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7 Gmail Shortcuts

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Is Gmail were you spend the majority of your work day? Could you be faster and more productive? Here's our top 7 keyboard shortcuts that will make you the Gmail whizz in the office.

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7 Gmail Shortcuts

  1. 1. www.ebsta.com @ebstahq linkedin.com/company/ebsta 7GMAIL SHORTCUTS7GMAIL SHORTCUTS
  2. 2. FIRST THINGS FIRST…    You need to enable shortcuts before you become a Gmail whizz. Click the gear on the right hand side and select settings. Scroll down to keyboard shortcuts and turn them on. Now you’re ready!
  3. 3. In at number one, it’s “C” for composing a new email. Whether your inside your inbox, sent box, drafts or circles, tapping C will open a new message window in the right hand corner. COMPOSE
  4. 4. UNDO ACTION    A close second, it’s undo action. Ok, you probably already knew this one but you will be surprised what you can undo with this neat shortcut. If you are using a Mac device select just select cmd instead of ctrl.
  5. 5. GO TO ALL MAIL    Want to see all of your mail, outgoing and incoming all in one view? Just type G then A and voila!
  6. 6.         SEARCH It might not save you a heap of time but pressing “ / “ puts your cursor inside the search bar.
  7. 7.         Checking multiple emails? Going back and forth between folders? Cut some time with a shortcut to your inbox. Tap G followed by I and you’re there. INBOX
  8. 8. UNSUBSCRIBE    Can’t find the hidden unsubscribe button? Hit Shift + 1 and it Gmail puts the option right in front of you!
  9. 9. Reading an email that needs a reply? Open a new email with the contacts address added, just by tapping Shift + R. REPLY
  10. 10. Cut the corners, learn the Gmail tricks and demolish your stack of emails in record speed. AND THE WINNER IS…
  11. 11. SALEFORCE GMAIL INTEGRATION: ✔ Save emails to Salesforce without leaving Gmail ✔ Sync your Google Calendar with Salesforce1 ✔ See contact and lead records inside Gmail ✔ Edit records, manage tasks, record activities and opportunities ✔ Stay in touch with Chatter from inside Gmail www.ebsta.com/gmail