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Costume and props


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Costume and props

  1. 1. Costume and props planning
  2. 2. Fake blood I will buy a fake blood in party shop, which is next to my house. I will use a fake blood during my filming, as main character (Kacey) will be wounded
  3. 3. Book One of props, which I will use is a book. I will use my book ‘Water for elephants’. I will use it during one scene in the park, when main character (Kacey) read book and for first time she sees Jonathan.
  4. 4. Gift In one scene Kacey will give a gift to Jonathan, which will be used in next scenes during Kacey’s abduction. While Kacey will be run away from persecutor, the gift will be shown by insert shot, which will give a hints about abduction. I will use one of my figurines or something similar.
  5. 5. Knife In one scene we will see that persecutor has a knife, which he wants to hurt Kacey. I will use a knife from my house. I will not use a knife in a public place, because this scene will be filming in my garden.
  6. 6. Padlock In the scene, where persecutor will lock up Kacey in the shed, I will use padlock to show that wants to keep her there. I will use my own padlock.
  7. 7. Phone In the scene when Kacey will be kidnapped, there will be a phone used, as she will be talking through her phone at the moment when persecutor will take her. I will use my own phone
  8. 8. Missing person poster In one scene Kacey’s friend will hang a missing person poster about Kacey. I will do by myself this poster and later I will use it during my filming.
  9. 9. Costumes Costumes, which will be dressed by actors, will be their normal clothes. Kacey should look like normal teenager. For example: Jonathan also should like normal teenager boy, so he will wear normal, everyday clothes. For example: Persecutor will wear normal clothes, as he should look like normal person who doesn’t have mental problems, which shows that he has ‘two’ faces of his personality