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"Show, don't tell" - the rise of visual on social media

Slides of my presentation on the visual revolution and visual content marketing at Social Media Week Rotterdam 2015. If you'd like to know more, have questions, or want to receive a Very Short Introduction to Visual Content Marketing please send an e-mail to VCM [at] elsekramer.com.

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"Show, don't tell" - the rise of visual on social media

  1. "Show, don't tell" the rise of visual on social media
  2. @elsekramer visual content marketing expert
  3. I teach visual marketing, content creation and communication
  4. my weapon of choice?
  5. my smartphone
  6. outline1. The rise of visual 2. What drives it 3. How to adapt
  7. how do we know we're in the middle of a visual revolution?
  8. 1.transformation of text-based social media into visual content platforms
  9. LinkedIn - 2003
  10. LinkedIn - 2015
  11. Facebook - 2004
  12. Facebook - 2015
  13. Twitter - 2007
  14. Twitter - 2015
  15. 2.meteoric rise of 100% visual platforms - and shareable formats
  16. Memes
  17. Infographics, gifs, comics, etc.
  18. 3.major investments into platforms and services to help you create visual content
  19. what lies underneath this strong drive towards visual content?
  20. 1.easy production
  21. 1. you always carry a camera 2. smartphone enables easy and quick creation
  22. 3. apps and tools to improve quality
  23. 2.instant distribution
  24. 1. publish instantly 2. plethora of channels
  25. 3.massive impact
  26. 1. brain loves visual input 2. visual crosses language barriers
  27. 3. improved retention and conversion
  28. we are now able to create and share visual content like never before...
  29. it's a visual revolution
  30. with great opportunities not just for cats but also for marketeers
  31. is it all good?
  32. no.
  33. there are some challenges...
  34. reputation management
  35. brand identity
  36. fragmentation
  37. sourcing content
  38. so what's the good news?
  39. awesome opportunities for
  40. customer engagement
  41. employee engagement
  42. customer input and conversations
  43. This is a great time to run a business with integrity, trust your employees and really listen to and engage with your fans
  44. so how do you get from total overwhelm
  45. to total triumph in visual content marketing?
  46. you need a strategy
  47. where do you want to go?
  48. goals
  49. 1. brand awareness 2. more followers 3. higher conversion 4. product launch
  50. 5. customer engagement 6. employee engagement 7. event promotion
  51. audience
  52. what can your target audience teach you?
  53. where do they hang out? what do they share? what do they create?
  54. pick your platform
  55. smart sourcing of visuals
  56. what talent can you use to create content?
  57. don't just look at your own team
  58. most people love to create images or videos
  59. all your employees have cameras
  60. don't forget your brand ambassadors
  61. tap into the creativity of the crowd
  62. Train them.
  63. it pays off
  64. Measure results
  65. Manage your visual assets
  66. biggest mistakes?
  67. not knowing your source
  68. lack of focus
  69. user- generated content turning against your brand
  70. Canva-clichés
  71. being unoriginal
  72. bottom line?
  73. visual content marketing is great for your business - just make sure you do it well
  74. ready to join the visual revolution?
  75. mail your details to vm@elsekramer.com to receive A Very Short Introduction into Visual Marketing
  76. www.elsekramer.com