kurdistan. erbil growth kurdistan region of iraq. agriculture perception development sustainability marketing medicinal plants conservation job satisfaction rural obesity xrd biodiversity covid-19 management intercropping diabetes climate change turkey degradation yield machine learning treatment entrepreneurial orientation hypertension sme contribution android iot indigenous influence environment assessment organic light emitting diodes (oleds) economic growth performance employee retention economic development impact temperature knowledge artificial intelligence pharmacology technical efficiency risk factors nanoparticles tourism business performance dna banking antioxidant value chain women investment service quality training kürdistan land use motivation erbil. empowerment remote sensing regression analysis customer satisfaction exploitation consumers organic agriculture okra dynamics deforestation drought consumer altitude youth indigenous knowledge toxicity adaptation cameroon. distribution forest culture yield. fertility intensity job satisfaction. vermicompost urban energy supply. pollution reduction b-sucrose complex water absorption morphology evaluation working stress job characteristics mathematical analysis mathematics of computing computations on matrices phosphorus tesfalem belay woldeamanuale igwe p.u. adolescents status college students students. cultivation groundnut stability thailand slm practices farm management practices persea americana survival chemical constituents curcuma amada big data geography information system ( territory analytic hierarchy process (ah emotional intelligence small industrial sector firm performance spectrophotometry nutrition exercise regulations online education distribution of temperature in effect of cold air on tropical thermal core pharmacovigilance drug development drug discovery trees bmi southern bénin corporate social responsibilit mortality apoptosis cobalt ferrites family income son la province codonopsis 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quality heckman selection model cost and margin cow milk deep learning and sem investment decisions incidence lung cancer organic farming agri-farming structure planting pattern marketable yield npsb rate onion vitis vinifera syzygium cumini phoenix dactylifera memory enhancement scopolamine-induced amnesia hydrogen peroxide neuroprotective activity canarium solomonense neurons cns neuroprotective lauraceae phytochemical constituents pharmacological activities medicinal uses aromatic trees canarium l. aqueous extract parkinson 6-ohda email marketing mobile marketing online advertising purchase decisions digital marketing women entrepreneurs women development cell pcard bank nabard kscard bank intensification of water treat activated coagulant solutions drinking water treatment filtration сoagulation mammography breast hamartoma prognosis treatment modalities diagnostic procedures epidemiology ovarian cancer vietnam insect alcohol traps coffee crops tea crops agricultural value chain agricultural research randomized block design yield performance growth assessment rice varieties reactive securityproactive sec proactive cybersecurity cultur cyberattacks traditional threats reactive security layered defense cybersecurity information technology (it) pr cybercriminals digital landscape calcium vit d3 type 1 diabetes liver enzyme viral hepatitis ethiopia bishoftu probit services applications it infrastructure tprca ticket ai in warfare ethical dilemma military regulation international relations drone warfare suitable seedlings teak agroforestry demonstration model tandurusa fisherman strategy qualitative sphagneticola trilobata phytoc oxalis coniculata lantana camera west likupang jubi fishermen standard of living tuna fish culinary tourism preferences digitization awareness shopper customer retailing phytochemistry antimicrobial potential traditional medicine sida spinosa linn. hangzhou city multifactor comprehensive eval geographic information system ecological sensitivity assessm cimetidine simulated gastric fluid natural biodegradable polymers gelation in-situ gel herbal medicine hoodia gordonii hyperglycaemia herbs alternative therapy bioactive components wound healing wounds cvs liopoprotein hyperlipidemic activity herbaceous toxicology hyoscyamus reticulates hyoscyamus niger hyoscyamus albus mother of medicine conventional treatment terminalia chebula gastric resident time in vitro gelling capacity bioa in vitro floating duration omeprazole magnesium gastroesophageal reflux diseas in situ gel docking cancer therapy antineoplastic coumarin dna fragmentation annexin v caspases mitochondria single cell analysis flow cytometry social perception tourism development potential traditional villages observations traditional healers economically supply demand challenges ayurveda cultural change mainstream medicine traditional medicinal plants flavonoids anti-inflammatory cardiovascular complications transmission electron microsco streptozotocin diabetic cardiomyopathy social actors host community internally displaced persons grassroots organizations ecosocial crisis higher education service-learning data classification supervised instance selection artificial neural network artificial intelligency google trends present scenario confusion matrix cultivated land extraction object-oriented