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  1. 1. Ece DINCASLAN Corruption: One of the Biggest Problems of Today The corruption is a global threat and obstacle which stands against on the way of bothdemocratization and hampers economic development. It spread every aspect of life. We seeour politicians corrupt; inside trading; betting on sports games, even some charities arecorrupt… Besides, increase in the disproportionately burdens the poor and undermines theimportance of investment and aid. For this reason, it has to be erased or solved, in order toreach sustainable development and create a new world order. No country is completely freeof corruption. However, some measures can be taken to avoid these serious problems. Theyneed to be defined well and strategies should be explored to combat for corruption andbribery. There should be openness and accountability in the form of government systems.Politicians, deputies or ministers, they all have some responsibilities for citizens. What’smore, not only governments, but also we need to advocate our rights and aware of thesesituations. Its up to all of us to fight against corruption as best we can and letting ourgovernments know we arent happy and want to know where is the money? We want thetruth! If you clarify this when any politician is running for a position its the people that votethem in and thus, we are actually their employer and they work for us! In September 2008 Turkey Deniz Feneri case had a great impact on the issue of corruption.The chiefs of an Islamic charity were sent to prison in Germany after the Turkish men hadadmitted siphoning millions of Euros away from alms donated by devout Muslims for thepoor. Also this charity had been a tool for the defendants to move funds into investmentcompanies in Turkey, buy real estates, Baltic cruise boat and to set up a religious TV station.There have to be started and question the credibility of the media. The corruption is widenedto media groups and some Turkish bureaucrats. Even a suspect in the case claimed that fundsfrom the charity. In Turkey, relations between the power circles which are the government,the bureaucracy and the military and the press have been very problematic. While some tomedia companies friendly to the ruling party the public attention should focus on the realdilemma, not stay away from it. Also there is another problem in this case which was a misuseof power and lack of understanding of an open democratic society. On the way ofdemocratization and human rights related issues Turkey need to strengthen and fulfilled itspolitical system and make it more open and transparent. It is easier for Turkey rather thanother Muslim countries. Laicism is the fact that Turkey is the country with the most freedomin Islamic World. In a big step forward, the Turkish government should monitor the flow ofmoney because corruption is mainly done for earning black money. Further, flow of moneyshould be monitored through a committee that having members from all differentdepartments. And finally, the government should receive all the documents appearing from itsallocation to its distribution. These are the basic solutions which are offered, to decrease thelevel of corruption. If we want to prevent or at least significantly minimize corruption as this subject given to us,checks and balances system, economic contraction and the role media need to be evaluated.
  2. 2. Checks and balances In order cope with corruption check and balances should be given importance, becauseabsolute power of any institution will cause many problems in state systems, especiallycorruption and bribery. Thus, in order to prevent the power of any one branch from beingabsolute, the system of checks and balances take place in the Constitution. This is systemcalled the separation of powers. The Separation of Powers is supposed to prevent Depressionof People and Government ‘Tyranny’. It is an arbitrary action which explains one person hasall the power to make, enforce, and interpret the laws. It needed to be start from justice. Corruption cases in the judiciary must be seen endSupreme Court of Appeals must be completed first. For these reasons, first of all, the statesneed to cut corruption in politics. This is only done in society through, education, culture,and upgrades the level of consciousness is, while improving public awareness. On thecontrary, in autocratic and totalitarian regimes, everything is done behind on the closeddoors. Thus, it is more available than others, non-democratic governments to open corruption.There is no totalitarian regime in Turkey. However, there is no full sense of democracy. Untiltoday, the Prime Ministers of domestic legislation and the interventionwere unwarranted. Now the ruling party has been designed in the judiciary accordingto the itself. In addition to these, there is no fiscal transparency in Turkey. A portion of publicspending is closed to the public. For example, privatization revenues; we do not know veryclearly what percentage was going where… It is related which I said on the above. Economic Contraction ‘nepotism’ Economic Contraction ‘nepotism’ is another concept that should be examined in order toprevent corruption. It can be easily seen that, the corruption level is highly low inSwitzerland, Norway and Sweden. There is a bad relationship between level of economicdevelopment and corruption level. Nepotism is the basic form of favoritism and corruption. There are several states that havepassed anti-nepotism measures to fight against corruption, however, mostly in governmentjobs. Since there are no federal laws regarding the practice of nepotism, it questioningsomewhat which is unregulated. Since fear, threat, and violence become part of everyday life,there should be legal rules and democratic institutionalization policies. At this point, weshould keep Turkey from nepotism and favoritism. In other words, neither corruption norbribery related problems occurred, If democratic institutionalization strengthened in Turkey. As long as when there is unbalanced state intervention in the economy, it led to an increasein the corruption level. For example, to customize the naturalmonopolies, market structure leads to oligopoly. However, the government will make themarket work to make the private sector, corruption creates amore conducive environment. The Kiptaş Company who owned by IstanbulMetropolitan Municipality was an example of it which makes luxury residents. In other
  3. 3. words, there is an interaction between economic stability and corruption, they affect eachother. Especially during the economic crises the tendency of individuals increases to savehim all the way. However, corruption in the competition is disturbing. If you want toprovide the economic stability, you have to reduce corruption. In the sense of output-based and community-driven approaches, they show some promise astools to reduce corruption, and will need to be complemented by a range of otherinterventions including publication of procurement documents, independent and communityoversight, physical inspection and public–private anti-corruption partnerships. Wheregovernment is the client, attempts to counter corruption need to begin at the level of planningand budgeting. Unfortunately, our knowledge regarding effective interventions to reducecorruption is limited, in considerable part because the act of corruption is usually unknown.At the same time, despite the industry’s status as one where corruption is both widespread andpotentially very economically damaging, international construction companies surveyedthrough control risks. Whatever our uncertainties regarding the most effective tools to reducethe development impact of corruption in the sector, then it is clear there is a considerableunfinished agenda. The Role of Media Strong campaigns and programs need to be done as soon as possible to increase theawareness of corruption and bribery in the society. Media or other relevant actors can informcitizens. Because, there is corruption going on in the streets, we live with black marketweapons, drugs etc. Not exactly I am saying about that all people in all positions ingovernment or any other group are corrupt, but unfortunately, the good ones’ voice are low,their opinions they are outnumbered and their voice is lost in the noise. We have to dosomething, as well as anticipation. Surveys and integrity workshops can be done to raiseawareness of the corruption problem and promote domestic dialogue on how to address it. Weare brothers and sisters and should be helping each other. Its up to the parents to point outthat there really are some good people out there who do good things for others. Moreover,parents and teachers are the responsible persons for their childs future. They can teach moralbehavior right from childhood. After all, for cope with the complexity of corruption as acompany or as an individual some steps in that direction put forward. For instance, the issueswhich most at risk from corruption required to be identified, an anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy draw up that this strict anti-corruption policy fallowed and operated by yourbusiness and ensure that you keep accurate financial records so you can demonstrate that alltransactions are completed fairly and legally.. To conclude, improving governance will remain central to any effort to reduce thedevelopment impact of corruption in construction, and as I indicated the above your anti-bribery policy should: Prohibit the offer, giving or acceptance of bribes, gifts, hospitality orexpenses by employees or other parties involved that could influence the outcome of businesstransactions, show the business towards on bribery, detail the procedures and all expendituresshould billed so followed during business transactions