physical properties chemical properties mechanical properties general properties of materials pakistan army intergranular corrosion hardening erosion corrosion study army energy load shading solution rockwell arc furnace internet composites report on tensile hardness test impact and hardness testing of mild steel impact test steel tensile mild steel tensile test casting defects foundry all major casting defects aluminum alloys as fuel cladding materials fuel cladding materials problems aluminum alloys steel making refractory lining of arc furnace electrostriction dielectric strength dielectric constant (k) curie temperature drift velocity capacitor impact strength simplification hardness fatigue and fatigue test stress-strain diagrams hardenability brittleness malleability standardization resilience toughness stiffness (rigidity) ductility computer aided design(cad) interchangeability creep and creep testing properties of materials / mechanical properties of elasticity mechanization plasticity causes of intergranular corrosion weld decay mechanism intergranular corrosion types of intergranular corrosion knife line attack effect of chemical composition direct quenching factors effecting the hardening process homogeneity and grain size of austenite & quenchin hardening of hypo and hyper eutectoid steel stage quenching hardening with self tempering hardening cycle surface condition of steel part introduction to hardening factors affecting the extrusion force application of cold extrusion extrusion non-lubricated hot extrusion extrusion defect r - extrusion ratio vertical extrusion process function of dummy block hot extrusion types of hot extrusion direct extrusion die materials hydrostatic extrusion impact extrusion in-direct extrusion cold extrusion classification of extrusion processes centre burst or chevron cracking surface cracking block diagram of cro cro dual trace oscilloscopes multi –input oscilloscope detailed description of crt cathode ray oscilloscope split beam types of oscilloscope and it’s application lissajous patterns introduction to cro double gun tube general corrosion eight forms of corrosion crevice corrosion galvanic corrosion selective leaching pitting stress corrosion cracking forms of corrosion magnetic particle inspection eddy current testing detection of internal flaws visual ndt fluorescent dye penetrant inspection non-destructive testing ultrasonic testing x-radiography detection of surface flaws electrochemical machining (ecm) electrochemical processes laser jet machining (ljm) electro jet drilling (ejd) electro-discharge machining (edm) water jet machining (wjm) electro-thermal processes abrasive water jet machining (awjm) ultrasonic machining (usm) chemical milling (chm) electro chemical grinding (ecg) abrasive jet machining (ajm) electron beam machining (ebm) worlds highest polo ground biggest cng user in the world gold mines in pakistan silk route & karakoram highway canal irrigation atomic power of pakistan rice export pakistan pakistan pakistan nation gwadar the future of pakistan pakistan economy pakistan education motorways of pakistan tarbella dam one of the largest in the world faisal mosque greatest squash legend pakistan cricket of pakistan hockey of pakistan genious son of soil remedies terrorism in pakistan causes &amp age hardening quenching media stress relieving process annealing. tempering thermo-electric pyrometer heat treatments case hardening induction hardening normalising pyrometry spheroidising optical pyrometer seger cones annealing heat treatment metallic bonding atomic bonding ionic bond secondary bonding co-ordinate covalent bond types of primary bonding primary bonding bonding energy polar molecule induced dipole bond types of covalent bond dipole dipole bond covalent bond fluctuating induced dipole bond co-efficient of thermal expansion ductile iron applications brief history of cast irons metallurgical properties of cast iron nucleation of flake and spheroidal graphite microstructure of cast iron malleable irons high chromium white irons general characteristics of gray cast irons mechanical properties of cast iron cast iron alloying system sub classifications of cast iron metallurgical properties of cast irons general characteristics of white cast irons ferritic malleable irons cast irons types of pyrometers thermopile common detectors in pyrometers working pyrometer working of a pyrometer pyrometer principle of operation working of a optical pyrometer thermister instrumentation of muffle furnace muffle furnace muffle furnace parts construction atmospheric corrosion corrosion surface films corrosive medias lens optical/ metallurgical microscopy magnification of microscope wawelength of illumination principle of image formation lens manufacturing erosion corrosion of aluminum alloys uniform corrosion pitting corrosion fill form corrosion corrosion engineering basic corrosion flux-cored arc welding design considerations in welding arc welding weld quality other fusion welding processes gas metal arc welding shielded metal arc welding resistance welding oxy fuel gas welding welding process solid state welding weld ability plastic welding resistance weldind welding defects waste managment metallurgical plant pollution d effectively memory study skills techniques facebook social media testing electric arc furnace forces labor child labor penned creep brine ll phase rules phase-diagrams tolerances allowances dimension water jet cutting solid solution sintering furnace comunication extraction titanium ceramics casting foundry arts law
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