classification remote sensing (rs) shortcomings industrial clusters ic development estimation economical therapeutically pharmaceutical chemotherapy lungs targeting cancer crp modifiable factors elderly population horticulture classifications as indicated exchangeable centuries capital salary natural farming-based covid19 online courses disadvantagee-learning offline education advantage disadvantage online education advantage offline education mechanized library electronic games organization contextual analyses information resources service area density calculation bus route evaluation road network analysis gis-based pharmaceutical forms sodium tetraphenylborate conductometric titration amlodipine besylate dietary sports rental housing relying typomorphology original look new city suburban area business culture vitality index competitiveness work culture employee productivity employee motivation digital workplace transformati cooperative social economy social innovation adaptable strength reinforced fiber composite band gap optical properties spray pyrolysis cdo thin film impedance analyser dielectric constant text processing natural language processing feedback review feature extraction data analytics biodiversity indicators landscape pattern migratory bird habitats suitability analysis hearing-impaired kabaddi playe hearing kabaddi players height hand strength right hand grip strength left land use dynamics degreed land use transfer matrix hierarchy process (ahp) analytic ecological sensitivity land use/cover change(lucc) stress academic stress qi gong carbon density carbon storage support vector machine (svm) land use/cover change (lucc) invest model mri safety level of mri knowledge healthcare workers surgical treatments overweight thyroid employee satisfaction hr practices competitive edge talent management practices engaged workforce tech industry hr professionals physical activity philippine army elderly rice trading rice farming cost structure operating cycle nueva vizcaya voice technology voice assistants recommendations music applications of ai firm-level strategic posture policymakers mapfungautsi forest aboveground biomass syria startups human resource practices youtube user experience (ux) skip ad sex hormones phytoestrogens cognitive decline cognition kılıçkaya dam lake toui-kilib protected forest agoua priority options impacts of climate change alliance performance capability-supportive culture fostering innovation hospital sector industries globalization resource complementarity alliance orientation smes clinical characteristics puberty health consciousness body mass index jaipur 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proof-of-work proof-of-stake ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain bitcoin tsunami modeling tsunami hazard map north sulawesi likupang pathogenesis h. pylori epidemiology of h. pylori diagnostic 13 mar 2023 available online 05 mar 2023 accepted received in revised form 25 jan 2023 microsoft excelreceived matlab surf algorithm harris algorithm cnn algorithm r azfc azfb azfa microdeletion y chromosome ivf technique cirrhosis ckd ldl hdl cobb-douglas production functi benefit-cost ratio apple (malus domestica l.) decision tree train delays trains industrial internet of things industrial internet analytics business analytics operations man-agement xgboost regression model random forest regression model numerical investigation parallel plate flush mounted discrete heating nanofluid heat transfer enhancement forced convection gynecological screening care seeking behaviour cancer prevention blood serum level less efficiency therapeutic window therapeutic drug monitoring tobit's regression input 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arnica anastomotic leak anastomosis surgical dehiscence wound radiographs shoulder joint secondary centre age estimation axillary branch fruit branch climbing stem cuttings bush pepper stochastic frontier analysis oil palm processors economic burden of disease cost-of-illness saccharum officinarum spatial variability soil water soil physics water types terrarium peat kalanchoe daigremontiana startup infrastructural make-in-india funding team work sexual reproductive health unmet needs community participation readiness poultry farmer amount truncated regression addictions emotions chinese medicine adolescent sasakian manifold recurrent lightlike hypersurfa hypersurfaces isotropic acceleration natural systematic theology cosmology translation rotation gravitation cosmological argument thermal water destination altınkale dyslipidemia metabolic syndrome respondent biodiesel production seed-oil plants fixed fines social influences confiscations public green space negotiations seasonal changes water quality index physicochemical parameters supercritical water oxidation industrial scales hazardous wastes co-fuel dryland rhizobium co-inoculation torque maxillary implants dental comprehensive family history genetic arterial urban trees carbon stock biomass accumulation allometric equation applied mathematics risk behavior efficiency stochastic frontier productivity function brand awareness workplace return on investment return on equity return on asset water utility composition natural hydrocarbons problems geotoxicological factors analysis hydrocarbon the role of women east likupang demersal fish distribution