-before- choosing-a-cloud-based-erp-solution/
  13. 13. Have more questions? We can help! We are an Epicor ERP partner, consulting organization, and developer representing Epicor ERP solutions including Epicor Express. We’d be happy to help you with any questions you may have about moving to Epicor Express Cloud ERP. Contact Us Today to Learn More About Epicor Express ERP! Phone: 440-352-4700 Email: sales@e2btek.com Web: http://e2benterprise.com/Pages/EpicorExpressERP.aspx