pattern deiske adeliene sumilat feny mentang suria darwisito alfret luasunaung siti suhaeni iftitah khairunnisa laside home automation thingspeak cloud web app with web server voice recognition case study tuoi tre newspaper thanh nien newspaper internet crime fake news limiting researches olive growth parameters salt tolerance early selection olea europaea salt stress tuberculosis infection acute myelitis puerperium vap who subtrochanteric per trochanteric carcinogenic cells vitamin c vsm hysteresis loop eds surface morphology energy band gap crystallinity temperature effect chemical bath deposition cdse interactional justice procedural justice distributive justice organizational justice umkm consumption market medicinal herbs use experience exploitation experience papusungan swot analysis sea transportation business management pattern fisherman's exchange rate kalinaun village fishing line street vendor mumbai gorai creek avicennia marina human resource training practi employees engagement commercial banks organization performance cloud computing adaption internal healthcare process medical staff performance garra mullya hill stream fish olfactory epithelium pass rates emporium model developmental mathematics dufour effects viscous dissipa soret order of chemical reaction magnetohydrodynamics casson fluid ahp gap analysis supervisory consultant perform project implementation methods cost efficiency port project value engineering smartpls construction project performan focus group discussion (fgd) fishbone diagram impact of the covid-19 pandemi shift-share multiplier effect quotient location organization’s performance employees’ job satisfaction arusha city factors influencing tourism domestic tourism tourism in tanzania khalimsky arc connected space khalimsky line countability contractor’s profit factor effort optimum bid evenness index richness index diversity index mounds termites i̇mranlı dam lake farm rainbow trout cage culture ecology tree vegetations soil fertility plant nutrients nutrient depletion agro-forestry α-tocopherol total carotenoid scavenging activity ruditapes philipinarum mytilus galloprovincialis donax trunculus chamelea gallina open source nosql database hyper text mark up language document oriented broadening the investors macroeconomic stability capital market development stock price asset valuation value of the company initials public offering nesting krusadai island gyps bengalensis white-rumped vulture phytochemicals screening euphorbia rothiana euphorbia heterophylla juice properties fruit quality rootstock maltese half-blood citrus sinensis small enterprises risk-taking proactiveness innovativeness autonomy traditional and innovative various potential developing and emerging digital financial cultural practice indigenous religion technology promotion standpoints roles extension researcher purification characterisation amycolatopsis japonica l-aspartic cancer cells l-asparaginase model lowland growth performance mustard agri-horti system dar es salaam maritime gateway trade union employees’ performance conflict management people with disabilities work organizations interpersonal communication cost readiness mobile banking system readines mobile banking technological knowledge scientific pinus inifap cenid comef gorai creek avifauna aquatic birds private sector international context corporative governance x-ray crystallography structural chemistry molecular geometry ict teaching material chronopotentiometry structure nanomaterials mechanical alloying construction materials capital structure performance of employees literature review family farming elp sars-cov-2 mrna vaccines revenue kheddah elephant cachar supervised machine learning (s software as a service (saas) enterprise resource planning ( stereo microscope scanning electron microscope e 9mm carbine ak-47 rifle self-loading rifle (slr) forensic ballistics energy dispersive x-ray fluore ammunition gunshot residue (gsr) bapard gi parasite epidemiological investigation recurrences kossou fisheries natives health facilities service delivery health care buying behavior advertisement soft drinks tanzania transportation performance perception motorcycle riding business stakeholder’s perceptions urban households rural households price elasticity expenditure elasticity projects. csr rice grinophyll driving violations morocco skills fund sells perf social media inventory control management p e-banking human resource information sys h37rv. mycobacterium tuberculosis cloning angiotensin receptor blockers. high blood pressure drug utilization patterns vernonia amygdalina. vegetative zones standard methods nutritional composition mineral elements water age. chlorine concentration calibration water distribution system disease control. evolution immunization newcastle disease autonomy and access of information. minimal supervision job involvement employee independence effeciency & effectivenes decision making monitoring enterprise resource planning systems internal controls histo morphological. neoplastic & histopathology. silymarin anti cancerous carbon tetrachloride hepatoprotective tannic acid polygonum persicaria knit or woven items. consumer demand socks china solar energy. supplier consumers’ choice promotion tanzania. population growth spps. tax compliances responsiveness and customer satisfaction. empathy tangibility assurance reliability benue national park. local communities governance forest cover. ghana’s forests forest reserves lime untreated. lime treated soil acidity tolerance soil acidity stress ilocos norte tri-bureaus modern-day heroes experiences occupancy rate. global climate change dam lake wool industry. vegetable fibres wool fibre bangladesh. investment intention mutual fund financial knowledge cost-based pricing and customer retention. competition-based pricing value-based pricing histo-morphological. adrenal gland autopsy mean germination time. growing season precipitation weight seed latitude germination energy small and medium enterprises. tax compliance subjective norms determine doctor. health care system thermopower. silicon nanowire mott formula p-fertilizer doses watering promising lines dietary restrictions. early marriage prenatal consultation education children's rights gmm epidemic political instability southeast buku village. intermediary merchant income antimicrobial peptide cytotoxicity prokaryotic. eukaryotic rubber buddings. sprouting rate root cutting dispersal trends. reproductive trends biological variation commonness northern iraq. taqtaq region 1758 cyprinus carpio l. heavy metal little zab river coastal community. medical systems. hospital-dependent patients bedside patients x-ray diffraction. nanobiotechnology spinel ferrites magnetic properties cation distribution layers egg quality cinnamon antibiotic growth promoters maksutlu dam lake climate ftir. strontium aluminate gynaeco-obstetrical surgery. urethro-vaginal fistulas woc (wisdom of crowd. vader (valance aware dictionary and sentiment reas textblob rake (rapid automatic keyword extraction) crowdsourcing aerobic irrigation system additive series black rice hydrogen diffusion coefficient. discharge capacity life cycle pelagic fish. gender papusungan village. lamp boat business fishermen exchange rate spodoptera frugiperda. parasitoids percentage parasitization exploitation. pricing strategy naïve sophisticated time-inconsistency bounded rationality tradi-practitioners. traditional healthcare diseases belo and njinikom income generating projects and sustainable develop rural women bank run. informed receiver bayesian persuasion taxation. accounting management tax management it ict. business costs accounting software employment patterns and economic grwoth. demographic trends financial markets 4g and 5g. wsn fuzzy logic handover self-optimization hetnets protected area. governance and virunga national park. sustainable management techniques. crystal growth ferroelectric single crystal defect states. polarization doping thermoluminescence lead germanate food applications. medicinal properties extraction fenugreek seeds seedling morphology. seed germination environments parkia biglobasa microcontroller. arduino bluetooth weighing scale machine. ration management system soil parameters. habitats earthworms tpb. cpc national congress environmental perceptions green consumption congestion control. internet of things (iot) traffic congestion traffic management node mcu. thingspeak gc-ms analysis. daedalea elegans acetone extract eris village. beta-lactamase inhibitors. membrane permeabilisers efflux pump inhibitors antibiotic resistance breakers starch. flow properties binding agent barley interlocking tiles. marble slurry fineness modulus cement concrete pest management. natural predators mandakini valley insect pest crop loss dinesh verma sukhdarshan vinayak nooruddin nagdi satyam kashyap abhinav kumar bhoopendra joshi automatic braking transmitter microcontroller ultrasonic sensor embedded system pandemic. environmental sustainability ecological balance covid 19 products process automation. animations web portal_application real estate agents property bazaar billing system. inventory control system shopkeepers mems. pathogen micro-cantilever biosensor file updation and security. file system authorization job posting task scheduling react-native firebase control system react screening preeclampsia uterine artery doppler road accidents. location death toll dj mixer. sound equalizer music player frying suitability test. chips & crisp dry matter processing quality simulink. power quality (pq) nonlinear load active power filters synchronous detection admin. mentee mentor iot. gsm smart helmet robotic process automation (rpa) expert system (es) natural language processing (nlp) vehicle integrated artificial intelligence system laptop assistant. ubuntu water need water measurement water resources sanate. popularization highland guji sensor. gsm module patient monitoring system virtual shop. online store e-commerce website easy to buy online shopping website tkinter. dispensary pharmacy management system integrated soil fertility management organic and in organic fertilizers tef seedling quality. seedling health destructive sampling web development. e-commerce b2c query processing. disease pattern matching chatbot health service dentistry white spot lesion orthodontic brackets silver nanoparticles image processing. opencv facial images human recognition gender classification small and medium enterprises expected results accounting-based taxation income tax ethnicity. consumer behavior social class construction project management dynamic work environment project management hospitals patients satisfaction service quality dimensions private hospitals epistaxis post partum heamorrage incidance patients’ satisfaction public hospital private hospital hospital quality system healthcare quality real estate. competitive advantage common strategy generic strategy rural natural resources. caffeine. parchment domestication. species origin non-timber forest products digital proccessing. vpn segmentation image processing optical character recognition skills. effective communication innovation 5g. smart devices mobile technology m2m tall building. storey displacement storey module shear wall inter storey drift ratio diagrid structure rural area. dracunculiasis recurrence socio-environmental vulnerabilities covid-19. democracy authoritarianism populism tribal. policy marginalization inclusion gujjar amendment erbil-kurdistan. telecommunication selection recruitment hospitality servperf private universities. organizational effectiveness gestation and prediction of preterm delivery. ultrasonographic cervical ministry of education. administrative decentralization decentralization motivation. organization citizenship behaviour skimming pricing. psychological pricing penetration pricing consumer behaviour pricing strategies value creation. relational capital structural capital human capital family. cultural gender discrimination entrepreneur success female entrepreneur viability. sieves classification glycine max recognition incentive reward transactional leadership transformational leadership charismatic leadership financial outlook covid-19 pandemic mucosal-submucosal membrane thickness goblet cells cigarette smoke brugmansia suaveolens deep learning for noise removal median filter non-linear filters noise filter salt and pepper noise image denoising noise removal image pre-processing ilgaz region çankırı landscape services landscape planning milk and milk product. safety. high voltage cable abdominal blowout electric joule burn co-integration test and economic growth. agricultural export waterside population protected area governance protected aires fcr. sgr marphysa mossambica diopatra neapolitana halla parthenopeia perinereis quatrefagesi bait polychaetes fh dairy cows. rectal palpation sulphate acid (h2so4) apparent p recovery efficiency chemical stability. amino acids pyhsico-mechanical properties film extraction cake and satellite images. threats production system. gambella dairy cattle milk yield policote realism. international relations theory critical geopolitics geopolitics history of oil economic history private university. team cooperation knowledge integration organizational learning product of choice housing real estate financial geographies white rats sgpt sgot lakum leaf extract hyperlipidemic change in practice. use of a dosing inhaler chronic obstructive pneumonia sheep cacao rind leaves cacao grass poultry manure household environment. knowledge & practice hygiene sanitation water togo. amine biogenic histamine tvbn working environment. ld50. gamma ray paddy rice irradiation correlation. regression shoot leaf area citrus sinensis l. pastoralism. knowledge/practices rural livelihoods seed security land tenure poultry manure. woody stratum. bush fire savannah spectroscopic techniques. chromatographic techniques characterization c. macrostachyus row patterns aerobic irrigation systems peanuts primary caregivers. acute leukemia strategic management competitive intelligence business intelligence leadership styles and skill. innovations creativeness akinyele community. cattle rearing semi-intensive system perceived effect rural arevva. local seed agricultural production fallow land fertilization crop association peasant agriculture access to land non-toxic. non- pathogenic probiotics citrus aurantifolia. acid lime disease management phytophthora nicotianae var. parasitica gummosis oil well. oil refinery dpsir batman efficiency economic indices. human capital indices tangibles assets economic performance sugar and alcohol industry. nihl hearing health of employees audiometry analysis anova development. rural area self-finance microfinance tontine binary number constant 01or 1 ten digits number constant 9753086421 three digits number constant 495 two digits number constant 9 kaprekar’s constant 6174 decentralized management. forest massif ngoyla-mintom territoriality. modern farms land rental land purchase ketones green tea modified frequency. resonance critical speed foundation modulus orthotropic bi-parametric foundation profit. marketers feed groundnut rosette. cercospora leaf spot lime cement temperature. raw milk pastoral region phenolic contents. marjoram flavonoid contents dpph antioxidant activity steppe region. physicochemical indicators cow change detection. satellite imagery land use/land cover latex quality. rubber yield vertically tapping ethephon stimulation cut length family medicine centers. family doctors family medicine education family health care family medicine qualitative study. emergency situations self-care healthcare organizations recruitment and training. disclosure finance sources responsibility cost retirement benefit plan retirement benefit human resource cucumber. luffa sakkara brewing (sbr) staphylococcus aureus. escherichia coli inhibition anti-oxidant anti-bacterial ailments medicine stem bark brand experience. perceived quality smartphones trend global pandemic permanent site and relative abundance. plant species ethnomedicinal linear matrix inequalities. lyapunov-krasovskii linear neutral system reachable set organic farmers. swarming gps. coordinates data cadastral information system heckman two step model cvm burie kool wuha waste materials. oil contaminated soil fungal lipase craniotomy surgery. il-12 ifn-γ propofol effects of sevoflurane mango cultivars. sample size aulacaspis tubercularis rootstocks. propagation grafting embryo harmonic mean method (hmm). ranking function generalized trapezoidal fuzzy number (gtrfn) fuzzy transportation problem (ftp) convergent. prothero-robinson oscillatory sir model growth model y) p-stable y’ = f(x power series continuous implicit method seventh-eight method pinching. nitrogen fertilizer geranium seasonality. milk production livestock enterprises household income cattle population mixing process. stability studies paracetamol corporate social responsibility. national bank local bank bank subsidiary kakareza river estimate genetic programming as we do not own such data. and we demonstrate that our modeled ratchet growth thereby enhancing the rate of porosity creep and r and 2) increasing temperature increases the intern causing the porosity in the part of the material ( and with substantial residual or internal stress f and at the end of such pressing the material is le pbxs are prepared by die or isostatic pressing growth comes about by porosity (or volume) creep. where we assume that when temperature is increased and that such growth resembles creep response. fol but also from a long hold time of the material sam we’re not aware of any model on the macroscale tha irreversible thermal cycling growth (or ratchet gr set-valued mapping. pc mild solution strongly continuous semigroup impulsive optimal control we use nonlinear taylor’s polynomial interpolation we present new iterative algorithms to find a root in this paper rural environment rural areas market gardening hence promoting living standard in cote d’ivoire. the main objective of this study is to empirically gene expression programing. kashkan suspended sediment and environmental challenges behavioral change products attitudes perforated plastic. plant extracts post-harvest mandarin soybean. compost wood ash green waste acid tropical soils mango trees. directional preference distribution patterns producer access to agricultural advisory advisory services nepal. lapsi fruit kalimati vegetable market choerospondias axillaris and professional preparation. training insufficiency teaching skills and capabilities teaching practices sawi. plutella xylostella antifeedant barringtonia asiatica seed hrsu. ductile materials strain rate reproduction grounds. multi-spawning marcusenius senegalensis k-selected vina division epidemiological account dicrocoelium hopes paramphistomum daubneyi fasciola gigantica waste generation. greenhouse gases eastern ethiopia abattoir peripheral neuropathy. nerve conduction study hypothyroidism nerve conduction velocity. facial neuropathy bell’s palsy fractional. students concept problem learning model living beings. learning outcomes explicit type learning model households. preferred infrastructure aspen plus. kinetic model thermodynamic model fluidized bed optimum parameters. conversion aspen hysys yield equivalent. land equivalent ratio traditional hive. profitability improved box hive beekeepers developing country. cooping strategy economics of production and egg quality characteri pullet layer chickens pascm crop farming and poverty alleviation. shear stress. waves in glass brittle materials north benin. cotton basin forest landscape current disturbances sweet orange. nepal fruit drop bactrocera minax work productivity. employee health infectious materials handling self-protection indices. fertilizer sulphur sorption multiplicity. farmers' organization project cashew kernel. cassava carbohydrates fats proteins optimization farmers. productivity. land degradation moroccan condition. victory cv fortuna cv strawberry emotional exhaustion. safety attitudes questionnaire patient safety culture medical staff healthcare conventional agricultural practices. crop côte d’ivoire. lippia multiflora crop productity planting density soil quality inheritance. combining ability diallel mutants performances. enzymes nutrizyme® rabbit methanolic extracts. rebaudioside a stevioside stevia rebaudiana islamic studies. influences religion islam farmers and rural areas. commercial farming constraints revamping & young farmers club. agricultural education programme agriculture. coagulation profenofos moringa oleifera microbial count. absorption kinetics unblanched blanched sword beans socio-economic performance. penja pepper geographical indication gross margin. duck sellers rooting. phytohormone montane tree species cutting propagation career. anchovy. pacific thread herring south american pilchard gulf of california sardine fishery stock assessment river pollution. numerical modelling simulation water assessment tool value chain. fuel wood craft wood harvesters elevation. river satellite bandama geomorphological quality parameters physical canopy position lecturers. mechanization water activity. low acid food high acid food moisture loss capsicum annuum sweet red pepper paste sulphur. rambutan chitosan tapanuli regency. mathematics learning dysgraphia binding rate. trypsin sunset yellow management. dfid. fulani pastoralists native population jeevamrut. panchgavya noval fertilizer vermiwash farmers practices employment and sustainable development. agricultural enterprises top-working. rejuvenation pruning senile orchard the best-worst method comprehensive evaluation model the matter-element extension model transmission and distribution tariff reform rheumatoid arthritis metabolic disorder ppar uses research trends african breadfruit smallholder farmers meat qualities tropical leaves broiler chickens information small ruminant veterinary services gross margin market kolanut consensus value traditional knowledge socio-economic activities pangolin conformational lysozyme mobic soil date palm wild stocks seagrass gleaning mangroves collection woliso tobit model willingness to pay contingent valuation environmental management global warming mitigation communication technology cattle herdsmen processing industry processed products indian processing potential global processing scenario potato processing temerature relative humidity phenacoccus solenopsis (tinsley) cotton mealybug feed energy dissolved oxygen oueme river northern-benin ecosystem restoration stationarity. autoregressive models bayesian analysis temporary change innovational outlier arma model improving learning outcomes. quantum learning method crime migration utilization projects rangeland management foreign direct investment. stock market index inflation rate real exchange rate real interest rate banking sectors. financial crisis economics convergence. initial value problem ordinary differential equation numerical solution linear multi-step method fruit physical and chemical properties. mango income. agribusiness mid-hills insect pest and disease hybrid cultivars cabbage allergy. metabolism daily intake food feeds nickel – environmental occurrence bioprocesses. by-products value-added products health benefits functional food bio-based ingredients cheese whey rainfall seasonality. south western ghats dung beetles scarabaeinae potential availability. majene food crops waste animal feed business law equal employment opportunity equity stationary and pathological states. biosystems spatial-energy parameter corpuscular-wave dualism potential gradient cerrado biome and primates. neuroanatomy dissecation comparative anatomy intervention threshold tripartite plan binomial count monitoring protocol tetranychus urticae sampling pollution. phyto-remediation solanaceae. attributes hybrids live weight gain. mineral nano particles feed intake feed conversion ratio and mathematical performance. mathematical anxiety knowledge retention lecture effective vitex doniana. fatty acids phytochemicals nutrients black plum seed mount kupé dating rate primates persistence impact of hunting firearm fingerlings. earthen pond heterotis niloticus growth responce wood. gmelinaarborea acoustic tofala hill wildlife sanctuary. nest human-predation utopia human capital flight private firms. performance appraisal legal termination law business law. employment law contract law company law legal factors song. depressive realism schizophrenia science albedo maxwell’s equations plasmonics outcoupling efficiency. geometrical optics singlet/triplet emissions. plasmonic materials traffic. human life occupational health impacts stability. tailing pond seismic environment monitoring thws. conservation programs public law. law reinforcement urban development crimes labor costs. labor market economy of productivity social strata algerian economy unemployment variance decomposition. demographic transition cointegration state responsibility. ips-like cells. gene transfer fibroblast ban pig rapd. polymorphism molecular diversity ginger determinants. value addition market supply of banana mizan-aman town banana value chain analysis organic. huanglongbing citrus greening disease citrus asian citrus psyllid siirt elisa bluetongue in silico. enzyme activity quantitative analysis mammalian serine racemase korhogo. informal economy student social logic trade circuit. duress yield attributes. generation mean analysis five parameters epistasis brinjal natural ventilation. fogging fan pad cooling effect chemical constituents. pueraria tuberosa lc-ms profiling peer reviewed journal agriculture journals stem cutting. rcbd hybrid varieties fruit yield and synbiotic fermented milk. stimulating low ph and low bile salts inulin bifidobacterium ruvu south coastal forest. population sokoke pipit mount cameroon national park. species abundance area non timber forest products city of kumba. human-snake interaction furniture companies generic strategies cost reduction balanced scorecard training. india hrm private university job security performance. public health ethics cognitive behavioural therapy. dialectical behaviour therapy psychosis psychotherapy psychiatric drugs control measures. immunopathology biology oestrus ovis artificial neural network annw. moduling fouling heat exchanger naphtha hydro rating unit uniqueness. delay differential equation impulsive business. legal social environmental factors duhok vocabulary learning strategies kurdish lanaguge sustainable development. subsistence activities road construction conceptual model. rural development index production function. fuzzy regression evapotranspiration data shortage peri-urban. multifunctionality hanoi rangelands kenya households low-carbon energy acceptability typo-morphology. enclave settlement new town humans. profession green-tree snake non-venomous snakes snake-phobia maroua technological innovation dissemination improved cookstoves ushafa. tourism potentials pottery craft wetland plants. wetlands phytoremediation petroleum endophytic bacteria sr genes. puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici leaf rust stem rust yellow rust finance credit commercial bank river benue. makurdi metropolis retailers fish products market indices preservation. vietnamese yellow cattle brahman crossbreeds cattle sustainable agriculture. agricultural practices pcr and northern blot hybridization. na+/h+ antiporter transformation regeneration grape (vitis vinifera l.) economic growth rate. high consumption fluctuation of price exchange rate glycosylated haemoglobin and antioxidants activiti thyme agricultural activities. women farmers’ port harcourt metropolis. child abuse parental neglect frozen yogurt. oligofructose bifidobacterium lactis lactobacillus acidophilus rhizobacteria inoculant phosphate fertilizer nodulation capillary root’s length. strigolactones phelipancheaegyptiaca surveyed in situ linear regression classified forest cartography preference. plant secondary compounds phenolic glycosides elk browsing killer effect. hansenula anomala saccharomyces bayanus saccharomyces cerevisiae candida albicans system of differential equations. resonant circuits adomian decomposition method numerical analysis. nigeria. ondo-state coastal areas fisher-folks fish smoking occupational hazards water projects. key drivers elgeyo-marakwet community and tamale. peri-urban motives leafy vegetable ebonyi state. abakaliki rice mill multi-functionality agro-tourism food processing agro-processing industries sustainable management. human wildlife conflict crops raiders crops raided substrate. sprouting non-mist propagator cordiaafricana(lam.) icthyofauna and river participatory mapping. forest resources communities vegetation management plan inventories activity 2.4-dimethyl phenol 2.6-dimethyl phenol mordenite catalyst alkylation methanol 2-methyl phenol urban. pull - push drivers migrants in abha city evaluation of insecticides against culex pipiens sugar content abiotic stress oman restaurants food workers food safety healthcare systems. health policy health insurance buffer. health centers spatial analysis sdgs vigor index. sturdiness seedling growth cucumis sativus l arsenic penetration theory. internal recirculation zone taylor macroscale cold flow flame model internal staging schematic flame gaseous mixing characters coherent structure feeding substitutes. apis mellifera superboost honey bees brood pheromones rhizobioremediation. ph condition heavy metals alfalfa eman o. el-twom awadallah b. dafaallah sorin răpuntean dibyaranjan samal r.w.s. ningrat m. zain n. jamarun fridarti sergio hoyas calvo hiyam abdul ridha alawad kaiser abdul alsajjad abas matrood bashi chandra shekar m venkata ramana m ashalatha k hassan al-haj ibrahim muradov m.m. omnia s. a. qandil m. m. taha n. a. mansour azza o. el-shal el-shal ginikanwa p.a. ezebuka o.a. nwaduru c.l. okezue w.i. ifi g.i. ejie o.c. edoka n.e. ezeukwu j.c. angelina emmanuel oliver naiwa chama dashu 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climacteric fruits vacuum pressure swing adsorption (vpsa) presure swing adsorption (psa) phytomones autocalytic ripening thermocouple. swing term air filtering technology interpretation stakeholder improvement proportional hydraulic properties irrigation system design. pressurized irrigation technology prospect gerbera inm fym rdf. bulinustruncatus pcr-rflp bulinusglobosus schistosomahaematobium schistosome infection. macrophyte niger delta waters aquatic environment fish production. alleviation community development programmes. critical points. infected undetected infected detected ebola virus disease reproduction number magneto hydrodynamic weighted residual method. jeffery-hamel flow divergent channel convergent channel economic growth. cpi general additive mixed models inflation elzaki transform non-fatal diseases. approximate solution adomian decomposition prediction. general regression neural network crudeoil graphene oxide catalysis applications. volume. destructive redd+ carbon increment inventory solubility conductance density refractive index chalcones dissociation constant. global stability lyapunov function basic reproduction number. dynamic supply chain multi stages dynamic programming. aerosol spectrometer atmospheric transparency infrared spectral radiometer metrological parameters. optical-electronic system atmosphere’s infrared transparency. meteorological distance visibility neural network. back propagation neural network euro 50 hydrogen karanja bio diesel emissions dual fuel engine torque ripple compensation six-phase voltage source inverter (vsi) pulse width modulation (pwm). harmonics suppression brushless machines dtmb lfsr. scrambler fpga ldpc bch encryption key and decryption key. aes rs_ibe data sharing cloud computing islanded operation. dc microgrid droop method decentralized control fuzzy inferencesystem (fis) expressed – breast milk. storage microbiological laser soft tissue. periodontics necrosis. esophageal reconstruction 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